Angels on Errand


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This past week was probably the most miracle filled week of my mission. I’ll just write SOME of the stories that happened from this past week.
Monday night we had an appointment to meet with E___ and we invited an Hermana to accompany us for the lesson. We knocked on the door a few times and there was no answer. We called E___ and still nothing. His brother D___ comes from the back of the house and says that he’s locked out and has been trying to figure out a way to get back into his house but he can’t. Nobody’s home. I knock on the doors and talk to his neighbors to try and get a ladder to get into one of his windows but no luck in finding one. My companion tried getting in the back door with a credit card and she did it! She later told me that was her first time succeeding in doing that! We got in, the Lord literally opened doors for us because we were so determined to have a lesson with D___, though his brother wasn’t there. We ended up having one of the greatest lessons I have ever had on my mission. Definitely elect.
Yesterday afternoon Hermana Smith and I were walking around our neighborhood and we found a lot of success! One of the people I approached said negative things about the Mormons to our face and said that we are of the devil more than any other church. When I hear things like that I don’t get upset, more than anything I just want to tell them what I know to be true. A testimony conquers all and that’s what we did after we showed the “Because of Him” video. The look in her eyes changed and I could really see that they were truly, at that moment, the windows to her heart. Seeing her heart melt as we testified of Christ made my heart melt. She’s allowing us to come by again and teach her this week! Amazing.
R__ and C___ were baptized on Saturday, confirmed yesterday and are truly happy people. They say they feel different and I could see the difference in them too. Gosh, I just love them. We had a wonderful lesson with them last night about the Priesthood in the home of the Garcia’s and R___ is already meeting with the Bishop this week to receive the Priesthood next Sunday!!! Hermano Garcia put together a poem that he wanted to share for the 4 of us (R___, C___, me and Hermana Smith). It’s called “Te encontrare, mi amigo”, meaning “I will find you, my friend”. I’m not into poems or anything like that this poem was the best thing I had ever heard. All the women present were BALLING as he was reading it. I’ll have to share it with you another time and I don’t want to tell you what it said otherwise I’d ruin it but I’m sure you have an idea 🙂 C___ told us that she didn’t have any daughters, but that’s why the hermana’s misioneras were here because that’s how she sees us. R___ said that “The time we have is so short together but it is very precious to us.” It was then that I felt that the Lord was telling me they were the biggest reason I would be here for so long. I know I only have 6 weeks left in the area and by the end of the 6 weeks I would be here for 6 months altogether! The room was just SO filled with the Spirit as we told each other how much we all loved each other. The prophet even said it himself that love is the essence of the gospel.
Love Always, Hermana E. Whitney
1. Last district meeting! I love these people.
2. Apparently my hair was too big for the Elders in back.
3. Ward missionaries and missionaries of the ward minus one. Last time
they’ll have 10!!!

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I stopped writing for a little bit and now I am back. Personally, I am happily married to a man named William and has 5 children, namely: Eishelle, Danielle, Noelle, Chantelle and Michael. We are a family that love superhero movies and has never missed any of them. I work as a Registered Nurse in one of the hospitals here in Long Island, New York for about 27 years. I am from Davao City, Philippines. 12/31/17 It has been 3 years since Eishelle and Danielle came home from their missions and I stopped blogging. I was caught between busy and lazy. Now that Noelle, my third child is on a mission, I feel obliged to continue blogging. See here I am, back again.

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