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Hermana Noelle Whitney – Tempe Mission (Spanish) weeks 59 and 61

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11/19/18 at 12:50 PM

Week 59: Miracle Video

 Puro craziness happened this whole week! We were saying, “If we survive this week, we’re making a miracle video.” It was a joke but as the week went on, it actually became a real thought haha. So my companion got a call that they needed her up in the valley all of a sudden! It was so sad because she lovesss the area and the people so much. She’s such a good missionary and she’s still so new! She and Hermana Huefner went up to the valley together and so Hermana Leavitt and I were together covering everythinggg! If you look on the map, we covered San Luis all the way to Wellton. I don’t expect you all to look that up but if you wanted to see, that’s what we had. There was so much to do everyday and there was literally no down time. But being busy is the best!
We got transfer news and Hermana Leavitt and I are actually staying together! I’ll finish training her and we’re so pumped! She’s sooo awesome! President called last night and told me, “I won’t tell you who will be living with you, but I will tell you that you will be dancing in the rain all the day long when you find out!” He leaves me on cliffhangers all the time. I got the call this morning that HERMANA MOULTON AND A NEW TRAINEE WILL BE LIVING WITH US!!! MY EXCITEMENT WILL NEVERRR GO DOWN. Hermana Moulton is the missionary that I trained and LOVEDDD. It’s going to be pura pachanga (partayyyyy)!!!
Margarita got baptized and confirmed this week! I taught her when I first got here to Yuma and she has a testimony that will never die. Her faith is the most inspiring thing. When trials come (she always has something new to worry about), she neverrrr ever doubts her faith and has zero fear when it comes to hardship. The more she listened to the missionaries and applied the teachings of Jesus Christ in her life, the more happier she felt and she now smiles all the time and laughs all the time! Wowow I love Margarita!!!
I hope you all have an awesome Thanksgiving and stay safe!! Love you all!!
Love, Hermana Whitney

Nov 26, 2018

Week 61: A Year in the Making

I hope that everyone had the best Thanksgiving this week! The new hermanas that we are now living with got here Wednesday!! You best believe Hermana Moulton and I had the biggest reunion. Ahhh it’s so good to serve around her. She and a new missionary- Hermana Conlee came and Hermana Conlee is also lit. She’s not afraid to speak to people and that’s the best! My lovely companion- Hermana Leavitt is the best! She also is not afraid to speak. Once it’s her turn to say something, she just goes!
Thanksgiving was so beautiful! We played sports outside for hours with other missionaries and we played football with a family that we all met at the park. We ate with the Galvan Family and the Pineda Family later that night. We all went around the table and basically bore testimony of Jesus Christ and how important it is to share what we know with others so that they can also feel of this joy. The spirit was so strong! I almost cried like 5 times. I’ve improved since last year’s Thanksgiving and finished my entire Thanksgiving plate. #progressThrowback to last year’s Thanksgiving prayer: “Heavenly Father, if you find a place to put it, I will eat it.” I’ve made a lot of improvement since then.
We have been doing pass-off lessons with the new hermanas. (pass-off is just that the new hermanas join a lesson and we pass our people that we’re teaching off to them so it’s a smooth transition) We went by Octavio and had a pass off lesson with him. He’s sooo prepared and he came to church yesterday and really liked it! He wants to be baptized so badly AND HE WILLLL very soon! It’s been difficult getting to meet with him because of his busy schedule but when we came by, his dad said, “Yeah I see him reading that Book of Mormon every night outside after work.” WHAT. wowow Octavio is the greatest. The hermanas are going to take the besttt care of him! I have no doubt.
I hope you all have the greatest week!
Love,Hermana Whitney 
– Thanksgiving morning with the missionaries in Yuma! With Hermana Moulton and I there- we wouldn’t dare leave until we played Ultimate Frisbee.- Margarita’s baptism! We visited her this week and she is the most SMILEY and LAUGHY person now! Life is sooo good for her.-Thanksgiving dinner 💛🔥-President Colvin (President of YSA branch) and I are besties. He let me have his eggnog 💛-President Colvin is fighting cancer but is also helping another young kid fight cancer too. We made this “Never- give up the fight” book for him. Every page says “never” and it’s sooo beautiful.


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