Angels on Errand

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After Eishelle and Danielle completed their missions, I stopped blogging. I caught myself between busy and lazy and I am beating myself up right now thinking I shouldn’t have stopped.

These are among the many things that happened in between:

  • Eishelle and Danielle came home August and September of 2014, stayed until the end of the year 2014 and then went back to college. Danielle continued to attend BYUIdaho and Eishelle moved to SLC, Utah to attend LDS Business College.
  • November this year of 2014, we all went to attend my nieces’ temple wedding in the Washington DC Temple. Jet my sister came and we drove to Maryland and attended the temple ceremony. Since it was our 25th wedding anniversary, it was fun to go back to the temple to celebrate the day with our children.
  • We went to Utah April of 2016 to see Eishelle and Danielle and attended the General Conference of the church.
  • Noelle graduated from Division Avenue High School June of 2016 and prepared to attend BYU in September.
  • The same year (2016) Michael graduated middle school and is now ready to join Chantelle (junior) at the same high school.
  • Beginning in 2016 I decided to pursue higher education and started my Master’s degree in Nursing (MSN) with an emphasis in Nursing Education online with Grand Canyon University. Young nurses from work inspired me to do it.
  • Bill and I continued to co-teach seminary (religion class for high school students) from 5:45 am to 6:30 am We are going on our 6th year in this church calling.
  • Bill and I continued to work to support the family. Night shift has gotten into my health and well-being. It has been 27 yrs of night shift for me. I am hoping there will be some opening for day shift.
  • January of 2017, I was called to work with Infection Prevention and Control Department of this hospital I am working for. God has heard and answered my prayers. I started working days shift.
  • We planned our Philippines vacation for the summer. We bought our tickets, updated our passports and went on this long-awaited trip. We have not been back since 2004 when my youngest brother Harold got married.
  • June of 2017, my brother Ruben graduated mortality. He has been sick for awhile and now in a better place where there is no pain and suffering, but peace and love abound. Alone, I traveled to the Philippines and stayed there for only about 2 days to pay my last earthly respects to my dear brother Ruben.
  • July of 2017, Noelle received her mission call to serve in Tempe Arizona Mission (Spanish). She is scheduled to leave Sept 26th, 2017.
  • Our Barrizo Family Global Reunion came about- August 2017. Our family from the Philippines, Dubai, England, Japan and us from the USA came together to share moments that will last forever. (See my the CHRISTMAS 2017 blog).
  • September 2017 – Noelle left NY bound for Mexico for her missionary training. Came back to the US November and went to the mission she was assigned to serve – Tempe Arizona Mission (Spanish).

From here I will be posting Noelle’s mission letters and pictures she sends us every week just like how I did when Eishelle and Danielle served on their missions. Pages of the Whitney family history, activities, milestones and etc will be available on this website again.


Eishelle’s homecoming announcement

IMG_1305 (1)

Welcome home Eishelle JFK

IMG_1310 (1)

Danielle’s homecoming announcement

IMG_1304 (1)

Welcome home Danielle JFK

IMG_1307 (1)

Happy 25th anniversary to us.

IMG_1309 (1)

Not so light anymore.


We came back to the temple for my niece Gigi’s wedding and to celebrate our 25th wedding anniversary

IMG_1312 (2)

We were in Utah to attend general conference

IMG_1303 (1)

Noelle graduated HS


Michael graduated middle school

IMG_1315 (3)

Our passports ready for our Philippines trip


My brother Ruben graduated mortality


Went to attend Ruben’s funeral. This photoshopped picture of Mama and all her 10 children, Ruben added.


Noelle received her mission call to Arizona Tempe Mission (spanish)


skycycling in the Philippines

IMG_1301 (2)

Barrizo Global family reunion

IMG_1319 (1)

Noelle leaving for the Mexico MTC