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Hermana Noelle Whitney – Arizona Tempe Mission (Spanish) week 63 and 64

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  • December 10, 2018

  • Week 63..? : 4 Prayers and ALL Your Faith
    I’ll share one of them with you. One night, we were driving back to Yuma from a lesson out in Somerton and it was getting pretty late so we were most likely going to just head back home. The elders text us and say, “Hey where are you guys right now? We’re at a carne asada and we have a family here that you can teach!” We responded, “BE THERE IN 15.” MIRACULOUSLY we got there in 15 minutes, Somerton is pretty far.We arrive and there’s a group of people just hanging out with in the open garage, all eating carne asada, all super nice and awesome. The elders are there with the biggest smiles on their faces, saying that this family is SWEET. The family, Edgar and Ana are the parents, tell us to go get a plate and fill it with food. We soon sit down and start talking to everyone. The elders and us are smoothly directing the conversation to gospel things and the family follows. They want their kids to grow up having faith in God and having good moral standards. YES. PLEASE. So we teach them a few things and they like it. We schedule another visit with them and they originally said next week, but then the dad thought about it and decided to move it up to Sunday (yesterday)! So we’re like “AW SWEET!” He said that he would also make food for us again and we can have the lesson at the same time. We promised them that we would bring dessert too and they were super excited.SUNDAY ROLLS AROUND and we’re about the start our day, UNTIL WE REMEMBER THAT WE SAID WE WERE GOING TO MAKE SOMETHING BUT WE HAD LITERALLY NOTHING. Hermana Leavitt and I are like, “man they are definitely going to remember we said something about dessert though so we HAVE to make something.” We couldn’t go buy anything either because it was Sunday. We go over to our neighbors and ask all of them if they have cake or brownie mix or something and they all said no. By now, the other hermanas that live with us (Hermana Moulton and Hermana Conlee) are in it too, trying to help us out. We start opening up all the cabinets to check if we had stuff to make SOMETHING and there was nothing. So I was like, “Alright ladies, everyone close the cabinets and fridge. We are about to exercise our faith like we’ve never done before and say the strongest prayer ever!” We closed all the cabinets and went around and each one of us said a prayer for DIVINE HELP so that we would be able to find what we needed. After the prayer, we opened all the cabinets again and STARTED FINDING THINGS EVERYWHERE. None of us had a recipe so we decided to go in blind and make something from scratch. As we started making it- when I tell you that the brownie batter smelled like Betty Crocker status… IT LITERALLY SMELLED LIKE BETTY CROCKER STATUS. It was the craziest thing! We put them in the oven and they came out PERFECTTTT. Literally tastes like Betty Crocker- but better because it came straight from heaven.We bring them to the family for the lesson and they all loveddd them! It helped us to start teach the kids and extended members of their family!!! NO WONDER GOD MADE US MAKE THESE. The only thing is, Edgar and Ana asked if we could come back and teach the whole family how to make these brownies and Hermana Leavitt and I calmly look at each other for a second and then look at Edgar and Ana and say, “Yes of course!!” We dug ourselves in the most heavenly hole. But we tried writing down the recipe afterwards and we think we got it. We just have to remember that these brownies call for 4 prayers and every ounce of faith you have in your body. We had a greatttt lesson with them on the Restoration and they really enjoyed it!! GOD IS SO GOOD.#WaterIntoWine
    Life here is so beautiful! There are too many things to be joyful about that there’s no time to be sad, especially because we get to spread the message of hope to everyone, not just this Christmas season! I LOVEEE BEING A MISSIONARY.
    I hope you all have the BEST week ever!
    Love,Hermana Whitney

    -my “twin” Nautica 💗 every time we are in the same room, all the kids say “Nautica!! YOUR TWIN.”-we all went hiking this morning before the sun came up!- THE MIRACLE BROWNIES-Gilbert Temple 💗💗

December 17, 2018

Thank you for all the birthday wishes! It was SUCH a beautiful day! My roommates woke up 5am in the morning and made me a cake! So cute!

We’ve been teaching our girl Maya (10 years old) and she is SO awesome! She so badly wants to follow the example of Jesus Christ and be the best person she can be. This past weekend, she was baptized and then shared her sweet testimony with everyone that came. Her grandma shared a story about Maya- the day of her baptismal interview, Maya also had a clarinet performance. She plays like every instrument but she loves the clarinet. When they found out that it was on the same day at the same time, people in Maya’s family were telling her that she needs to cancel the interview because she’s been working her hard for this performance. Maya said, “No, I’m going to cancel the performance. I need to be baptized!” She’s so young but she’s such a good example for her family and friends. We love her!
I love teaching kids and it seems like most of the kids we’ve met are wanting to strengthen their relationship with God! We went to an apartment complex that we’ve never gone to before and it’s so awesome! The people there are so ready to here the gospel and learn with the missionaries! There was this one kid with whom we had a lesson about prayer and she sincerely asked, “What do you have to say in your prayer to receive forgiveness for your mistakes?” WHAT?? LET US TELL YOU. After explaining it, she said, “I’m so excited to try it! I’ll do it today!” Hermana Leavitt and I looked at each other like, “..where in the world did you come from??” Her name is Analia. I’ve never seen a kid so excited about being cleansed from sin.
I love being a missionary!! I hope everyone is feeling the Christmas spirit! Hope you have a beautiful week!

Love, Hermana Whitney

Maya’s baptism! Her grandpa baptized her :)- bday :)- hermana lazaro saw my dress and said, “we HAVE to take pictures! that’s a true mexican dress!” haha- we’re currently in a trio for a week! Hermana Conlee, Hermana Moulton, and I- i dont remember if i’ve ever sent the english and spanish thing to you guys but i just think it’s so funny

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