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Hermana Noelle Whitney – Tempe AZ Mission (Spanish) weeks 55 and 56

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Week 55: People Everywhere!
Oct 15 at 3:32 PM
(Disclaimer: I realized I spelled “Davao” wrong in my last email.. I really do know how to spell, I was just so excited I couldn’t focus.)
So I am still here in Yuma, but I switched areas and I am now in a new area with my trainee! The people that we have been meeting are the sweetest! We have been running into people that are looking for a better life and looking for a church to go to and we’ve been talking to a ton of kids. Everyone hangs outside now because it’s about 70-80 degrees now so we’re able to talk to everyone! How perfect!! We met this one beautiful family with 6 kids from El Salvador. The mom was outside sweeping when we started talking to her and her kids. Her kids all want to learn more about God and Jesus Christ and we could tell that the mom was super impressed by her kids. That definitely softened her heart to learn more about our message!
Every time we find somebody to teach, it just confirms to me how true this message is! I know that tons of people are searching for happiness and trying to find refuge from all the crazy things that happen in their lives. And every time we find someone like that, I just know without a doubt that we were guided to that person to help them on their way! There are no exceptions! Everyone, if they allow it, can be blessed from hearing this message and applying what they learn into their lives. It’s a heavenly promise!!
I hope you have the best week!!
Hermana Whitney
– The Yuma Zone hiked Telegraph Pass again!
– a little girl that we visit a lot (recently baptized) drew this for me! 💕 my hair is on point
– there’s nowhere I could find a Philippines flag but I wanted one because of the temple that is going to be built there!! Still so happy!
Week 56: Sweet Alfonsito
Oct 22 at 12:37 PM
TEACHING FAMILIES IS THE BESTTT. We met so many families to teach this week and it’s such a blessing to be able to help them come closer to having an eternal family.
One family we are teaching is so fantastic. It’s the mom (Myriam), the daughter (America), and the son (Alfonsito). They are sooo receptive to the things that we teach and embrace the spirit that’s present. We first met Alfonsito playing outside and we started talking to him and his friends. We came back the next day and met the rest of his family! They had us come in their home and they are sat down and listened superrr intently. They had a lot of good questions and comments. We gave them a spanish Restoration pamphlet to read before our next visit. We come back a few days later for our visit and Myriam tells me that Alfonsito took the pamphlet to school and read it there! He’s 10 years old. But Myriam was just so surprised because Alfonsito HATES reading with a burning passion and can’t read well, if at all, in Spanish. BUT HE READ THE PAMPHLET. Everyone’s jaw was dropped. They are such an awesome family! They love meeting with us and want to come closer to Jesus Christ and they KNOW that this will bless them individually and as a family!
Octavio and his family are another family we met this week. Octavio is the son, he’s 21, and is super engaged in our visits. We got the impression that he knew a lot about God and Jesus Christ because the first night we met him, he agreed with everything of what we testified. We came back last night and he had a TON of sincere questions about God, Jesus Christ, and the Holy Ghost. He took the Restoration pamphlet (which he read!!) and started writing down notes so he could study them later. He was sooo happy with the new information that he received and said, “Sorry I asked so many questions, but this is all new information that I have to know!” YEAH IT IS. He’s so awesome!!
Miracles happen every single day and God never ceases to amaze me! I hope you have the best week!
Hermana Whitney
-a member, Hermano Garnica, bought us Mexican dresses! MY HEART MELTED. Once I put it on, I’m never taking it off.
-there’s a lady named Gloria that we pass by every morning when we go running in the morning and we helped her with her garden this week 💕 she gave us those cookies in return!

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