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Eternal Progression (Danielle)

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Heyy so the word got out in my branch that I didn’t email my family and they were like, “WHATT!?!?   Your poor mother!   You are not the golden child!!”   hahaha   It was all jokes but they weren’t happy that I didn’t email so they did it for me! 🙂   The branch members got my back.   Haha.   They were like it’s okay I’ll email your mother so on Sunday they took pictures and sent it to mom. 🙂 They’re soo sweet!   Love them!   Well, I stayed in the area and I got a new companion!   I miss Hermana Vergara dearly though but Hermana Garcia is BOMB as well!   I love her soo much.   We get along so well!!   I’m greenie busting her and I adopted her!   So she’s my daughter.   She came out of the area that I was in before Hyrum.   She was in Central Logan, the Monte Viste Ward, were I was.   We’re so happy that we’re companions!    Hahaha.   We have 3 temples in our mission and we can’t go to any of them!   So the new rules for our mission is that we can’t go to the temple anymore! 😦   So sad!   It’s unless we have a recent convert or less active entering into the temple.   They told us that we are here to do the work for the living, not the dead.   So they took away our privilege completely!   It makes sense so I’m not complaining but it is sad.

I’m learning that you never stop learning.   The moment when you say that you know everything and you can’t learn anymore, that’s when you stop progressing!   Once you choose to stop learning to stop growing and start regressing.   I’ve been a missionary for a long time and I know a lot of what to do and how to handle situations but still learning of how to be better and learning new ways to do things.   Always remember that we have to become like God and He is Eternal Progression.   Thank you for your prayers and your support!   I love you all soo much and I hope that you’re all doing well.   I would love to hear from you!

Love always,

Hermana D. Whitney 3/25/14


Hermana Whitney and Hermana Garcia (new companion) still in Hyrum, UT

Hermana Whitney and Hermana Garcia (new companion) still in Hyrum, UT


Hey shout out to my family!   I just want you all to know that I miss you all soo much!!!   In my letters I don’t really say I miss you because I don’t want you to think that I’m homesick or my mind is not on my mission.   I love my mission!!   I really do.   Everything about it but yesterday I was super homesick.   I haven’t been homesick in super long time.   Ever since my first transfer I NEVER got homesick but yesterday was super hard for me.   My companion was like, “Sister Whitney are you okay?   Are you happy?”   And I was like, “Sorry I was just thinking about my family and it’s not that I’m worried about them but it’s just that I miss them.”   She totally related bc she’s super close to her family.   The thing that made me think about you guys was the fact that we were with 2 big families for dinner yesterday and for family night.   We left and then came back to their home and I really had to say a prayer and my companion wanted to say it.   After that I was good.   I’m happy! 😀   So my point in writing this letter was to say that prayer works hahaha and that I LOVE and MISS you all!!!   I can’t wait until we are all together again! 🙂   One sweet day!   I’m focused on my mission because this time is limited for me and I’m working my hardest so that you all can receive only the best blessings!   I really feel Heavenly Father’s love for us because everything He does is for us and everything I do right now is not for me.   #truelove

I love you Daddy.   I love you Mommy.   I love you Eishelle.   I love you Noelle.   I love you Chantelle.   And I love you Michael.
In the name of Jesus Christ, Amen. (Remember when our testimonies were like that?   hahaha   #throwback)
MICHAEL!!! WHERE”S YOUR EMAIL!?! GET TO IT! I only have 6 months left!
Love you forever,
Your favorite missionary in Utah,
Hermana Danielle Whitney

Author: jubwhitney

I stopped writing for a little bit and now I am back. Personally, I am happily married to a man named William and has 5 children, namely: Eishelle, Danielle, Noelle, Chantelle and Michael. We are a family that love superhero movies and has never missed any of them. I work as a Registered Nurse in one of the hospitals here in Long Island, New York for about 27 years. I am from Davao City, Philippines. 12/31/17 It has been 3 years since Eishelle and Danielle came home from their missions and I stopped blogging. I was caught between busy and lazy. Now that Noelle, my third child is on a mission, I feel obliged to continue blogging. See here I am, back again.

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