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I Love To See The Temple (Danielle)


So a lot has happened this week! I hope that all of you are doing well! And the week begins…
I said bye to Hyrum…one of the hardest goodbyes ever! I haven’t cried like that in a long time! Now I’m in Riverdale…in the Buenaventura Ward! The ward has changed soo much! It doesn’t even feel the same but the people were happy and so was I to see each other again. Sister Smith is my companion and we love each other! We get along great! She probably my fastest companion that our teaching together is so smooth.
So we had the Pioneer Day Parade again. Remember from last year? That was fun. It was good to see a lot of my friends on the mission.
Then on Sunday we had the meeting for the Temple Open House! It was super good. They spoke to us for a little bit. When they were speaking to us I felt like a Temple Square Missionary. Hahaha. We can’t proselyte a lot! Which is a lot harder than I thought. I had to learn how to continue a conversation without asking, “have you met with missionaries before?” Like bringing up things you would bring up in a contact like baptism, the next appointment, etc. We really just have to look really pretty and have our spirit touch their spirit and our light reach out to their light. It’s really cool. Then after we had a tour of the Temple…OMGOODNESS!!! That was probably the most beautiful temple that I have ever entered! To all my friends that live in Utah or by Utah…come to see the Ogden Temple! I felt the spirit the most in the Celestial Room…tears were in my eyes when I first saw it and when we walked in it. Speechless. Beautiful. You could not deny the feeling a lot. I love to see the temple.
I know that I am where I need to be at this time. I know that this is not a coincidence that I’m here with Sister Smith. I love her and I love the Lord. I know this work is the work of the Lord. I am so grateful for Temples! They are literally a piece of heaven on earth!
Be strong! Keep the faith!
Love always!!
Hermana Whitney
July 29, 2014

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A Year After (Eishelle)

These past couple of weeks I’ve realized that old people are my favorites! haha. As weird as that sounds they really are. I just love them.So let’s take it back about a year. When I was in this area with Hermana Boushka we received a phone call from some members in South Chicago telling us about this one lady they ran into when in Chicago Heights (my current area) and long story short they gave her a blessing for her health because she was very old and was expecting to die soon. The Spirit was very strong. She wanted to know the name of our church and said she wanted to be baptized soon because she didn’t have very much time to live. I never had the chance to meet her because she was never home when we tried stopping by and I got transferred to the city soon after that. Nothing ended up happening with her after that though.
Fast forward to now…

We decided to stop by on Tuesday and no answer. As we’re heading back to the car an old lady came out of the house to see who was knocking and it happened to be P___! We started talking with her and taught her Restoration. She wasn’t focusing in the beginning but something caught her attention (not sure what it was) and she changed right then and there! We gave her a BOM and she lit up and hugged the book. She accepted a date next month to be baptized too. She’s probably the cutest 74 year old woman I’ve ever met. I have absolutely no doubt that I’m supposed to be here AGAIN. President Woodbury said I have unfinished business to take care of out here and I’ve seen that every single week I’ve been here so far. It’s been amazing and my blessing.

A lot of wonderful things have happened this week but I’ll just keep it there and save it for story time another day 🙂

I have no doubt you are where you need to be.

Love Always, Hermana E. Whitney

July 28, 2014


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This Hermana Whitney returns back to … (Danielle)

20140724-034647-13607788.jpgSooo guess what!!!!……

This hermana is going back to the Buenaventura Ward!!!!! In Ogden!!!! So recap…I whitewashed one of the areas in the ward a year ago and I trained Hermana Arnell with Hermana Gaines and then Hermana Gaines left and it was just Hermana Arnell ❤ So now I’m going back to that ward but I’m in another area called Riverdale!!!!!! I’m soo excited and grateful to go back to the ward, I know that Heavenly Father knows all the desires of our hearts and my true desire for my last transfer was to go back to Buenaventura because I felt that I needed to go back there. I didn’t want to say anything because I knew that the Lord knows all things and he knew what I wanted and where I needed to be and what would be best. I know that He knows me personally.

Since I’m white-washing Riverdale…I know and have a firm testimony that there is someone who needs me and is waiting for me and I’m so determined to find he/she/them! Thank you for giving me the opportunity to white-wash! That shows me that there’s a lot of trust and I won’t let the Lord, my President, and my companion down. I’m so happy that I’ve never left an area that I have said, “I could have done more.” I’m so happy for that. My new companion will be Hermana Smith. I never served with Hermana Smith, I never even served around her but I’m excited for what thing transfer can bring. I know that we’ll see miracles. I have a perfect hope for that.

Spanish Hyrum is doing well. They have a baptism for August 2nd. I will absolutely miss that area. In that area, a lot of blood, sweat, and tears. I grew the most as a missionary in that area and because of that Hyrum will always have a special place in my heart. I love the members there! They are some of the best people in the world to me.

I love you all!! Keep the faith!!

Love always,

Hermana Whitney 
July 22, 2014
PICTURES of members of our ward, Hyrum, Utah and my companion and I:

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Being Refined (Eishelle)

Hello, everyone! I just want to thank everyone for your emails! I LOVED all of them and I’m very grateful for the love I receive from all of you 🙂 Muchisimas gracias!!!!

The beginning of this week was quite painful when it came to my back. Tuesday we had Zone Meeting and as I got into the car and sat in there for the drive, I just thought to myself, “This is starting to be a battle” as I held in my tears. I wondered why and how it had gotten this far to the point where this pain had taken me over.

There was one point in the meeting where President said he had prayerfully asked Heavenly Father what he was going to teach our zone that day. It was The Atonement Can Heal ALL Pain. A good part of what he was talking about was about physical pain. I never felt as if the Lord was talking to me through someone else before until then as so many beautiful things were said. The Lord can take away all my pain. He’s refining me. I need to learn faith in Him and be humbled. Tears flowed down my cheeks because I KNEW and was and still am SO sure Heavenly Father was mindful of me and my needs.

I had a beautiful week with many different people this past week. Miracles and tender mercies everyday. One person we met is Ramon. I met him on an exchange in Feb when I came down here. He hasn’t been found since though he’s always asked for ‘Hermana Whitney’ and we finally taught him on Tuesday! I have no doubt in my kind that I was supposed to meet this kid. We put him on date to be baptized for next month. Such a good kid!

I love you all and please know each of you are in my prayers.

Love Always,

Hermana E. Whitney
July 21, 2014
 Valparaiso Zone!!! Right after we sung a song for all visiting us missionaries :)

Valparaiso Zone!!! Right after we sung a song for all visiting us missionaries 🙂

Hermana Meanea taught me how to make Tres Leches cake. Noelle, you're going to love this.

Hermana Meanea taught me how to make Tres Leches cake. Noelle, you’re going to love this.

I decorated it! It was for an investigators birthday. We should make a business.

I decorated it! It was for an investigators birthday. We should make a business.

You were supposed to see all the boxes we gathered from different places in the back seat all for a family that needed them to move. There was a ton!!!

You were supposed to see all the boxes we gathered from different places in the back seat all for a family that needed them to move. There was a ton!!!

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It’s like the bad days never happened. (Danielle)

Heyyeveryboddaayyy!! How’s it all going?

Well, this week has been a testing and trial. Haha. It was a hard week to say the least but it was still good at the same time. I love all the trials I have in my life, I love all the bad days because I realized…that every bad day I have, it just makes me love the good days more. When missionaries have good days, it’s like the bad days never happened. Also I feel that God is preparing us for something a whole lot bigger. That was the impression that I got a couple of days ago. The last time I got that impression I was with Sister Arnell, my trainee. We were in Ogden together and when we were there…we had miracles happen and we also had baptisms! So I’m not worried. I have too much trust in God to worry. 🙂
Zone Conference was really good! I loved it! It just another strong reminder that the church is true, that this is the work of the Lord! I love being a missionary!
This is the last pday until transfer pday. I’m wondering what will happen. I want to stay but I the thing that will make me the happiest is just doing what the Lord wants. I’ve been here for a long time and the Lord knows where I am needed.
I love my companion soo much! She’s absolutely the best! She’s so good to me. Her Spanish is improving soo much! When I first got her, she didn’t speak nothing! But now…she can teach lessons! It’s amazing to see her improvement. I promised her a blessing that if she does everything that she can do with the language that she will be able to teach all the lessons in Spanish. And after the first transfer, she was able to. It’s amazing. This is just a testimony to me that the Lord provides in everything that we do.
A highlight of my week…
I saw Whitley again! She came by to Hyrum and she took us out for ice cream. It’s soo nice to talk to her and catch up with her. Love you Whit!
Love you always!!
Hermana Whitney


July 15, 2014

Whitley took us out for ice cream.  Love it!

Whitley took us out for ice cream. Love it!


They’ve come so far. (Eishelle)

The branch gave me SUCH a warm welcome back! For those who didn’t know
I was coming back they were shocked and some even believe this is the
first time this has ever happened in the branch where a missionary
would return. Some even thought I was already home. I explained to the
branch President that President Woodbury asked me where I thought I
needed to serve for my last transfer. President Arguedas said to me,
“Thank you for choosing Griffith.” I said, “It’s what I wanted.” Big
hugs, smiles, welcomes, and just being reunited again with the people
here has been the highlight of this past week. This past week I’ve
truly enjoyed visiting with the members and SEEING HOW FAR THEY’VE
COME. This past year hasn’t been easy for anyone but to see their
growth through the decisions they made, the faith they had, and the
courage they had to take… it’s a beautiful sight and has really
touched my heart. They’ve all come so far as a branch, in their
families, and as individuals.Investigators I had found when I was here a year ago haven’t been
found since I left and we found a number of them again all in the same
trailer park and all on Saturday. It was a miraculous day. I’m not
going to lie, my back’s been killing me these past couple of days and
thankfully it hasn’t been stopping me from working. It’s kind of
interesting… I’ve never put so much faith into the blessings I’ve
received and I know that with every single pain I feel, it truly
brings me closer to my Father in Heaven because I just think to
myself, “Put your faith into it.” I’ve learned to be grateful in my
circumstances, whatever they may be. I’ve learned to have a thankful
heart. I just LOVE THIS! And it’s crazy because I know it doesn’t make
sense, but it does. I love my life, love being a missionary, and I
love the Lord.

Love Always, Hermana E. Whitney

July 14, 2014.

Me and Hermana Meanea yesterday before our appointment with the Branch President

Me and Hermana Meanea yesterday before our appointment with the
Branch President

Hermana Meanea (my comp) and Hermana Escobar (the Hermana I took the place of) know me so well :) Found this on my first day back.

Hermana Meanea (my comp) and Hermana Escobar (the Hermana I took
the place of) know me so well 🙂 Found this on my first day back.

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Miracle Sunday (Danielle)

So it was fast Sunday…you all know what that means! 🙂 There was a huge miracle!

This Sunday we changed buildings. We were meeting in Hyrum but they are fixing the roof and the air conditioning stuff so they moved everyone to different buildings. Now we’re meeting in Nibley, which is right next to Hyrum. It’s awesome because a lot of our investigators are in Nibley and church starts at 1:30! I love when church is later because investigators come to church the later it is. Well, it’s that they’re more likely to come. They really have no excuses. All the branch members hate it but I LOVE it as a missionary. If I wasn’t a missionary, yeah I would hate it too.
An hour and a half before church started, Hermana Garcia and I go to all of our investigators homes and invite them to church! So one of the people that we invited was Z___! Her story is that she NEVER came to church before and So the whole week, she told us that she was coming to church. So we go over there and she was like I’ll try and being so iffy about it. She was the least promising person that would come to church. But right before the sacrament and during the sacrament prayer she walks in the chapel! Never thought that it would happen! She is an eternagator! We dropped her and now we’re picking her back up. Huge miracle!
I was thinking a lot this week about all of my mission and especially in this area because I have stayed the longest in this area. I am pleased with my mission and the person that I’m becoming. We have zone conference tomorrow and the for the missionaries that this is their last zone conference, bear their testimonies. I will be one of those missionaries this time around. Sad truth. But good things to come. I love the Lord and all of you!
Love yoU all always!
Hermana Whitney
July 8, 2014
Pictures:  We went on a hike to the waterfall.  It was so much fun!