Week 58: Winner
Nov 5 at 11:06 AM
There are so many things to look forward to this week! Elder Pieper from the Seventy is coming down to speak to us and then he’s staying and conducting the Mission Leadership Council so I’ll be able to hear from him TWICE!! I’m going to take so many notes! I’ve been reading his past talks and they are all really inspired.
On Saturday, we had a Cultural Fiesta and there were at least 800 people there! It was so awesome to see different traditional dances from different countries! There was a lot of Mexican traditional dances which were BEAUTIFUL. I feel like I need at least 10 Mexican dresses in my wardrobe now. There was also Hawaiian dances and a performance from the PHILIPPINES! It was so awesome. We sang a classic Mexican song named Cielito Lindo. Sooo pretty. A lot of the people we are teaching LOVED it! They thought it was so beautiful that we embrace all people and cultures.
We met miracle people! There’s an area that we cover called The Foothills and it’s pretty far out there and we have limited miles so we don’t go out there very often but we try out best. A person that we are teaching gave us the information to her friend because he wanted to start learning about the gospel too! Woohooo!! So we call her friend, Alfredo, and set up an appointment. We get to the appointment and the first thing he says is, “When I first saw you missionaries (a while ago), I got this overwhelming feeling of excitement, nervousness, and happiness. I don’t know why but I know that there was something I need to learn from you.” WHAT. I ALMOST COLLAPSED FROM JOY. He was sooo attentive the whole lesson and accepted everything, like it just made sense to him. We’re meeting again this week!! YAYYY ALFREDO.
Since we were already in the Foothills, we stopped by this one another person named Araseli. And she lives FARRRR. I heard that missionaries have tried stopping by before but I didn’t hear what happened. We make the drive all the way there and it’s a big trailer park. We look at the address and there’s no lot number! No wonder I never heard what happened because NOTHING happened, they never found her lot number. My companion, Hermana Palmer and I look at each other and say, “Well God led us here for some reason.” We said a prayer in the car, asking God if He could lead us to the people who need us. So we get out and start knocking doors. First house, no answer. The second house, a woman comes to the door and we greet each other and she says her name is Araseli. WHAT. We asked for her last name AND IT MATCHED THE RECORD WE HAD. WE FOUND HERRRRR!!! STRAIGHT MIRACLE. We were obviously sooooo happy that we found her that she got so excited, came out of her house, shut the door behind her and was like,”WHAT? WHAT?? WHAT HAPPENED???” with a huge smile on her face hahaha like she won something! We explain who we are and that we received information that you wanted to meet with missionaries and she was soooo happy! This is a prime time for her to receive the gospel in her life and she’s sooo willing to meet with us and come to church and the activities! SO AWESOME.
Life is soo good out here in Yuma! I hope you have the greatest week!
Hermana Whitney
-all the missionaries in Yuma! We’re the smallest zone in the mission but there’s awesomeeeee missionaries down here!
– the Minnie mouse one is from the trunk or treat that we had! Shoutout to elder hangemeyer in the back
– cultural fiesta 💕💕💕💕💕💕