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Miracle Week (Danielle)

How’s the fam bam doing!? How’s everyone? I hope that you’re all doing well!

Soo this week was a miracle week! We hit the Standard of Excellence! We actually passed it! Woot woot! It’s a great accomplishment! Hermana Smith and I have been working really hard! There’s no time to waste, literally! we are soo busy!! I’m being sleep deprived. Hahaha. But it all works out. Being at the temple everyday for 5 hours puts a toll on your body! Because you’re standing for most of the time, sometimes the whole 5 hours. You get like 2-5 minute breaks though. It’s better than nothing! My body and my feet ache a lot. But it’s all in the service of God so I can’t complain. 🙂
So our investigator is going to be baptized this weekend! She knows that this church is true! It’s really amazing to be apart of a conversion process for someone. I love it! I love being a missionary! Our investigators came to church again!! The same 2 that came last week. The others couldn’t come! 😦 But F___ is the other investigator that has a date and she is doing great! She loves to talk! :/ but it’s all good!
Ooh miracle! So we had dinner with this lady. I assumed that she was a member of the church because she signed up to feed us and you sign up at church. So we go to this lady’s house…her name is J.G. I had the strong impression to asked, “why did you get baptized?” So I asked and she told us that she wasn’t baptized! But everybody thought that she was! WHAT!? How does this happen!? So she told us that she couldn’t be baptized because she was living with her boyfriend. She wanted to get married but he didn’t so she was like, “okay if you don’t want to marry me, then move out!” So he moved out and now she’s able to be baptized! So right then and there we set up her baptism! She will be baptized on the 24th of Agosto and the Bishop will baptized her. She accepted everything soo willingly.She told us that she has been praying and praying to be baptized and now it’s her time and we made that known to her. She’s amazing and a great example to me. 🙂 Her faith never failed her. Amazing.
Sad story…she lives in the Elder’s area so it’s their investigator. 😦 It’s okay…she’s getting baptized!!!!!
Another miracle! So we had a lesson with this one guy, F__. We met him contacting. When we went to his house there were a group of drunk men! I never seen soo many empty cans of beer in my life! It literally filled almost the whole front yard!
My first reaction was like, “yeahh I’m not going…”
Then it was like, “you have to go!”
then I was like, “they’re drunk though!
Then the spirit was like, “Just go!”
So I went.
That was going through my head when I saw his house.
He was in the back sleeping. He wakes up and we have the lesson in his backyard. He was a grown man. He was telling us that he wants to change his life…that was the first thing that he told us. And that he drank alot. Then I understood why the Spirit was telling me to go. It clicked. He cried like a little child. It was soo sad to see that. He was really humble. Only the humble accept. Sometimes you just have to obey when you don’t always understand why.
God is so aware of all of His children. He knew that F__ needed us and that’s why we went. I’m so grateful for Him and His Son Jesus Christ. Because it is through Him and only Him that we receive a remission of our sins.
I love you all!!
Hermana Whitney
August 12, 2014