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Difference Made (Eishelle)

Saturday was probably one of if not THE best days of my mission. It
was the day Ricardo and Carmen (the couple we baptized last transfer
in Midway) went to the temple to go to baptisms! There were other
members from the Midway ward that went to do baptisms too and it just
made it even more sweeter to have a family reunion 🙂 So many people
were at the temple that day! Many tender mercies to see people that I
hadn’t been able to say goodbye to in the past when I left the Chicago
Stake. I was touched. When taking pictures I saw Ricardo and Carmen
walking towards me. I dropped my stuff and ran towards them with tears
in my eyes. Carmen said, “I could see that smile from a long ways

Seeing Ricardo and Carmen do baptisms was probably the most rewarding
thing that has happened to me on my mission. As I watched them bless
even more lives so others could be baptized was an amazing experience.
I felt so at peace and that I really have done all that I could in
this work. On top of that, Hermano Puente came with the group to do
baptisms. Now, Hermano Puente was inactive and hadn’t met with
missionaries for a year until Hermana Jones and I got in with him and
taught him and his daughter and her friend (this was all when it was
still early Spring). I remember pouring out my heart to them about how
I knew the Book of Mormon is true. I remember how we all felt. I
remember looking at them in their eyes and them looking back at me as
I told them the things I knew to be true. Seeing Hermano Puente now at
the temple was very rewarding as well. He took me to the side and
said, “Thanks for visiting us. It made a difference.”

I love Chicago. To be honest it was in this city where I really found
my testimony of the Book of Mormon. I know with all my heart that it’s
true. This church is the true church of Christ. People serve missions
to find those that need this gospel and on top of that, we’re really
here for ourselves. Because of that, I’ve found the person The Lord
wants me to become at this time in my life. I can only go up from

Thank you for all the love and support you’ve all given me throughout
my mission! I really do appreciate it and I’ll never forget.

Love Always,

Hermana E. Whitney

August 18, 2014


Me, Leilani, and Hermana Felt! Leilani was never in my ward but we met on an exchange and just clicked!

Me, Leilani, and Hermana Felt! Leilani was never in my ward but we
met on an exchange and just clicked!


Me, Ricardo, and Carmen <3

Me, Ricardo, and Carmen ❤

Me and Hermana Meanea my comp :)

Me and Hermana Meanea my comp 🙂


Me and Hermano Puente!!!! He wanted to take a pic so I never forget him.

Me and Hermano Puente!!!! He wanted to take a pic so I never forget him.

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Loved. (Eishelle)

So, there were a few days this past week where my companion was sick and so we stayed home. President Woodbury gave the mission a challenge last weekend to start studying the doctrine of Christ in the Book of Mormon highlighting all things related to faith in Christ, repentance, baptism, receiving the gift of the Holy Ghost, and enduring to the end. IT’S ROCKIN’ MY WORLD studying those things in the Book of Mormon. I couldn’t put it down and I read and studied about 70 pages in it in those 2 days that we had to stay home.

On Tuesday we had a dinner appointment with a member so we went over and she tells us that she had sent us a text saying that she wouldn’t be able to meet tonight. Oops. Turned out she sent that text to the Elder’s thinking that we shared the phone haha. But she let us come in anyway to share a message though she felt bad she hadn’t made anything for us to eat. We had a beautiful lesson about Christ and His Atonement. I KNOW that we needed to be there for her to know and be told that she was loved by our Heavenly Father. She teared up and the Spirit was very strong. It was meant to be… just like everything else.


I know that there is a God in the heavens that loves us.. every single one of us. We don’t understand that love because it’s just too much for us to handle. But we’ll understand when we’ll live with Him once again.


Love Always, Hermana E. Whitney

August 11, 2014

Chicago Riverwalk. LOVED IT.

Chicago Riverwalk. LOVED IT.

Trump Tower

Trump Tower

Biggest library in the world. Emailed there last week. Forgot the name of it :) takes up a whole block! And has 10 floors!

Biggest library in the world. Emailed there last week. Forgot the name of it 🙂 takes up a whole block! And has 10 floors!

Cool building I do not know the name. Chicago Tribune below the tall building on the left

Cool building I do not know the name. Chicago Tribune below the tall building on the left

P.C. She can now read because she can see the letters. Thank goodness we had that book in our trunk!

P.C. She can now read because she can see the letters. Thank goodness we had that book in our trunk!

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“…none have felt like this.” (Eishelle)

Sister’s Conference for the whole mission was on Thursday which was all about being Perfect in Christ. It was a pretty good title to hear because everyone always thinks that RMs are ‘walking on water’ type of people. I even thought that before but actually coming to the end of my mission I realize, “Oh, just kidding.” I’ve come a long way but have MUCH MORE ahead of me. Unfortunately I had to say goodbye to some Sister’s and Hermana’s that knew they weren’t going to be at transfers. Heartbreaking.
One of the best things that happened was on Saturday. We had a mini missionary with us from Wednesday to Sunday night and so because she was with us we were able to get in a lot of single men’s homes. We met with S.P.  Little did we know before when we had met the guy about a month ago how elect he is. He’s a28 year old guy from Mexico, doesn’t know much English, tatted up, and goes around town on a bicycle. He didn’t seem too interested when we first contacted him but we gave him a chance. We went over the Restoration with him and I could just see that the Spirit just struck him. Everything made sense to him and he could feel it. After we went over the First Vision he couldn’t stop looking at the painting of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ and he said, “This is real.” Melted my heart because he knew it. He said he’s “looked into a lot of other churches in the past, but none have felt like this.”Love Always,

Hermana E. Whitney
August 4, 2014
Pictures from sisters conference with former companions:
With our mini missionary:
Visiting the Willis (Sears) Tower in Chicago:


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A Year After (Eishelle)

These past couple of weeks I’ve realized that old people are my favorites! haha. As weird as that sounds they really are. I just love them.So let’s take it back about a year. When I was in this area with Hermana Boushka we received a phone call from some members in South Chicago telling us about this one lady they ran into when in Chicago Heights (my current area) and long story short they gave her a blessing for her health because she was very old and was expecting to die soon. The Spirit was very strong. She wanted to know the name of our church and said she wanted to be baptized soon because she didn’t have very much time to live. I never had the chance to meet her because she was never home when we tried stopping by and I got transferred to the city soon after that. Nothing ended up happening with her after that though.
Fast forward to now…

We decided to stop by on Tuesday and no answer. As we’re heading back to the car an old lady came out of the house to see who was knocking and it happened to be P___! We started talking with her and taught her Restoration. She wasn’t focusing in the beginning but something caught her attention (not sure what it was) and she changed right then and there! We gave her a BOM and she lit up and hugged the book. She accepted a date next month to be baptized too. She’s probably the cutest 74 year old woman I’ve ever met. I have absolutely no doubt that I’m supposed to be here AGAIN. President Woodbury said I have unfinished business to take care of out here and I’ve seen that every single week I’ve been here so far. It’s been amazing and my blessing.

A lot of wonderful things have happened this week but I’ll just keep it there and save it for story time another day 🙂

I have no doubt you are where you need to be.

Love Always, Hermana E. Whitney

July 28, 2014


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Being Refined (Eishelle)

Hello, everyone! I just want to thank everyone for your emails! I LOVED all of them and I’m very grateful for the love I receive from all of you 🙂 Muchisimas gracias!!!!

The beginning of this week was quite painful when it came to my back. Tuesday we had Zone Meeting and as I got into the car and sat in there for the drive, I just thought to myself, “This is starting to be a battle” as I held in my tears. I wondered why and how it had gotten this far to the point where this pain had taken me over.

There was one point in the meeting where President said he had prayerfully asked Heavenly Father what he was going to teach our zone that day. It was The Atonement Can Heal ALL Pain. A good part of what he was talking about was about physical pain. I never felt as if the Lord was talking to me through someone else before until then as so many beautiful things were said. The Lord can take away all my pain. He’s refining me. I need to learn faith in Him and be humbled. Tears flowed down my cheeks because I KNEW and was and still am SO sure Heavenly Father was mindful of me and my needs.

I had a beautiful week with many different people this past week. Miracles and tender mercies everyday. One person we met is Ramon. I met him on an exchange in Feb when I came down here. He hasn’t been found since though he’s always asked for ‘Hermana Whitney’ and we finally taught him on Tuesday! I have no doubt in my kind that I was supposed to meet this kid. We put him on date to be baptized for next month. Such a good kid!

I love you all and please know each of you are in my prayers.

Love Always,

Hermana E. Whitney
July 21, 2014
 Valparaiso Zone!!! Right after we sung a song for all visiting us missionaries :)

Valparaiso Zone!!! Right after we sung a song for all visiting us missionaries 🙂

Hermana Meanea taught me how to make Tres Leches cake. Noelle, you're going to love this.

Hermana Meanea taught me how to make Tres Leches cake. Noelle, you’re going to love this.

I decorated it! It was for an investigators birthday. We should make a business.

I decorated it! It was for an investigators birthday. We should make a business.

You were supposed to see all the boxes we gathered from different places in the back seat all for a family that needed them to move. There was a ton!!!

You were supposed to see all the boxes we gathered from different places in the back seat all for a family that needed them to move. There was a ton!!!


They’ve come so far. (Eishelle)

The branch gave me SUCH a warm welcome back! For those who didn’t know
I was coming back they were shocked and some even believe this is the
first time this has ever happened in the branch where a missionary
would return. Some even thought I was already home. I explained to the
branch President that President Woodbury asked me where I thought I
needed to serve for my last transfer. President Arguedas said to me,
“Thank you for choosing Griffith.” I said, “It’s what I wanted.” Big
hugs, smiles, welcomes, and just being reunited again with the people
here has been the highlight of this past week. This past week I’ve
truly enjoyed visiting with the members and SEEING HOW FAR THEY’VE
COME. This past year hasn’t been easy for anyone but to see their
growth through the decisions they made, the faith they had, and the
courage they had to take… it’s a beautiful sight and has really
touched my heart. They’ve all come so far as a branch, in their
families, and as individuals.Investigators I had found when I was here a year ago haven’t been
found since I left and we found a number of them again all in the same
trailer park and all on Saturday. It was a miraculous day. I’m not
going to lie, my back’s been killing me these past couple of days and
thankfully it hasn’t been stopping me from working. It’s kind of
interesting… I’ve never put so much faith into the blessings I’ve
received and I know that with every single pain I feel, it truly
brings me closer to my Father in Heaven because I just think to
myself, “Put your faith into it.” I’ve learned to be grateful in my
circumstances, whatever they may be. I’ve learned to have a thankful
heart. I just LOVE THIS! And it’s crazy because I know it doesn’t make
sense, but it does. I love my life, love being a missionary, and I
love the Lord.

Love Always, Hermana E. Whitney

July 14, 2014.

Me and Hermana Meanea yesterday before our appointment with the Branch President

Me and Hermana Meanea yesterday before our appointment with the
Branch President

Hermana Meanea (my comp) and Hermana Escobar (the Hermana I took the place of) know me so well :) Found this on my first day back.

Hermana Meanea (my comp) and Hermana Escobar (the Hermana I took
the place of) know me so well 🙂 Found this on my first day back.

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Back to another home. (Eishelle)

To get right to the point and explain why my title is the way it is

because I’m going back to my second area in Griffith, INDIANA for my

last transfer! I’m so stoked to be able to have the opportunity to go

back to an old area because I miss the people there. Huge blessing and

tender mercy.

July 4th was quite a day! of miracles and I want to share one with

you. After a fun filled day of spending time with our ward members and

eating (BTW, Mom and Dad, you have no idea how good I can put food

away.. Just sayin’) and playing tug-of-war we went back to work find

some people. We were walking up and down this one street and we were

approaching this one guy who was doing yard work and clearing the dirt

in between the cement. He moved out of the way so we could pass and

did so with a big smile on his face. I told him he was doing a really

good job and then we started to contact him and gave him a card. He

said, “I know your church is the true church.” It sounded better in

Spanish the way he said it. He was a very smiley person and his smile

reminded me of an Hermana in the ward. I asked him if he knew the

Tremillo family which is the last name of the Hermana his smile

reminded me of. He said “Yes, they’re my parents.” I said, “I know.

You’re Armando Tremillo.” He freaked out when he heard me say his name

and couldn’t figure out how I knew him when we’ve never even met. I

told him it was because he looked just like his mother. He kept

insisting, asking how I knew who he was. It truly was the Spirit that

told me who he was and I let him know that just so he could know that

the Lord is calling him now and still is mindful of him. We talked for

a half hour about coming back to church and it was wonderful.

Heavenly Father has shown me in SO many ways this past week that He

needs me here. I had a sweet experience going to the temple this past

week after receiving a blessing from President telling me to go to the

temple. And beautiful things happened there 🙂 I love you all and I’m

so glad I’m a missionary out here in Chicago. I bore my testimony

yesterday in sacrament meeting as I announced I was leaving to Indiana

and no longer going to be here in southside. It killed me seeing

people cry for me as I bore my testimony. And these are older folks

too! I never felt so broken hearted over leaving a ward and I received

SO much love from them. The Hermana Missionaries asked how I was doing

and I told them it was a lot harder than I thought it was going to be.

Hermana Smith told me, “That’s how you know you did it right.” The

gospel really does bring people together, faster than anything else


Love Always, Hermana E. Whitney

July 7, 2014

P.S. These are just some of the pics I had taken. My eyes are a bit

puffy from crying!


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Smiling in the rain= Best of times

It rained quite a few times this past week.. and I loved it! It was a
bit hard in the beginning because we all know that I don’t like the
rain unless I don’t have any makeup on. But I had such a blast with my
companion this past week and on exchanges just walking while we
worked. It truly is amazing how the Lord puts the people in your path
that you need to meet when you’re doing what you’re supposed to be
doing, even when I may not feel like walking/ running in the rain 🙂

Yesterday was one of the most beautiful Sunday’s I have ever had on my
mission. The first hour half of the missionaries in the ward taught
the youth about what it’s like to be a missionary. A different
companionship of Elder’s taught the second hour for the youth and
another companionship of Hermana’s taught Gospel Principles.
Missionaries were needed everywhere! And on top of that, and Elder and
I were the only speakers for sacrament meeting and the Spirit was very
strong then too. A majority of the ward had to make the decision to
either come to church or watch Mexico play their soccer game. Bishop
thanked everyone that came to church in sacrament meeting. It makes me
think, “Who was actually making the sacrifice? Or was it even a
sacrifice at all?” Even an Hermano that I love so much who ABSOLUTELY
LOVES soccer came to church and it was no big deal to him. I love this
ward. I wished my family could be there to hear me speak, it was the
first time I actually felt that I touched the hearts of a ward through
my talk. I loved it.

The Anguiano’s have been married for 42 years and sealed for 38 years
and we asked them to teach our recent converts (Los Alvarez) about
eternal marriage and they killed it last night! Such a good job. We
sung Families Can be Together Forever and the Spirit testified of the
truthfulness of that line. And thus it is 😉

Love Always,

Hermana E. Whitney  June 30, 2014

P.S. I want to thank my mother for singing hymns and primary songs
with us kids as she would cook dinner. What a way to teach doctrine to
your kids.



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Always there (Eishelle)

As I was studying this morning, I thought a ton about my testimony and
how much it has grown since being on a mission. I thought about the
people who have touched my heart throughout my mission thus far and
the many things I’ve learned this past week. I just love this. Some of
you may know already but I hurt my back a little while ago, last
transfer. I sometimes wake up with it hurting a bit and some mornings
I don’t feel anything at all. I was on an exchange in Indiana this
past week and during that exchange I woke up with some pain. I don’t
want any of you to think it was HORRIBLE but it was more pain than
I’ve felt than I had in the past little while. I asked Hermana Meanea
if she knew of any Chiropractors in the area and she mentioned one and
after a lot of pondering about whether we shou

ld go or not, we decided
to go. That decision was pretty life-changing for me personally. I met
Dr. Hold and he was able to crack my back so much more than I ever had
had done in the past with the other chiropractor I went to previously.
He knew a lot of things about me for example me having a headache at
that moment as well as how much I loved to wear heels before my
mission just by little things he did to me. I was very thankful for
him and all that he was able to find out. There came a point where he
put me under this machine to have the muscles in my back loosen up and
he left for about 5 mins. and I had no idea where he went to. But
didn’t think about it until Hermana Meanea and I left and headed back
to work. She asked me in the car, “You know what he was doing when he
left for a few mins?” I asked her what. She said, “He prayed for you.”
She said it took her a bit to realize that he had told me he did which
was weird because I didn’t even hear him tell that to me. I didn’t
even realize until then that I hadn’t felt so touched like that in a
while from someone doing something for me. I knew that it was God
telling me that I mattered to Him. There’s a reason for everyone and
everything in our lives. Some people or things last longer than
others, but I know that there is a purpose for everything really
because our Father in Heaven is always trying to tell us something.
Big or small, the message is always there.

Love Always,

Hermana E. Whitney

June 23, 2014


Hermana Smith and I on our "Sweet 16th Mission Month" with our pink tops.  2 more months then both are flying home!!!

Hermana Smith and I on our “Sweet 16th Mission Month” with our pink tops. 2 more months then both are flying home!!!

Love these children from Chicago Heights.

Love these children from Chicago Heights.

Carmen and I with our banana split

Carmen and I with our banana split

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Vale La Pena (Eishelle)

The theme of this week for me has been the Spirit. I’ve learned so much and I’m so grateful The Lord has put different things in my path and helped me recognize it all and see the big picture. This past Saturday Hermana Smith and I walked about 30 blocks, probably more, just contacting people. My feet hurt so badly that day.. Probably the most pain in my feet I’ve ever experienced. It was amazing though, I still felt the Spirit so strongly inside me testifying to me that I was doing what needed to be done, His will, no matter what the cost. And it was all worth it. We met several people who met with missionaries before in their lives, we met a long lost less active member, we met families that were interested, we met a man who cried the hardest I’ve ever seen a man cry saying he needed God in his life. It was a miraculous day. I realized that I’m willing to go far (physically too 🙂 ) to meet the needs of The Lord. Even when I thought I couldn’t go any further, I knew The Lord would help me and He did. Love Always, Hermana E. Whitney June 16, 2014 Happy Fathers Day to the most important man in my life in this world! I love you, Daddy. Pictures:

1. I hurt my feet when walking a few days ago. Hermana Smith said, “When you have Hulk and Spider-Man on your side, it’ll heal.” I laughed then thought to myself, “Whatever happened to having The Lord on your side?” Such a missionary hahaha.
2. All the missionaries that taught Ricardo and Carmen minus Hermana Jones!
3. Ricardo, Carmen, me, Hermana Smith. 20140620-095545-35745295.jpg20140620-095544-35744522.jpgour baptism

More pictures: 1. Hermana Kenedy and I! We always match and we needed to make sure we were matching again for Zone Conference. Love her. 2. I need to take a picture with this Sister just because she’s so amazing! Sister Lepule 🙂 3. After all that walking on Saturday we decided to stop at Burger King and get something cold 🙂 It was Hermana’s first time at BK! I just had to ask them for crowns then 🙂 20140620-095550-35750065.jpg20140620-095549-35749456.jpg20140620-095551-35751051.jpg