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Missionary work is a blessing, not a burden

So on Sunday we had a missionary musical fireside! It was really nice. I saw my recent convert and I was in tears when I saw her because after she was baptized, I got transferred out of the area. So seeing her was super good and she was in tears too! Sister Arnell and I were crying because it brought back the memories in Ogden together!
Also I saw Whitley and Tami!!! I got really happy excited when I saw them! They looked out for my parents and they facetimed them while I sang!
So it was also Stake Conference last week and Elder Fisher form the seventy and his wife came to our Stake and also President Gordon from the mission presidency and his wife. It was super good! Some things that I loved that they said…
– we have 2 responsibilities as members…1.) to find 2.) to fellowship
– the way to do it is to 1.) Live the Gospel 2.) pray to share your testimony 3.) be prepared to invite
Never be afraid to invite, we should never look at the missionary work as a burden but a blessing. This is our privilege!
I know that I’m in this mission to find the people who are meant for me. I know that I’m here to do the Lord’s business. I’m not losing anything but gaining everything. I know that God lives. I am a witness of Him, His name, His purpose. Remember to endure with class! 😉 haha. Also that challenges and trials are mandatory, misery is optional.
Hermana Whitney
June 24, 2014
With Whitney and Tami Hunsaker and the sisters that sang in the Missionary Musical Fireside
We went to girl’s camp with our branch! Yes it was in the mountains so we needed beanies, scarves and coats!  Crazy!  What season is it? utahweatheriscrazyandbipolar.  We matched like legit!
Hermana Garcia and I.
Just playing around …20140628-015448-6888975.jpg

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Always there (Eishelle)

As I was studying this morning, I thought a ton about my testimony and
how much it has grown since being on a mission. I thought about the
people who have touched my heart throughout my mission thus far and
the many things I’ve learned this past week. I just love this. Some of
you may know already but I hurt my back a little while ago, last
transfer. I sometimes wake up with it hurting a bit and some mornings
I don’t feel anything at all. I was on an exchange in Indiana this
past week and during that exchange I woke up with some pain. I don’t
want any of you to think it was HORRIBLE but it was more pain than
I’ve felt than I had in the past little while. I asked Hermana Meanea
if she knew of any Chiropractors in the area and she mentioned one and
after a lot of pondering about whether we shou

ld go or not, we decided
to go. That decision was pretty life-changing for me personally. I met
Dr. Hold and he was able to crack my back so much more than I ever had
had done in the past with the other chiropractor I went to previously.
He knew a lot of things about me for example me having a headache at
that moment as well as how much I loved to wear heels before my
mission just by little things he did to me. I was very thankful for
him and all that he was able to find out. There came a point where he
put me under this machine to have the muscles in my back loosen up and
he left for about 5 mins. and I had no idea where he went to. But
didn’t think about it until Hermana Meanea and I left and headed back
to work. She asked me in the car, “You know what he was doing when he
left for a few mins?” I asked her what. She said, “He prayed for you.”
She said it took her a bit to realize that he had told me he did which
was weird because I didn’t even hear him tell that to me. I didn’t
even realize until then that I hadn’t felt so touched like that in a
while from someone doing something for me. I knew that it was God
telling me that I mattered to Him. There’s a reason for everyone and
everything in our lives. Some people or things last longer than
others, but I know that there is a purpose for everything really
because our Father in Heaven is always trying to tell us something.
Big or small, the message is always there.

Love Always,

Hermana E. Whitney

June 23, 2014


Hermana Smith and I on our "Sweet 16th Mission Month" with our pink tops.  2 more months then both are flying home!!!

Hermana Smith and I on our “Sweet 16th Mission Month” with our pink tops. 2 more months then both are flying home!!!

Love these children from Chicago Heights.

Love these children from Chicago Heights.

Carmen and I with our banana split

Carmen and I with our banana split

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Pride holds you back. (Danielle)

It has been a long week. It feels like forever it was transfers when it was last week. But there are good news about this week…

So we picked up some new investigators this week which is awesome because that means more people to baptize! Sad that this will be my last transfer in this area before all the sister missionaries move to the Ogden area for the temple open house!  I absolutely LOVE the people here! There are some of the best people in the world to me. I will never be able to pay back the people who really took care of me on the mission! We’re a spoiled mission because of the people here. They have a special place in my heart. I say that about every area that I serve in and everyone that I love. I just surprise myself all the time of how much I can really love. It amazes me that my heart gets bigger and bigger when sometimes I think that it can’t grow anymore. I’m super excited for that!
So right now we have an investigator, J___ that doesn’t believe in Joseph Smith. She’s believes everything except for him. Her thing is that why would God choose him? A sinner, a regular person. Why was he the one chosen? So we were saying that you have to trust God and remember that He is God and we are not. And more along those lines…but the story that came to my head afterwards thinking about it is the story of Moses. When the Israelites were bitten by the poisonous snakes and all they had to do was look up to the rod and they would be healed. But it says in the scripture…it was because of the easiness of the way that they did not look up. It was because of the pride of their hearts that they perished. Then I thought…IT’S THE SAME THING!!! Because Joseph Smith was just a regular guy, a simple guy…they cannot believe that he was a prophet of God. Because they have pride in their hearts to can’t accept the truth.
Also the husband of J__, J__… he just thinks that we want to baptize him and that’s it. Well yes we want to baptize him but is that it? NOO! Of course not! he was also being really rude to us in the lesson and saying all these smart remarks. Here’s something that he said to us…
J: “You just want to baptize us to increase you numbers!”
Me: “well, every number is a name. They are not just numbers.”
J: “Yeah another name in the book.”
Me: “No another name coming closer to Jesus Christ.”
I was looking straight at him and completely serious. He kept quiet after that and had to look away. The spirit was super strong when I said that and nobody could deny it! That no one could talk after that. The spirit filled my whole being! I never felt the spirit that strongly defending something that I knew to be true. I literally felt the power in a way that I never felt before.
I know that this church is true and nothing in this world can tell me otherwise. I know that Jesus Christ stands at the head of this church. I know that He’s the same God yesterday, today and forever! He’s a never changing God. He is truth and He is light.
Loving you all always! Keep the faith!
Hermana Whitney
June 17, 2014
1. The daughter of our recent converts
2. Keni, our recent convert
3. We made banana boats!
4. This is the King family! They’re awesome!

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Vale La Pena (Eishelle)

The theme of this week for me has been the Spirit. I’ve learned so much and I’m so grateful The Lord has put different things in my path and helped me recognize it all and see the big picture. This past Saturday Hermana Smith and I walked about 30 blocks, probably more, just contacting people. My feet hurt so badly that day.. Probably the most pain in my feet I’ve ever experienced. It was amazing though, I still felt the Spirit so strongly inside me testifying to me that I was doing what needed to be done, His will, no matter what the cost. And it was all worth it. We met several people who met with missionaries before in their lives, we met a long lost less active member, we met families that were interested, we met a man who cried the hardest I’ve ever seen a man cry saying he needed God in his life. It was a miraculous day. I realized that I’m willing to go far (physically too 🙂 ) to meet the needs of The Lord. Even when I thought I couldn’t go any further, I knew The Lord would help me and He did. Love Always, Hermana E. Whitney June 16, 2014 Happy Fathers Day to the most important man in my life in this world! I love you, Daddy. Pictures:

1. I hurt my feet when walking a few days ago. Hermana Smith said, “When you have Hulk and Spider-Man on your side, it’ll heal.” I laughed then thought to myself, “Whatever happened to having The Lord on your side?” Such a missionary hahaha.
2. All the missionaries that taught Ricardo and Carmen minus Hermana Jones!
3. Ricardo, Carmen, me, Hermana Smith. 20140620-095545-35745295.jpg20140620-095544-35744522.jpgour baptism

More pictures: 1. Hermana Kenedy and I! We always match and we needed to make sure we were matching again for Zone Conference. Love her. 2. I need to take a picture with this Sister just because she’s so amazing! Sister Lepule 🙂 3. After all that walking on Saturday we decided to stop at Burger King and get something cold 🙂 It was Hermana’s first time at BK! I just had to ask them for crowns then 🙂 20140620-095550-35750065.jpg20140620-095549-35749456.jpg20140620-095551-35751051.jpg

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A weight lifted off my shoulders. (Danielle)

Heyy so transfers are tomorrow and I am….staying for another transfer with the one and only Sister Garcia!!!! I’m super happy!!! This is the longest I ever stayed in an area. This will be transfer # 5! Ogden was my other longest area but that was only 3 transfers.Both Sister Garcia, I, and the whole branch are happy that we’re both staying. It will be great in working in the area for my last transfer there. The area is awesome!

So M__ and K__ were baptized and confirmed this weekend. So on the day that they were supposed to be confirmed…they didn’t come to church on time! So we were hoping that they would come after the sacrament and still NOTHING! So Hermana Garcia and I were sweatin bullets! So I go out and make a phone call to him to see if he is coming and he says yes. So a couple of minutes later he comes through the doors! YAAYYY!!! I later found out that they got lost! haha figures! So they confirm him at the end of the meeting. But the thing is that he’s not in the chapel! Only the wife was there and then she gets confirmed but he’s not there. So literally everybody and their mom are trying to find this guy. People leave and then come back and everything so Sister Garcia and I leave the chapel to make a call to him and Sister Garcia starts looking to try to find him. we’re stressing out the whole time. We were in silence for like 5 minutes. It was super awkward! Hahaha. So while we’re trying to find him he comes out of the bathroom with one of the people who was looking for him and he starts laughing. He was totally clueless of what was going on! So we go back into the chapel and they sing the last song and say the last prayer. He’s not confirmed! So we talk to bishop if he can somehow be confirmed today and he was like, “idk”. That never happened before.” But he asks the stake high council person and he said that we can do it in Priesthood! YEAHH BUDDY!!! A weight lifted off my shoulders!! Now they are official members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints! YESS!!

 I feel that after we had this baptism, the members are really starting to open up. They were trust us and now they really are coming out. So I’m happy that we’re staying to enjoy them a little bit more. I love this because of the amount of love and trust that we get from the people I feel like a real missionary. 

I have learned so much but I know that there are always things that I have to be better with. I’m so grateful for my mission and for everything that it has done for me. I’ve grown so much and I’m learning a lot from Sister Garcia. I’m happy that we can learn from each other and she has really grown so much. I’m so pleased at her progress!

Love always and forever,
Sister Whitney
June 10, 2014
Our recent converts!! They're really happy! I promise

Our recent converts!! They’re really happy! I promise


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Dear me… (Eishelle)

Me and Bryan!!! I LOVE this little dude. His mom taught the lesson to the Alvarez last night. I told him I wanted to take a picture with him before he left and he couldn't stop smiling after I told him that haha. UGH he's so cute!

Me and Bryan!!! I LOVE this little dude. His mom taught the lesson
to the Alvarez last night. I told him I wanted to take a picture with
him before he left and he couldn’t stop smiling after I told him that
haha. UGH he’s so cute!

Yesterday was one of the best days of my mission. R___ said the
opening prayer in Gospel Principles, C___ said the closing prayer in
sacrament meeting, I witnessed R___ receive the Aaronic Priesthood
from Bishop, and we later had a lesson with them taught by a member,
Hermana Bahena, about temples and family history work. I couldn’t ask
for anything more. Words literally can’t express how much I love them
I read the Ensign this morning from
this month and the one article I read really struck me. It is called
“Follow the Path of Happiness” by Bishop Causse who visited the MTC
when I was there in April last year. He said what if you were to read
a letter from yourself from when you were in the Pre-Mortal
Existence.. what would it say? He says that it would probably say a
little something like this: “Dear me, I am writing to you so you will
remember who I want to become. I hope you will remember that my
greatest desire is to be a disciple of our Savior, Jesus Christ. I
support His plan, and when I am on earth, I want to help Him in His
work of salvation. Please also remember that I want to be part of a
family that will be together for all eternity.”

Don’t ever forget.

Love Always, Hermana E. Whitney
June 9, 2014

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9/8 instead of 9/1. (Danielle)

So the baptism for M___ and K__  fell through on Saturday. But, the good news is that their baptism is this Saturday the 7th! I’m super excited for them and more people were at church on Sunday and we made it known to everybody at church! They’re all super excited and so are we. 
We had a lesson with K__ yesterday. M___ wasn’t feeling well. They live with members! So we asked the member to join the lesson with us. The lesson was all about prayer. She gave the last prayer and in her prayer she thanked God for her baptism. Her words touched my heart because I always ask, “how do you feel about your baptism?” and I always say it in a exciting way and she always answers back in a exciting way. I love them so much! 

So there has always been a miracle that happens to us every fast Sunday. In April we found the O___ family! Then in May, the G___ came to church and asked, “what do I have to do to be baptized?” and then this month for June, we received a phone call and the person says that her neighbors want to learn more about the church! It was a super good Sunday. I always look to fast and testimony Sundays as huge miracles. I told Sister Garcia that I’m expecting a miracleand something always happens. 🙂

A lot of good things are happening to the area! I’m super happy that it’s not the same area of when I came into it. I love how I’m really seeing the fruits of our labors. It’s like one of the best sights in the world. I love this work and I love my mission!

So fam bam…I extended a week…so I’ll be coming home on the 8th instead of the 1st of September. They asked me to extend and of course I couldn’t say no! The sister missionaries are hosting the Ogden Temple Open House! It’s from August 1st – Sept. 6th. Sept. 6th is my legit 18th month mark! 🙂  We’re going to feel like Temple Square missionaries! Hahaha

Transfers are next week! I don’t know what’s going to happen. I’ve been here in Hyrum for 4 transfers so 6 months and everyone is telling me that I’m leaving but I don’t feel it. I would love to stay! But we’ll see! 

Love you always,
Sister Whitney

June 3, 2014





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This past week was probably the most miracle filled week of my mission. I’ll just write SOME of the stories that happened from this past week.
Monday night we had an appointment to meet with E___ and we invited an Hermana to accompany us for the lesson. We knocked on the door a few times and there was no answer. We called E___ and still nothing. His brother D___ comes from the back of the house and says that he’s locked out and has been trying to figure out a way to get back into his house but he can’t. Nobody’s home. I knock on the doors and talk to his neighbors to try and get a ladder to get into one of his windows but no luck in finding one. My companion tried getting in the back door with a credit card and she did it! She later told me that was her first time succeeding in doing that! We got in, the Lord literally opened doors for us because we were so determined to have a lesson with D___, though his brother wasn’t there. We ended up having one of the greatest lessons I have ever had on my mission. Definitely elect.
Yesterday afternoon Hermana Smith and I were walking around our neighborhood and we found a lot of success! One of the people I approached said negative things about the Mormons to our face and said that we are of the devil more than any other church. When I hear things like that I don’t get upset, more than anything I just want to tell them what I know to be true. A testimony conquers all and that’s what we did after we showed the “Because of Him” video. The look in her eyes changed and I could really see that they were truly, at that moment, the windows to her heart. Seeing her heart melt as we testified of Christ made my heart melt. She’s allowing us to come by again and teach her this week! Amazing.
R__ and C___ were baptized on Saturday, confirmed yesterday and are truly happy people. They say they feel different and I could see the difference in them too. Gosh, I just love them. We had a wonderful lesson with them last night about the Priesthood in the home of the Garcia’s and R___ is already meeting with the Bishop this week to receive the Priesthood next Sunday!!! Hermano Garcia put together a poem that he wanted to share for the 4 of us (R___, C___, me and Hermana Smith). It’s called “Te encontrare, mi amigo”, meaning “I will find you, my friend”. I’m not into poems or anything like that this poem was the best thing I had ever heard. All the women present were BALLING as he was reading it. I’ll have to share it with you another time and I don’t want to tell you what it said otherwise I’d ruin it but I’m sure you have an idea 🙂 C___ told us that she didn’t have any daughters, but that’s why the hermana’s misioneras were here because that’s how she sees us. R___ said that “The time we have is so short together but it is very precious to us.” It was then that I felt that the Lord was telling me they were the biggest reason I would be here for so long. I know I only have 6 weeks left in the area and by the end of the 6 weeks I would be here for 6 months altogether! The room was just SO filled with the Spirit as we told each other how much we all loved each other. The prophet even said it himself that love is the essence of the gospel.
Love Always, Hermana E. Whitney
1. Last district meeting! I love these people.
2. Apparently my hair was too big for the Elders in back.
3. Ward missionaries and missionaries of the ward minus one. Last time
they’ll have 10!!!

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BREAD (Danielle)

So this week wasn’t such a good week for finding but Sister Garcia and I are enjoying our time together. I was thinking of all my areas in my mission and I was in a lot of good areas but would have to say that this area I grew the most. I love this area, I do. It’s not the easiest area but it has definitely grown on me. In this area I have to tried the most for people to love us out of all my areas. All of my areas, being loved by the people was a given but they had bad experiences here with former missionaries so gaining trust was a big thing. I tried hard to baptize and the baptisms are coming this Saturday and I never tried so hard to find people to teach. So all of these things contribute to my love for the area. 

So one day in the week, we weren’t haven’t the best success in the area. Sister Garcia really wanted bread and we both didn’t have a lot of money to purchase anything. She was really hungry and I was getting a little frustrated with not finding anyone new to teach. So we went to go see someone that’s on our list of people to visit. We go talk to her fellowship and she says that the person isn’t interested. She invites us in and guess what she offers us…BREAD!!!! We were both so happy! Especially Sister Garcia!! It was really nice to talk to her. As we were talking she mentioned about her son that went down the deep end and she started to cry. As she was saying all of this I was trying to listen to the spirit of what comforting words that I can say to her. The things that came to my mind are the the promises that are made to the parents with wayward children. There’s always hope! It never fails because hope is the SURETY of something, which comes from Christ. So we were all happy! Sister Garcia got her bread and the lady got what she needed to hear. See what the Lord did there? The Lord looks out! 😀

The people that are getting baptized on Saturday are husband and wife and want they want this so badly. Their testimony and desire strengthen mine. The branch is going crazy and they are super excited to see a baptism. We’re having this baptism because of members inviting their friends to church. That’s all they did. Their friends loved it and want to be baptized. Hopefully this experience will encourage the members to do member missionary work too.

Happy Always! Content Never!

Paz y Amor,
Hermana Whitney
Me and my Hermana Garcia

Me and my Hermana Garcia

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Something New (Eishelle)

As Hermana Smith and I were walking down the steps of the A. home
after a wonderful lesson, I felt something different. It was a good
different. I felt so happy, almost as if I was on cloud 9 kind of
happy 🙂 I really can’t express how I feel and how long I’ve waited to
see a miracle like them. C___ and R___ are getting baptized this
Saturday!!! After the struggle, all is well and this is something they
really want. I could see it in them and the change they are making in
their lives. It’s quite the view seeing such a change happen rapidly
before your eyes.

It was Saturday night and my comp and I were finishing off our night
looking for some former investigators. We approach this one house and
this one guy in the street says nobody is home as he approaches us. We
told him who we were and why we were looking for the people that we
were looking for. They were his family. We got to know him and I came
to see that he was a really nice guy and super down to earth. He said
he was going through a rough and sad time right now because he has a
week and a half with his family before he gets sentenced to prison and
he doesn’t know long that will be. They are top priority for him
especially now. He has a wife and two kids aged 2 and 9 months. I
promised him fiercely that this message was something that he and his
family needed. He felt it and said he would be interested and that he
would like it if his family learned about this while he was gone. J.O.

was the miracle of the day, if not the week 🙂 Man, I love being

a missionary.

Love Always,

Hermana E. Whitney  5/26/14

1. We went to Navy Pier and we found this mailbox. I wanted to take a
pic with it and then I see the bus driver behind me and I yell to him,
“Get in the picture!” He grabs his other friend with the glasses and
they make a face together. Yup that’s how that happened. #AllLaughs
2. Hermana Bloxham and me. My goodness I love this girl. We had a fun
time sitting by Lake Michigan. It reminded me of the sea back home
it’s that big.
3. The city and me and Lake Michigan 🙂
4. USS Chicago Anchor Hermana Smith y yo!
5. Me and Andy 🙂 He’s the cutest little boy! We teach his mom, who is
in and out of church. But when we came by last time, he was cleaning
up his toys in the living room because he didn’t want the Hermanas
Misioneras to see his mess.