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Hermana Noelle Whitney – Tempe AZ Mission (Spanish) week 52

Week 52: SO MUCH JOY
September 24 at 1:06 PM
Life is toooo good in Yuma! I’m loving every second I have here to share my testimony and teach the gospel to anyone and everyone who we meet! Time is so precious!
I don’t think I’ve mentioned Alan before, but he’s the best person everrr! He’s a convert of about 3 years. He fell away for a little bit but then came back fairly recently and has been awesome ever since! He has one of the strongest testimonies I’ve ever seen! The hard thing is that he’s deaf there’s no one to communicate with them because no one knows ASL here. But my companion, Hermana Huefner knows it! She’s been here for almost 6 months and she learned everything from Alan! So I’m determined to learn ASL too! Alan FINALLY gave me a sign name too! I’ve been trying to communicate with him since I’ve been here and I’m slowly understanding more and more!
Since he can’t speak with words, he is a huge example to me that you can share the gospel without saying anything. Just by spending time with him, you can tell that he is a disciple of Christ just by his actions.
Sloane was baptized this week!! She is sooo cool! I’ve loved seeing her testimony grow every time we come over for a visit and teach her. Our first visit with her was just 2 weeks ago! She shared her testimony with everyone at her baptism and everyone had their jaw dropppedddd. She is just sooo prepared and excited for what is to come after her baptism. She has seen so many miracles and blessings come into her life the minute she started learning about Jesus Christ and his complete gospel.
I cannot say it enough, I LOVE BEING A MISSIONARY! It has brought me so much joy to see how this message brings so much peace and hope into the lives of others. Life isn’t supposed to become super easy after you accept Christ into your life, but rather life becomes much better understood. You can be happy, especially in the hardest of times. And I truly do know this because I’ve read and am still reading the Book of Mormon! It has changed my life for the better! I encourage you to start reading it if you haven’t yet! I promise you there are blessing to come.
I love you!! I hope you have the best week!
Hermana Whitney




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Hermana Noelle Whitney – Tempe AZ Mission (Spanish) week 51

September 17, 2018
My mission is a complete technology mission and it is sooo awesome because when schedules get tight, we are able to video call the people we are teaching and have a lesson that way! Face to face is always the better option but video calling is definitely an advantage we have!
We had a couple video calls this week! One with Sloane and the other with Mike.
Sloane is awesome! She is progressing so fast and she loves it! Every time we have a lesson with her, she takes notes and then studies them when we are gone. Also, we loveee family history and something amazing that she told us was that a couple weeks before she met us, she had the strongest feeling to get all the information she could concerning her ancestors (birth dates, death dates, other info) but she didn’t know why! She had the feeling to show us all the information she had about them and when we told her about family history and taught the Plan of Salvation, she was SOOOO HAPPY!! She said, “So THAT’S why I wrote this all down! I’ve never been interested in knowing more about my family until I got that impression.” And some of the people from church went to the San Diego Temple and she went too just to go to the Visitors Center and take pictures outside! She’s amazing.
Mike is also another super cool guy! He’s 21 years old and has a ton of questions about religion. We gave him The Book of Mormon and asked him to read a specific part. When we followed up with him, he loved the part we gave him and he totally related it to his life! Then he told us that he went ahead and started reading from the beginning of the book. This is actually amazing because he has dyslexia and doesn’t super like reading but he is sooo interested in the Book of Mormon! (THE BOOK OF MORMON IS SOOOO AWESOME. It has answered so many of his questions and I know it will answer the rest of them!!) AND THENNN, in the middle of our lesson, he said, “Before I met you both, I was a true believer in God but I didn’t believe in Jesus Christ. But now I’m committed to giving Christ a 100% chance! I’m going to give Him a try!” He didn’t drink Saturday night either because he wanted to be completely sober for Sunday morning church!! And he brought his aunt to church with him because he knew that she would really enjoy it! He is sooo awesome!!!
It’s the craziest thing to be a missionary because complete strangers open up to you about things they would never tell anyone else. It’s like the automatically trust you and you automatically love them! And I totally know people react that way because they feel safe when they are talking to us and they can feel that we want to help them be happy and have peace in their lives! MISSIONS ARE THE BEST AND I LOVEEEE BEING A MISSIONARY!!
I hope you have the best week of your life!!
Hermana Whitney
-We hiked the besttt hike ever this morning! It’s been too long.

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Hermana Noelle Whitney – Tempe AZ Mission (Spanish) weeks 41-50

Week 41: what heat?
Jul 9 at 12:15 PM
I went on so many exchanges this week and it was the greatest thing ever!

I went to a biking area on probably the hottest day I’ve ever seen but it was so much fun! It was around 115 degrees. I was with Sister Britsch! She’s an awesome missionary and the time together went by so fast! One of the miracles that happened when we were together was we were talking to a bunch of different people and one door that we knocked let us in right away, as if she knew us beforehand. She later told us that her own boys went on missions too and that she had some great memories there. She doesn’t go to church anymore, BUT we shared a scripture from the Book of Mormon and left her with her own Book of Mormon and she said that she would start reading it again! blessings.
And at the end of the day, (her area is english), we found a spanish speaker and he was SO happy to see us and said that he needed a confirmation that God was trying to reach out to him in his time of need. His name is Ernesto! He couldn’t stop smiling and saying “amen” and “hallelujah”. So cute!
We have been finding so many people to teach and it is so amazing to see how much we are guided throughout our day. I’ve said it before in another email but I love the phrase, “God directs moving feet.” Even though it’s incredibly hot outside, we honestly barely feel the heat on us. It’s hot but I just know that God is protecting us from what could be worse. AND there have been heavy clouds lately… so it might rain again! blessings.
ALSOOO I DON’T HAVE THE PICTURE WITH ME BUT I SAW MY TRAINER! HERMANA GILMAN!! I haven’t seen in her 6 months so you can only imagine how hard I cried and how much we had to catch each other up on. A lot happens in 6 weeks, so 6 months is forever! She goes home in less than 2 weeks! Crazyyy!
God is sooooo goooddddd. And life is getting better all the time!
Hermana Whitney
-Hermana Moulton and I 💜
-The Book of Mormon is bestttt! (it’s super good in Spanish too 💜)
Week 42: The Good South Phoenix!
Jul 23 at 11:56 AM
Remember when I was in Phoenix and I was teaching someone GOLDEN named Fanni?? WELL SHE GOT BAPTIZED THIS WEEK AND IT WAS AMAZING!! I was able to go and it was so great to be back. I’ll send pictures but can I just say, that her makeup didn’t move at all!! She went into the water and came out of the water looking like a model. WOW she’s the most amazing person ever and her testimony is as strong as BRICK. She’s so solid! My bishop there loved doing musical numbers together and so when he saw me, the first thing he asked was, “Are you ready to sing??” We sang Joseph Smith’s First Prayer. But the spirit was sooo strong there and Fanni is going to be such a beautiful addition to the ward! Hermana Moulton and I were able to talk to her husband Gilberto and he said that he wants to talk to God but he feels that God doesn’t want to listen. He said that Fanni makes them pray together sometimes but he never says the prayer. We testified that our Heavenly Father is so eager to listen to his prayer and even more eager to bless him with His love and comfort. He said he would try to pray that night!

We have this one family in our ward that is less-active and we have been trying to meet with them for the longest time! Out of the 9 kids, there’s like 6 of them who are between 1-13 years old. They are the cutest family too! We stopped by this week and talked to the 13 year old and he talked about how much he LOVES reading and told us he was on the “Battle of the Books” team in school. Basically, you read a book, and your team gets quizzed on how much you know. So we decided to have a Battle of the Books but with the Book of Mormon! They were sooo down! We gave them the first chapter in the book to read and they needed to prepare questions. We came back a few days later for the battle and they read the chapter 6 times so they could make really good questions! The younger kids were playing too and their questions were SO GOOD. What smart kids!! We had a lesson throughout the battle too and whenever they got a question wrong, we would look up the answer in the chapter. They were having the time of their lives! Tonight, we’re having a Battle with chapter 2!
Also, we had dinner with a family from Fiji from the English area and they have us lava-lavas! Hermana Moulton and I have been wearing them in the house when we’re lounging haha SO COMFORTABLE.
I hope you have a great week! I love you all!
Hermana Whitney
-Fanni’s Baptism! (ft. Kíque)
-Battle of the Book of Mormon with the Rosales Family!
-when we got our lava-lavas!
-a solid candid of what taking pictures looks like with Hermana Moulton and I hahaha she’s gets so frustrated with me lol we promise we’re best friends!
ul 23 at 1:26 PM
We got the best news last week that Hermana Moulton and I are staying together for another transfer!! Every time transfers come around, I can’t stop crying whenever it’s brought up in conversation because every companion that I’ve had, I’ve just LOVEEDDDD so much. Change is always good but we were really praying that we would stay together for one more! AND WE AREEEE.

Over a week ago we found this super golden person named Vianey. She was so receptive and was so excited for our second visit when we would come back! She lives in this crazy complicated apartment complex and after our awesome first contact/lesson with her, we were so excited that we forgot to write down the apartment number… woops. We came back the day of our appointment with her and we COULD NOTTT find her apartment! We tried contacting the number she gave us but we wrote in down wrong. We were soo sad! We went back everyday looking for her but nothing. We knocked so many doors trying to find her. Hermana Moulton had the idea of getting a map from the Complex Office and once we got one, we went back into the car, said a prayer for guidance, and started crossing off the apartments that we knew were not hers. We tried remembering everything that we could about where is might be. We went from about 80 apartments to 16! Then we started knocking those 16. (We found some new people to teach along the way!)
 There were other places where we had to be so we were about to rap it up once we had only a couple left. We stop and look at the map for a little while to figure out where we are. While I’m looking at the map, Hermana Moulton is staring at this one family- a dad and 2 kids. This family passes right by us and I look at Hermana Moulton’s face and her jaw is DROPPED. She looks at me and whispers, “That’s Vianey’s kids!!” I look at the family and the little baby is staring at us. We were trying to look natural while we were seeing what apartment they were going into. AND IT WAS ONE OF THE APARTMENTS WE CIRLCED- RIGHT IN THE MIDDLE OF THE ENTIRE COMPLEX. Literally it was like a choir was singing in both of our heads as we’re staying at the family and the map hahahaah THE GREATEST THING EVERRRRR. We wait a few minutes and then we knock on the door. Vianey was at work but her husband was so kind and gave us Vianey’s correct number and set up an appointment with her. He told us that Vianey was really excited to meet with us but we never came!
 Fast forward a few days and we met Vianey and she tells us that she has been waiting for daysss to see us again and was so excited to tell us that she read the Book of Mormon Introduction and the testimonies in the beginning of the book! We taught her the Restoration lesson and she said, “Thank goodness God and Jesus Christ appeared to Joseph Smith!” WHAATTTTT?!?! (I literally have the biggest smile on my face while typing this). She’s sooo awesome!!! Can’t wait for our next lesson this week!
I hope you have a great week! Love you all!
Hermana Whitney
1. JAYCEE IS THE SWEETEST BOY. We taught him and he’s going to be baptized! Cute boy!
Week 44: Ciudad de Taco
Jul 30 at 11:33 AM
We had a leadership meeting earlier this week and someone said, “Our service is to love people. That’s what we do.” There are so many things that Hermana Moulton and I have to get done, and we always have places to go and people to see. But what it boils down to is loving people. And it’s the best thing I could ever be doing with my time!! We see so many people around us and it’s just amazing to think that they all have their own trials and hardships in life, but the message that we bring to those people is a message of hope! And it’s the BEST.

We have a friend that owns a taco shop in her house, and the backyard is the restaurant. It’s called Ciudad de Taco (Taco City) and it’s sooo good. We went by earlier and helped her prepare some of the food and it was so fun! Hermana Moulton and I have been learning so much about Mexican food and how to make it. We have a recipe book that we add to almost everyday. It’s pure gold. AND Ciudad de Taco is a perfect place to go find people to teach! It’s open from 6:30pm-1am and everyone there is super chill and enjoys everyone’s company. So Hermana Moulton and I went and we sat next to this one couple and as the conversation went on, they told us how they have met with missionaries before! And the more we spoke about that, it turns out that the wife, Lourdes, is the aunt of someone else that we are teaching, Armando! And he loves the church! She expressed how she wants to learn more about it. We have an appointment with her this Tuesday!
Life is good. Tacos are amazing. And Ciudad de Taco is going to see us almost every week.
I hope you have a great day!
Hermana Whitney
▪we had to take advantage of the colorful walls
▪when your companion takes hide and seek too seriously
▪hermana Moulton and hermana Chavez! Hermana Chavez finished her mission but came to visit
▪Jaycee’ s baptism
Week 45: Roy is Straight Gold
Aug 6 at 12:39 PM
There were so many miracles this week but so little time to share them all haha but I’ve mentioned Roy before, and he’s been doing SSOOO GOOOD.

We have been teaching Roy for about a month now and he has undergone one of the biggest turnarounds I have ever seen! When we first met him, we was so paranoid and scared of everything and everyone. The more we started teaching him, the less he seemed to be afraid. Before, he kind of knew that there was a God, but didn’t give it much thought. Now, a month later, after meeting with him a couple times every week, he absolutely knows that there is a God, and that God is our Loving Heavenly Father! AND he has wayyy more faith than fear now!! He has been applying the things he’s learned in our lessons into his life and has a completely different outlook now! We know that he has made all these changes because of the Spirit he feels in our lessons! LIFE IS SOOO GOOD. And he’s been reading the Book of Mormon too!! He said it was pretty hard for him to understand, just until this past week- he was able to understand it and loveeee itttt!! Hermana Moulton and I could NOTTTT stop smiling! It was incredible!!

I’m loving every second of my mission!! Something that my president told us was, “Don’t live beneath what you are worthy to receive through prayer. But your prays have the be sincere.” And making our prayers in our companionship more sincere has brought even more miracles!
I hope you have the besttt week!!
Hermana Whitney
– tajin and chamoy on sweet things are the best
– there was this super cute children’s book that was in spanish and english and we were super tempted to ask to bring it home but we didn’t… 😦
Week 46: missionary life is beautiful!
Aug 13 at 2:14 PM
Monsoon season is sooo beautiful! At least I think it’s really cool. There’s a dust storm nearly everyday and then it’s followed up heavy rain. And the lightening and thunderstorms are just like the ones from home. I haven’t heard thunder for almost a year!

Life is good here in Chandler! Earlier this week, we had a lesson with Roy and he has always had so many questions but this was the first time when we got negative feedback from him. We spoke about tithing and he was really confused. We did all we could to teach and testify with the spirit but he wouldn’t allow himself to accept it. So we were super nervous about our next lesson because we weren’t sure how it would go but we received guidance to have a lesson on personal revelation. Let me tell you… the spirit was soo strong in our lesson and he knew that he had to take his questions and concerns to the God. He was calm and he felt that what we were teaching was correct. The scriptures tell us so many times to “ask, seek, and knock”, if we have any questions, God is so willing and eager to help us understand. God is so good!
We taught this awesome guy named Ernesto! He has family members who go to our ward but he himself isn’t a member. But he got this feeling that he should take the lessons and learn more for himself. And so we were able to meet with him and he loves it. We only taught him for 2 weeks because he’s returning to Mexico this week. He comes every month. So the missionaries in Mexico and we will be tag team teaching him haha. He already has the plan to be baptized too. He’s awesome!
We also spoke to someone this week named Sarahi. Our 5 minute contact with her started out as, “I stay away from anything about religion.” to “You can come back on Tuesday!” The Lord has really prepared these people in Chandler and we just have to be obedient and love the people and miracles are brought to pass.
Hermana Whitney
▪We were caught in a storm (this was taken after it died down) but we couldn’t find I place to hide under hahah this was the best thing we could find
▪aftermath of monsoons
  • received_513455135733957.jpeg
Week 47: Prayers Answered!
Aug 20 at 12:10 PM
We met the cutest 9 year old whose name is Frania! She comes from a really unstable family and basically roams the street by herself. She has the biggest personality and lovessss talking. We spoke to her this week about prayer and she said that she doesn’t pray because of all the things she has to do- she said, “Well I have to eat… and sometimes do my homework and by that time I’m too tired so I just sleep.” hahah so cute. She said that she was having a hard time falling asleep because she doesn’t like the dark and when she does fall asleep, she wakes up from bad dreams. We told her that praying before she goes to sleep will help with all of that and so she said we could pray. The next day, the bishop’s family picked her up for church and picked up Camry too because he lives in the same trailer park as Frania!! You should’ve seen the look on her face when she saw us at church- We’ve never seen someone more excited to see us in our lives hahah she had the BIGGEST smile on her face and was waving soo fast with both hands, she nearly jumped out of her chair! She told us she was immediately able to fall asleep after we left (usually she falls asleep at 1am, but she fell asleep at 8pm!!) and she had NOOO BAD DREAMS. She was soo happy!! She’s going to start saying her own prayers.

There’s a family in our ward who don’t have very much. But they have some of the strongest testimonies. We saw them in Walmart last week and they invited us over for pie, cake, and flan because it was their son’s birthday! We came and they gave us a full dinner and then all 3 desserts. They made me eat like 4 pieces of flan after the mountain of food they gave us and Hermana Moulton and I almost passed out hahah they are the most giving family. The mom asked us if we needed toothepaste out of the blue. And we said we’re okay but thanked her. Then the dad and the mom were both insisting and the kids said that their mom coupons. You know those extreme couponers who purchase like $600 at the store but only pay like $2.50? THAT’S THIS FAMILY. The mom is extremeee. They literally gave us 2 things of laundry detergent, 2 toothepaste, 2 toothebrushes- the electric kind, shampoo and conditioner, and a BUNCH of other things. And then they just asked us to do one thing- to not tell anyone what they did.
They are such a good example to me because they are just sooo humble and they do so much for others but don’t want any credit or spotlight. The Castellanos family has a special place in my heart. We’re going by tonight for a Family Home Evening!
I hope you all have the bestttt week!! God listens to prayers and then answers them. (and i actually forgot to buy toothepaste again so that was a blessing).
Hermana Whitney
▪almost every weekend we go to this taco restaurant in the backyard of someone’s home and teach whoever is at the table haha the food is AMAZING- this week we got something called Lorenza and i was about to order like 5 more but decided against it.
▪Hermana Moulton and I
Week 48:
Aug 27 at 12:43 PM
okaaayyy so im just sending this to the fam because i ran out of time to do everything else but ill send this to everyone else next week . love youuuuuu

“We got transfer calls and President told me that I’m leaving Chandler and Hermana Moulton is training!! She just got out of training too hahah she’s going to be the besttt trainer. It’s super bittersweet with the changes but there’s always so much more that we have to learn and so many more people to love. Hermana Moulton and I will have one more good cry and then we’ll be good haha! The people of Chandler are so precious! (I wasn’t told where I was going yet so I’ll keep you posted 🙂 )

We cover a crazy big area but most of the people that we visit are in the northern part of our area. This past week we decided to go down south because we had a few people down there that we felt we needed to see. The south is sooo different from the north! They are both beautiful but very different. The south has a lot more space and fields and it’s pretty quiet compared to DownTown Chandler. The person we went to go visit was named Jesus. Other missionaries sent us his information and said that’s he’s interested. The house is in the only house on a hugeee corn field and is super run down and old. In the beginning, Hermana Moulton and I were like, “Who in the world found this house??” We knocked in the front and in the back of the house and all of a sudden, we both got the most calm feeling. The Spirit was sooo strong there! The run down house immediately became the most beautiful house we have ever seen haha it was the weirdest thing. There was no answer so we are going back tomorrow! But good things are coming!”
(Noelle forgot to sign off LOL)
Week 49: i can see mexico
Sep 3 at 12:53 PM
(I can send this again next week to everyone lol I’m so behind. But love you all. Share it if you want)

My time is Chandler/SanTan ran out 😦 it was sooo much fun! The people there are all gems. Hermana Moulton and I were able to help a lot of people find happiness and peace, and we were definitely guided by the Spirit to where we should go, the people we should talk to, the words we should say, and the scriptures we should share and we saw so many miracles everyday. We were humbled every time we saw blessings that came from doing the Lord’s work! And Hermana Moulton and I worked so well together! And we learned a lottt from one another. Almost every contact we made with someone, they would ask “are you two best friends? you seem like best friends.” YEAH WE ARE becuase this gospel makes us sooo happy! Man, I love Hermana Moulton! We don’t know how to express how much love we have for one another or the missionary work but she’s one of the best missionaries ever. She stayed in Chandler/SanTan and now training! And I am now in the holy land of YUMA. I live like 10 min away from Mexico haha it’s awesome!!

Yuma is beautiful! My companion is Hermana Huefner (pronounced hufner) and she’s soo cute and really hard working so great things are coming! We serve in 2 branches: a Spanish branch (Rio Colorado Branch) and an english YSA branch. It’s so awesome! The Spanish branch needs a piano player so my companion and I will be switching every week to play for them.
The people here are awesome. We have a car but we use our bikes a lot. WHICH IS THE BEST. We found this one guy named Francisco and he’s sooo receptive to the spirit. He loves what we’ve taught him. We’ve met him 3 days in a row- all awesome lessons. We shared Moroni 10:4-5 with him from the Book of Mormon which basically says once you’ve learned these things, ask God to know of its true or not and if you really want to know and have a true desire to know, then you will receive an answer from the Holy Ghost. Once we read that, he said “woah… i feel really weird. I don’t know what this is.” Then my comp asked if it’s peace or joy that he’s feeling and he started crying and nodded yes.
There are sooooo many people looking for the truth! They are searching to feel that peace and joy! We were blessed to be able to find him 🙂 I’ll keep you updated on our sweet Francisco 🙂
Love you all! Go out and have the best day of your life.
Hermana Whitney
-Enedina surprised us with enchiladas 💜 she says she’s the best cook in Mexico AND America… okay Enedina hahah but it was super good.
-all the greenery is a beautifully long story that i will tell next week because I forgot to add it here… for now, enjoy the picture:)
– the honey is someone we stopped by to contact and he ended up being a member of the church haha we sang “Called to Serve” in Spanish on the side of the road hahaha so cool he didn’t know the words so he pulled out his phone and read it, squinting and conducting  the song with his hand at the same time hahah I was busy laughing he was really hype
– hna Britsch, me, Hna Moulton, and sis cruz 💜
– my Yuma roomies, Palmer, Pratt, me, Huefner 💜



Week 50: yumannsss
Sep 10 at 1:24 PM
YUMA IS THE LITTEST AREA EVERRRR. There’s only 16 missionaries in this zone (that’s sooo small compared to all the other zones) and so we’re all so close! Seriously miracles are just raininggg down on Yuma. It’s so awesome!
My companion, Hermana Huefner, and I are both Sister Training Leaders and so together we basically take care of all the sister missionaries in our zone. We had a Mission Leadership Council this week up in Tempe (like 4 hours away) so we and 2 other elders in leadership drove up and we stayed at the mission home with President and Sister Christensen for the night! The 6 of us spoke for a while about gospel things and everything that was said was a testimony to me that missionary work is the mostttt beautiful work there is. We spoke about all the miracles that we’ve seen and how involved the Lord is in His work. It’s awesome!
There is a member in one of our branches that brought a friend to church! Her name is Sloane. She had attended a different church when she was younger that is sooo ready to learn about the gospel and is super excited to read the Book of Mormon! We had our first lesson with her on Saturday AND SHE IS THE GREATTESTTTT PERSON EVERRRR. She read and studied the reading that we gave her from the Book of Mormon and then she took notes on her own and then during the lesson to make sure she understood everything. She said, “What you gave me to read reminded me of what Paul said in the Bible – 2 Corinthians. And that made me think, ‘ohh wow! this teaches the same things! it must be true!'” And on the top of her page of notes she wrote, “CONFIRMATIONS OF TRUTH” I was sooo happy when she was talking to us! Hermana Huefner can testify, I had energy to run a marathon!! It was the most amazing thing! We had a plan set to teach something, but then we both got the feeling to change our plans. The Spirit was totallyyyy there and we all felt it. She opened up to us and when we invited her to be baptized she literally said, “I’ve waited 22 years for this, I don’t want to wait any longer!” SHE’S GETTING BAPTIZED IN 2 WEEKS.
That was only one of the miracles that have happened this week. God is sooo good!!!
I hope you have the best week of your life!!
Hermana Whitney
– We took a selfie with President and Sister Christensen! Love them!
– Sloane made us “Levels of Pain” cookies haha she’s in nursing school and had just come back from a nursing convention.

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Hermana Noelle Whitney- Tempe AZ Mission (Spanish) weeks 31-40

Week 31: Humble Place, More Humble People
Apr 30 at 4:14 PM
I love Phoenix but I also love Chandler! I’ve met the greatest people.

My new companion is Hermana Rino (Reeno, not Rhino)! She’s about to end her mission in a month. And we were both so excited for our companionship! She said that she was ready to put in all her effort and heart into her last transfer so she get hyyyyped every time we leave the apartment hahah!

Even though Chandler is one of the richest parts of my mission, we have the poorest part of Chandler (trailer parks for dayssss- my favorite place!). We’re teaching this one little boy who I’m so in love with! He’s a 9 year old who seems to be the king of that trailer park. His name is Camry! I started calling him Cam Jam but now I call him Space Jam. He’s really a good boy but he gets in trouble lot and fights the kids at school. But he tries to be good. He’s made a lot of progress though! He has a baptism coming up too!
AND THEN THERE’S PABLO. I just love him so much! He lives in the same trailer park. He’s such a great person who also tries really hard to be good and do the right thing. I was able to have his first lesson with him the day I got here! He has a drug addiction and is trying to stay away from it but it’s hard. He asked if there was anything that we could give him to distract him and said he loves reading. He’s reading the Book of Mormon and praying a lot! Yesterday he was supposed to come to church but he didn’t. He didn’t answer our calls. So we went by and it took a while for him to come out but he finally did. He was so embarrassed to face us but he was admitted that he fell into it again. He told us that he just wishes that his craving would go away over night. After our visit he felt a lot better and scheduled an appt tomorrow. He’s suuuch a good person! I have full confidence that he’ll be able to change and improve his life.
I hope you all have the greatest week!
Hermana Whitney
1. Hermana Rino!
2. We helped Brother Jones (we lived in their house in Phoenix) with his garden!
Week 32: SHHHHH
May 7 at 4:55 PM
Space Jam came to church yesterday! We passed by that morning to see if he was coming but he wasn’t having the best morning and said he didn’t want to come. He didn’t budge after trying to convince him to coming so we just set up another appointment with him and said we’d see him the next day. Hermana Rino and I sat in the back during church and she turned around and I heard someone hush her. I turned around and Space Jam was right behind me with a big smile! HE CAME! I was so happy haha he knows how much I just loveee him!

Cinco de Mayo was so fun! The ward had a Carnival and they were fundraising for Scout Camp and so tons of people came! The dance performance were so good. The adults did a number and then the children did one and my heart melted! Carne Asada tacos is my absolute favorite thing. I was watching them make it and I feel like I learned a new life skill. They’re sooo good!
We went to visit this one elderly couple in our ward and they are the cutest. They can talk forever if you let them. But the wife plays the piano and wants us missionaries to sing a musical number in church so we went over and practiced with her. The husband has the greatest facial expressions haha after we sang, he gasped the loudest gasp I have ever heard and says, “Wooowww… just like goddesses…” he’s so cute hahah.
There’s also a native New Yorker that lives in our boundaries! He and his family are really strong members in the church. We bond over east coast things haha it’s nice to have a piece of home here.
I hope you have the best week!
Hermana Whitney
1. The primary kids who danced at the carnival!
Week 33: My Boy Jose!
May 14 at 4:55 PM
Forever thankful for Mothers Day when I get to Skype my family! I spoke to them in the home of a member and afterwards the members said, “There was a lot of screaming and laughing! Your family seems so fun!” Lol… they weren’t wrong. It was the best day ever!!

Most of the people we are teaching are kids and they are so sincere and have the greatest desire to learn. We have this one recent convert who’s super strong and has 3 kids they we are teaching. His kids (Jose 14, David 9, Charlyn 8) didn’t have much interest until only about a week or 2 ago and they are amazing! There has been the greatest difference especially in Jose. He’s SO happy now when before I never EVER saw him smile or laugh. His dad texted us a few days ago and said that Jose told him he wants to be baptized!! So we spoke to Jose and we asked what happened and how he decided to be baptized. He said, “It was our last lesson that you told me I had to pray about it to know if I should be baptized. So I prayed. And the next day at church, I was just so happy! I can’t really explain it but it was a feeling that I got and I just knew it was good.” And then he asked at the end of the lesson, “Everyone says ‘strengthen your testimony, and if you don’t have one, then get one.’ How do I get one? Do I have to pray for it or something?” We explained how you get a testimony but he was still not super understanding. So I asked him if he knew what a testimony was. And he said “No, not really.” So I asked him if he knew that God was his loving Heavenly Father and he said yes and talked about his experience with prayer and then I said “Jose, that’s your testimony.” He looked sooo surprised! I was like “you didn’t know you had a testimony did you? Hahha” and he said “No! This is news to me!” He was sooo happy I can’t even describe it in words, but his face just lit up.

I love what I do and I’m so grateful for this time to share the gospel with others.
I hope you have a great week!
Hermana Whitney
1.  Sister Cruz and I on exchanges!
2. SPACE JAM and I
3. We found this AMAZING restaurant called EvenStevens and I was in heavennnn. I don’t even like sandwiches but these were sooo good
4. One of the nicest murals I’ve seen here in Chandler!I 💜
5. Mother’s Day video call!
Week 33week 33-1week 33-2week 33-3week 33-4
Week 34: Space Jammm
May 21 at 3:30 PM
GUESS WHO I SAW?? MY BEST FRIEND HERMANA PRABHUDAS! We saw each other in a parking garage and you can only imagine the loud echo of our screams hahah it was the best day ever!!! Our mission president saw us and he goes, “Aww look! The twins are back together!”

For the majority of this week, we were with Space Jam! We had his last lesson, and then his interview, and then his baptism!! And something that was super cool was that his dad who is a very less active member came to his baptism! And then Space Jam came to church yesterday wearing a tie haha I’ve never seen him with a tie! He got confirmed and he had the biggest smile.

I hope you have a super great week!!
Hermana Whitney
-Hermana Prabhudas
-Camry and his baptism
-i found a NY Knicks bear!!
week 34week 34-4week34-1week34-2week34-3
Week 35: Beautiful in White——
May 28 at 3:56 PM
YOU GUYS! God is so good! And I can tell you the the Lord is in the details of literally everything.

We’ve been teaching our recent convert’s 3 kids, Jose Jr, David, and Charlyn. And this past Friday, they were BAPTIZED AND CONFIRMED!! All 3 of them! Everyone in our ward love them and changed their schedules and delayed their vacations to come to the baptism. It was such a beautiful feeling when we saw them in white and to be able to witness Jose (dad) baptize his kids was just amazing. I couldn’t see very well though because my eyes were just filled with tears BUT still just be able to be there was awesome.
Then we spoke to them all a few days later and it hit me that everyone in that house has the Gift of the Holy Ghost and once we got there, everyone was just SO happy! There’s just a ton of love in their home.
I spoke in church for the first time since I started my mission and it was about the Book of Mormon. I honestly am not a super fan of reading but seriously once I started studying the Book, I haven’t been able to put it down. There’s so much that I missed the last time I read it. But I invite you all to read it for yourself. Even just the introduction. It’s been a life changing experience. I promise you that there’s a bunch of precious blessings waiting for you.
I love you all! And I hope you have a great week!
1. They don’t look the happiest in this photo but I promise they were!! Hahah
  • Week 36: Sneaky Pres
    Jun 4 at 4:32 PM
    It was a crazy week but it was really great!

    Only about 2 hours ago, Hermana Rino left to go back home! She’s done with her mission. But she held it out and was really focused in the work until the end. It was really great being companions with her!
    We went by Cam Jam and he couldn’t believe that he wasn’t going to see Hermana Rino after this. He kept saying “Wait what do you mean you won’t come over anymore??” So he wanted to take like 5 million pictures haha. He’s the cutest.
    Our investigator Rosario is making progress with The Word of Wisdom and is trying really hard to stop drinking alcohol and he’s been doing so well! When he found out we address God as our Heavenly Father, he started saying “Heavenly Father bless you” instead of “God bless you” and I laugh every time hahah he’s the cutest.
    We had interviews with President this week and he just makes every missionary feel so great about themselves. He’s AMAZING. Leadership calls were last night and he called from another pair of missionaries’ phone so we wouldn’t know it was him. And some news came! I’m first half training a new missionary and I got called to be a Sister Training Leader. It’s crazy but I’m looking forward to this coming transfer! President heard how shocked I was and said his classic line, “Smile! Life is getting better all the time!” Lots of prayers please 🙂
    I hope you have the greatest week!
    Hermana Whitney
    -Cam Jam 💜
    -We found a Cracker Barrel and I was so happy!
    -Hermana Rino and I 💜
    • WEEK 37: “NOPE”

      On Monday I said bye to Hermana Rino! She’s was awesome. On Wednesday I met my new trainee and when I say she’s a pre-trained missionary… She’s a PRE-TRAINED missionary! She’s so fearless and eager to share our message to everyone! She’s also advanced in her Spanish so language isn’t much of an issue. We’ve had some amazing experiences already and we have a whole transfer left to go! Her name’s Hermana Moulton, from Ohio, and probably the most energetic person I know.
      On every missionaries’ first day, they commit themselves to inviting one person to be baptized by the end of the day. I knew that the people that we were working with weren’t superrrr at that point yet so I was praying so hard that we would find SOMEONE to invite. We met some nice people but none were too interested. So we walked back to the car to get going to our next appointment, and we see a guy standing outside. We say hi, and he says hi back. I look at Hermana Moulton and I see that she wants to talk to him and by now we are already in the car. She says to me, “Hermana, that guy has been taking laps around his house and he keeps looking at us.” I’m smiling the whole time because I know we’re going to end up talking to him and I ask, “you think it would be weird to go talk to him?” And she says, (grabbing her bag) “NOPE.” She basically jumps out of the car and I have the biggest smile on my face hahah. We start talking to him, and amazing things happened! His name is Jim, 17 years old, and I don’t think I’ve ever met anyone so prepared! His concern is basically why to bad things happen to good people. He said he’s prayed before when he was having a hard time but didn’t see God make any changes in his life so he gave up trying, but was super interested to know about our message of God and Jesus Christ. We’ve been meeting with him almost every night since Wednesday!
      There are people everywhere who are ready to hear this message and it is AWESOME!!
      I hope you all have a great week!
      Hermana Whitney
      WEEK 38: The Greatest Q&A
      There is NEVER a dull moment in our companionship! Hermana Moulton is so amazing! She has been preparing to be a missionary for nearly all her life and she just loves serving. Her mom is the choreographer for the Hill Cumorah Pageant so she and her family go to Upstate NY every year.

      There’s a miracle every single day and it’s amazing to see where we’re guided to throughout the day. Just last night was an awesome miracle. We’ve been trying to find this one person for the longest time and we kept going back because we heard that he’s interested in learning about our message. Last week, when we went by again, we waved at his neighbor. His neighbor doesn’t have great vision but he waved back anyway.
      Last night when we went by again, we started talking to this one girl outside. Her name is Rosie. She was super cool and it turns out that the missionaries are meeting with her brother! Rosie has sat in some lessons but didn’t know what to think about it. She opened up to us about her life and said how she doesn’t like school because she gets bullied a lot, and her family has had to deal with their lose of her mom, and life has just gotten harder and harder. The spirit guided our thoughts and our words and she was comforted. She’s moving to Phoenix today so we told her to remember to take her Book of Mormon with her and stop the next pair of missionaries she sees and talk to them! She agreed 🙂
      Then she pointed out the apartment that her dad and brothers lived in and said we should go talk to them. So we did! And it turned out to be the neighbor that we waved to! He was Rosie’s dad. And the brother that’s taking the lessons from the missionaries was outside with him. The dad waved at us to come and he asked, “You ladies are the ones that waved at me the other day right?” We said yes and he said, “Yeah I thought so. That was nice of you to stop and wave. You girls come around here a lot. What are you doing?” We smiled and said we’re missionaries! He had a ton of questions that he wanted us to answer and we answered ALL his questions with The Book of Mormon! It was so cool! He had a lot of questions about death and what happens after this life. He didn’t say anything about his wife’s passing but Rosie told us earlier that she had lost her mom so we knew how to better teach him. Rosie’s brother (who is taking the lessons) had some doubts and questions and they too were answered by The Book of Mormon. Before we left, the dad thanked us and said, “You made me open my eyes by using that book. Thank you.” We gave him his own copy and they were both really comforted.
      I can never say it enough, The Book of Mormon is so, so precious. I completely took it for granted before my mission! I’m making up for it now and telling everyone I meet about it! It answers so many questions and gives so much comfort to those who stand in need.
      ALSO: President gave me permission to ONLY dance when it rains.
      GUESS WHAT. MONSOON SEASON IS HERE. It rained this week and dancing in the rain was literally our morning exercise.
      I hope you all have a great week! Pray for more rain please 🙂
      Hermana Whitney
      I love you all!! I will send these emails and next week’s emails with pictures next week to everyone else 🙂
    Week 39: “What do you mean .5?!”
    Jun 26 at 5:00 PM
    Ahhh I can’t even explain all the crazy things that happened in such a short time so I’m really sorry if this email seems jumbled! And it’s a long one so… sorry.

    Let me just say that I LOVEEE HERMANA MOULTON. We are working so well together and we are praying so hard for another transfer together! We can’t get switched yet! We have found a lot of people who are so ready to hear the message that we bring and they are progressing so well!
    We came home last night with our testimonies on FIREEE.
    We had scheduled a lesson with one of our investigators, Enedina. She is the mom of Jim- he moved out of our area but he is going to continue with the lessons with another pair of our missionary friends so it’s all good! We invited the Relief Society president to come with us to the lesson. Hermana Moulton, the Relief Society president, and I get to Enedina’s house and Enedina comes out and asks if we could come back at 7pm. So we had time to go visit our other investigator, Roy.
    The address number that Roy gave us was “328.5”. When he gave it to me, I didn’t ask any questions because I thought the “.5” was a house in the back of another house. We get there and the house is boarded up. Confused, we go see if there’s a house in the back. And there is! There was no house number but we figured it would be the one. So we knock and there’s no answer. So we go back to the boarded house and knock on that one. We looked so dumb to all the neighbors hahah oh well. There was a lady across the street who was on the phone and shouted over to us that it’s obvious that no one lives there… thanks.
    Roy is someone that had a ton of interest in the Book of Mormon and we asked him to read part of it and he was amazed to see how the Book of Mormon could answer all of his questions. So we reallyyy wanted to find him!
    We decided to ask the neighbors to see if they knew where “328.5” was. We asked the lady that yelled at us if she knew, and she just looked at us all confused and said, “what do you mean .5?!” I don’t know! It’s just the address he gave us! She asked who we were looking for and we said “Roy”. And she looked even more confused. Then she asked what branch we are from. We said “We’re from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints” because we were thinking that she was asking what branch of religion we are. But she answered, “Yeah I know but what branch to go to?” She explained that her ex-husband was a member and she had been looking to go back to the church and have her kids baptized (all 6 of them! and herself!). She hasn’t been in a while but has been looking for the church building to go back! HOW AWESOME IS THAT??
    She then apologized for calling us dumb when we were knocking on the boarded house haha and then said that “.5” might be the house in the back (the one we already tried). So we go back to that house in the back AND THERE’S A CAR THERE. Hermana Moulton and I look at each other and almost fall to the ground because we knew it HAD to be Roy. We knock, and he answers!! We ended up having a BOMBBB lesson with him and he invited himself to church and to read the Book of Mormon before we even got to it.
    At the end of the lesson, we rushed over to Enedina and had another BOMB LESSON with her! The Relief Society president shared her sweet testimony and invited Enedina to their activity this week on Family History and to church! They left being the best of friends. We were crying tears of joy on the car ride home.
    We had another lesson that night but had to cancel it because we wouldn’t have enough time to teach him. He called back later and said that he wasn’t able to meet either and set up another appointment.
    Long story long: God’s timing is absolutely perfect.
    I love you all.
    Hermana Whitney
    -my missionary besties and their trainees!
    -the sisters that we live with!
    -we went out to go visit families with the primary president and her daughter. ended with icecream.
    Week 40: An Apostolic Promise
    Jul 2 at 5:12 PM
    Life is just so good! And it keeps getting better all the time.

    We had a training meeting this week for the new missionaries and our Mission President told us a story of an apostle stating a promise that if we spoke to at least 20 people a day (not just pleasantries but really trying to share parts of our message), we would double the number of baptisms- meaning a ton more people would be able to see and have the blessings of living the gospel! The next day, Hermana Moulton and I started to set that as our goal: everyday speak to at least 20 people. AND IT WAS AMAZINGGG!! We spoke to everyone we saw. Even the mailman! He was putting a ton of mail into the apartment mailboxes so he had time to listen and talk to us 🙂 it was just so cool to see how many people are in your path when you’re diligently seeking them. The Lord provides! There’s always something to look forward to when you’re doing the work of the Lord.
    Sorry, not a much today! But I promise you that life is awesome!! Hermana Moulton and I are killing it and the Spirit is always so strong every time we bear our testimony. It’s amazing to see the Spirit work through people and little by little they themselves start developing a testimony and then their whole life is changed for the better. LOVE IT.
    I love you all!!
    i just sent this one to the family because i just felt like talking to you guys this week haha sorry to everyone else. LOVE YOUUU.
    i’m really sorry about pictures! it won’t let me attach them. next week!!
    Hermana Whitney

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Our Family Here and There (cont.)

May 6, 2018

Thank you all for your nice words / comments for my graduation on April 27, 2018 and birthday on May 2. To my husband Bill, thank you for the heartfelt post of how you see me as your wife and letting me stay in course and not quit when I wanted to, more than several times. Thank you for cooking dinners, when I can’t because i have to finish a paper many Wednesday nights. Thank you for the patience when I become so impatient, for putting smile on my face when everything was gloomy with so much homework. For looking and explaining words for me when I do not understand. Thank you for staying up in the couch until you fell asleep the last night I have to complete my final project. This was not an easy ride but with your support the impossibility of graduate studies became possible and attainable. To all my children, you know what you each did for me. Eishelle and Danielle for showing me how to do APA when I did my papers for school and for the nice ride with both of you from UT to AZ and back for my graduation. Noelle, helped me in one of my papers, Chantelle and Michael for not complaining when you have to eat cereal more than a couple of times for dinner because I was too busy with homework. The list goes on and on. We did this together and I share with you what I accomplished👩🏽‍🎓 (57, not bad at all). I love you all!!!


JW MSNJWMSN2mygradmygrad2

Eishelle:    Wonder Woman (as Daddy calls her) graduated with her Master’s Degree today. I’ve heard her say COUNTLESS times “I’m doing this for my kids.” 🎓#MyExample #WonderWoman #ThatsMyMomma #ThisHowYouDoIt#StraightGoals #PhoenixAZ #MastersDegree #NursingEducation #GCU2018#GirlPower 💪🏽

Danielle:    You did it mommy! My heart is full and you deserve all the praise. From teaching early morning seminary, to working a full time job (night and day shifts), and being a mom to your five needy kids💁🏽‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️💁🏾‍♀️💁🏽‍♀️🙋🏾‍♂️ of course with the help of Daddy coming in clutch! I always wondered , “How in the world…?”

You make me more proud to be a woman and your daughter everyday. Also, because of you I say, “If my momma can do it, so can I.” ❤️ #mastersdegree

You just need to stop showing off and making your act harder to follow.
Hahaha jk…not really…what?

I love you mommy!



Barrizo global reunion 2017mama and childrenMama


To the our dear Mama Epifania, 🌺🌸🌼the woman that gave us life with Papa, in partner with God – HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY!!! Thank you for everything you did and still does for us. Thank you for the genes that provided us these crazy good looks and got carried down to our children. 😊 No matter what we did in our younger years that might have gave you headaches and sorrows (not from me though) 😊, we all turned our to be awesome citizens of the world. Thank you for giving us life’s lessons, for being our best friend, for being our beauty consultant and for being an example of a woman full of faith. The list goes on and on forever. We would never be what we are without you. You are a LEGEND.



mother's day 2018

May 16, 2018

It is Wednesday night and I am still so overwhelmed and still pumped up with what mother’s day weekend brought me. Danielle with her jolly self came home, Eishelle surprisingly showed up in my kitchen unexpectedly and danced hula for me on Mother’s Day! Chantelle gave the best Mother’s Day talk at the church and Michael made me some yummy breakfast. Speaking to my Mama over the phone, the gifts, the orchids, roses from Bill (William) were all beautiful and to video call with our missionary Noelle was the icing on the cake. I feel beyond blessed. I am very thankful. HAPPINESS IS BEING A MOM.



father;s day 2018

Father’s Day 2018

Before midnight strikes and change the date to another day, I want to greet my husband and all the fathers a HAPPY FATHERS’ DAY!!! Eternally thankful for a husband that leads our home the way God wants it to be. He works hard to provide, corrects and forgives and acts as a drill sergeant on Sundays when needed. My children are the way they are mostly because of him. More power to you my love!!!



chantelle2Chantelle3Chantelle's grad picchantelle's gradthe 4 of us

June 16, 2017

Child #4 graduated high school today. Congratulations Chantelle!!!
#byubound in the fall ❤️



Liahonascarecrowwith the Hancock'sGirl's Camp 2018the nurse's cabinwith the Hancock'scamp Liahona 2018

July 24-27, 2018

Serving as the camp nurse and speaker once again on my 14th year was a blessing. Bill came as the Priesthood leader/speaker. Gigi and Jonathan’s family came to see us.


July 29, 2018

Our former Bishop Frank Margiotta now in the high council came to our house to let me know that I am released from my most beloved calling – Daily Seminary Teacher.  I completed 8 years of this calling. I started teaching seminary when Eishelle, our oldest went to college in 2010. I had Daniele for 2 years, Noelle and Chantelle for 4 years and 2 years of Michael. We started our class 5:45am to 6:30am. My students came back from their missions, still on missions and going on missions. Teaching seminary early in the morning was always the highlight of the day.

Image result for lds seminary imagesImage result for lds seminary images

August 4, 2018

Bishop Derek Anderson invited me and my husband to visit with him. He gave me a new calling which I thought was a joke. I was like, “WHY ME?” I have so much limitations and I don’t think I can lead a group of women in the church. I accepted it anyway and prayed hard that I can do this. My husband is so sweet. He will be there along my side to fulfill this calling he said. I prayed for counselors and God gave me the most amazing ladies in the ward. With their help, “I CAN DO THIS!”  We were all called and set apart August 12, 2018.

L to R: Betty Marshall; Janet Srinivasan, Me and Keri Sudweeks



3 children 1Chantelle soloDaddy and DanielleEishelle and Chantzour missionarypartners in crimethe 3 of usthis is us

September 6 2018

The Whitney Family reached another milestone. Child #4 (Chantelle) has gone to college. First time in a very long time that the male species of our home dominates. We are missing Chantelle but thanks to phone calls, text messages and facetimes, it seems like she is just around the corner. Michael will go to school by himself in the morning 😞





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Our Family Here and There

Our thread of birthdays late last year (December) and this year. Noelle was December 12. She turned 20 on her mission.

noellebwMy post on facebook this day Dec 12, 2017:

I beat myself up yesterday for not doing my due diligence in posting something nice here in facebook when someone in my family has a birthday or a milestone. Yesterday, December 12th, our NOELLE turned 2-0 and we are so proud of her serving as a missionary. After finishing freshman year in BYU, she put in her mission application papers. When summer was over she received her mission call. She left NY September 26 to Mexico for training and back to the US to serve where she was called – Arizona Tempe Mission (spanish). I miss her in the kitchen. She always had something baking in the oven when everyone comes home. She is now doing big things serving the Lord. We love you Noelle. Continue to do what God expects of you to do. We as a family have been blessed because of what you are doing. We all hope your birthday was happy. See you over skype on Christmas Day!



mike's bday

Next comes Michael on Jan 10th. I posted this on facebook:

Few more minutes and it will turn into another day. Someone turned 16 today (January 10). Shout out to Michael, our most favorite son and the most favorite brother to his sisters!!! May all your wishes and dreams come true. Thank you for your good examples of kindness, humility and obedience. You are one of a kind. We love you and will always be there for you! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO YOU!!!



danielle's bdayNext birthday is Danielle’s on Feb 10th. Here’s what I posted on FB:

This is a shout out to our daughter Danielle who turned 2-4 today. She is blessing to our family from the day she was born. When I feel tired and sad, this girl’s presence is a whiff of fresh air. Her bubbly personality and her music (piano) brings a dash of color to our home. Thank you for all the help here at home. Danielle, sometimes I couldn’t believe how you’ve grown up so quickly. Time has really flown. Now I see you as a woman, all mature and beautifully grown. We love you and eternally thank God for giving us YOU! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


Eishelle's bday

Next birthday is Eishelle’s on Feb 28th. I posted:

After 2 miscarriages, we were blessed with a beautiful baby girl with a head full of long curly hair. Bill and I became parents for the first time 26 years ago today. EISHELLE, you mean so much to us. Your siblings look up to you. May you be blessed with all of the righteous desires of your heart. ❤️Uforever!!!


bill and Imy black panthers

Bill’s birthday came next on March 2nd and I posted:

29 years ago and before I left the Philippines, an American asked me where in the US was I headed to, to work as a nurse. I proudly answered, “New York”. His response was, “Be careful, there are many black people there.” I answered back, “Thanks for telling me, I will be extra careful”. I told my Mama that, and she was worried. And just to make her worry more, I told her, “ I will go to New York and marry a black man.” Then she gets upset and more upset as I told her that, again and again every night, the last week I was home. One of my sisters said, “no”and the Filipino friends I gained here in NY said, “no”, because I will have black children. I was confused. I prayed hard and the answer was, “YES”. So against all odds around me, but with God’s approval, I married the man of my dreams: A black man named Bill Whitney. Not just a mother adoring my own children, I think, I did pretty well. Sometimes, I think what did I do to deserve such beautiful children (inside and out). Today though is not about them. Today for me and our children is all about BILL WHITNEY!!! It is his birthday!!! Shout out to him!!! He is the man that my children and I first fell in love with! HAPPY, HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!


chantelle's birthday

April 4th was Chantelle’s 18th birthday and I posted:

To our youngest daughter Chantelle. HAPPY 18th BIRTHDAY today!!!
🎂🎂🎂 Soon you will be leaving the nest and will be on your own. Always remember that you are loved and we all want the best for you. As you will be away and life’s rollercoaster will find you, remember to climb into the front seat, throw your arms in the air and enjoy the ride. Always find yourself lifting others up and you too will be uplifted. We will truly miss you when you go college bound but the thoughts of you progressing in life will inspire us too. That will still be in the fall. For now let us all enjoy YOU!!!❤️🖤💛🧡💜💙💖#byubound


with my yellow

My birthday was May 2nd. It is the last in the thread of birthdays. My dear husband Bill posted:

I want to take this time to wish my lovely wife, Jacinta Usares Barrizo Whitney, a happy birthday today. When I was younger I used to love reading Marvel & DC comic books about my favorite heroes. In the real world which I live, I was fortunate to marry one of them. My wife is truly one of my special superheroes I truly admire. I know she is my Wonder Woman. Her strength is her faith in the Lord, Jesus Christ. Her powers is to focus and accomplish all that needs to be done without complaint. Her legacy will be passed down from generation to generation. Her influence is effecting our children to become more than they are. Her weakness, I am still trying to figure that one out (I need a little more time). I am proud of all of her accomplishments and the wonderful support she offers to me in my time of need. She never bailed out on me when I needed her the most. I hope you have the best birthday ever knowing you are loved from everyone, especially me. Thank you for making my life a living heaven. Stay awesome, honey. I love you always.


Early in April, we were in Utah to attend our church’s general conference (The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. We stayed at the Marriott at downtown SLC.

utah trip1utah trip2utah trip5with Soa

bill posing



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Hermana Noelle Whitney – Tempe AZ Mission (Spanish) weeks 21-30

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Hermana Noelle Whitney – Tempe AZ Mission (SPANISH) weeks 11-20

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Hermana Noelle Whitney – Tempe AZ Mission (SPANISH)

week 1-2week 1-1Week 1

10/05/17  Week 1

Hola!! I made it safely to Mexico late last Tuesday. I missed my connecting flight in Miami so my 1 hour layover ended up being a 7 hour layover haha but I still made it safely so all is well 🙂

Everyone at the CCM (Centro de Capacitación Misional – Missionary Training Center) is so kind! I love the people here. And Mexico itself is such a paradise- palm trees and parakeets! The first day, me and my companions were looking up at the green birds and were saying how pretty they were but then they swooped down (too close for comfort) and we sprinted in different directions haha, so they are pretty from a far!

I finally understand what people mean when they say “the days are long but the weeks are short”. I did not realize how full-time this full-time missionary thing was! But I am loving the work!

My district (the other missionaries that i am always with) is great! We are all going to the temple today. My companion is Hermana Poulsen! She is from Nebraska and is so awesome! We work really well together. We taught an investigator (someone who is learning about the church) and it has been going so well! Her name is Samantha Vasquez. The Spirit is so strong whenever we teach and her testimony has grown so much! She is such a beautiful soul. I have been understanding way more spanish than I ever have. And I am able to respond fairly quickly! I am in no way fluent but it helps to be in a place where everyone speaks spanish so we are forced to speak it too. I am slowly getting into this “language limbo” where I can not speak any language fluently haha my english grammar is so poor when I am speaking. And I am listening for both languages so sometimes it takes me a minute to know what language someone is speaking.

General Conference was amazing! It was literally the best weekend ever. All the questions I had prepared were answered in one way or another. If you missed it, I highly recommend watching it (

My testimony gets stronger everyday. God is so aware of us. The Atonement is Jesus Christ works wonders. The gospel is true, and I can not wait to share it with the people is Arizona in a short 5 weeks!


Hermana Whitney


10/12/17 Week 2


10/19/17 Week 3