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God’s Will and Timing (Danielle)

Heyy heyyy heyyyy!!

So the O_____ family had a date for the 26th of April but, the sad thing is that they will not be getting baptized on that date.   The issue was that they weren’t married and they haven’t come to church because every weekend they go to Preston, Idaho because her parents live up there.   We had a lesson with them yesterday and in the beginning of the lesson they told us that they think that it’s too early for marriage.   At the same time they have 2 children together and have been together for 6+ years.   So we read the Family Proclamation with them and they understood marriage and the importance of it.   By the end of the lesson they told us that they will be married.   They all still want to be baptized which is good.   It seems that the boyfriend wants to be married more than the girlfriend.   We did everything in our power to help them be baptized this month/transfer.   Even though we didn’t see the fruit of our labors this transfer, I know that we will see it next transfer.Something that I realized in this area was that the people who were baptized when the former missionaries were here are all less active and a lot of them are nowhere to be found.   Also the former investigators…on the progress record it seemed that everything was going good and then everything just stopped.   Weird, right?   So when we see these people they are like, “it’s been a long time that you came by.” They are saying *you as in missionaries.   Then we asked what happened and why did the missionaries stop coming by and then they say, “I don’t know, they just stopped coming by.”   So we are meeting those people and hopefully they are ready to receive us.   Hopefully when the missionaries stopped coming by for some reason it gave them motivation to have them back. So there’s a lot of hope there.

I’m striving to have more faith in God’s timing.   Sometimes I get down because we were so close to getting a baptism and we worked so hard this transfer but I have to remember that everything is the Lord’s will and timing.   The Lord knows what’s best and He is God and I am not. 

Love always and forever, 
Hermana Whitney

Just chillin' in our car before the lesson

Just chillin’ in our car before the lesson

Like our stache?? :)

Like our stache?? 🙂

Hermana Garcia LOVES that picture of her! Hahaha. Doesn't she look like a clothes line model??

Hermana Garcia LOVES that picture of her! Hahaha. Doesn’t she look like a clothes line model??

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To the airport? (Eishelle)

My companion for the past two transfers, Hermana Jones, was the only
Sister going home out of a group of like 10 (mas o menos).   Hermana
Smith and I had the privilege of staying at the mission home with her
and the rest of the missionaries the night before they headed to the
airport.   My goodness, what an experience!   There was excitement,
stress, rushing, sadness, tears, smiles, broken hearts, etc.   All
because this was the end of their missions.   I haven’t felt that
stressed in a long time and I wasn’t even the one going home!   To see
the tears of the missionaries going home while singing the closing
hymn of the meeting (for only those that were departing) at
President’s house that night, ‘I’ll Go Where You Want Me to Go’ was
one of the most heart felt experiences and one that I’ll never forget.
It was then that I realized once again how precious and beautiful my
time really is out here in Chicago.   It hurt knowing that this was it
for them and it hurt even more so knowing that this would be me in 4
months.   We, Hermana Smith and I, had the privilege of being at that
meeting and then taking Hermana Jones to the airport the following
day.   It was weird!   And I hadn’t been at that O’Hare airport since I
came into the field.

I love my new companion Hermana Smith!   We came out together and we had a bit of a freak
out in the beginning of our companionship knowing the little time we
have left.   We actually really had one of the best starts I’ve ever had
with any of my companions.   She’s awesome and we’re way open with each

I love you all and I want you all to know that I’m praying for you.

Love Always, Hermana E. Whitney


Most beautiful day yesterday. My comp wanted me to take a picture of an airplane close by because the Midway airport is in our area. Took a selfie instead. Yup.

Most beautiful day yesterday. My comp wanted me to take a picture
of an airplane close by because the Midway airport is in our area.
Took a selfie instead. Yup.

Hermana Smith wanted to introduce me to her family. I wanted this picture too to introduce her to mine.   So here's Hermana Smith!   She's AMAZING.

Hermana Smith wanted to introduce me to her family. I wanted this
picture too to introduce her to mine. So here’s Hermana Smith! She’s

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Lovin’ life (Danielle)

Dear President Hiers,Sister Garcia and I are really hastening the work in this area.   I love this area with all my heart!   The leaders in the Stake are really helping us a lot.   We had a correlation on Sunday and it was probably the most effective and productive correlation I have ever been to in my mission.   It was just focused on how we can hasten the work for the Spanish missionaries.   The work is seriously exploding in the area.   Everyone is on the same page and is focused on what we have to do.

The family that we found, the O_____ family, are doing really well.   The fellowship that we brought clicked really well with them. That family deserves the best and I’m so grateful for them.   Whenever we meet with them, my testimony is strengthened.   Also the family is really warming up to us.   So the last time that this area had a baptism was in September and then 2 weeks later he got confirmed in October.   Then he moved to Tremonton.   So it has been quite sometime that this area hasn’t had a baptism that stayed in the area.   I’m working hard everyday that we will always be worthy of the spirit, to guide me and direct my thoughts, actions, and words.   I know that we are having great success because of our obedience.

So we met a family, the M_____ family, and the mom is a less-active member and everyone else are Catholic.   They have a huge family.   They have 6 children. 9 years old and older and they all live at home.   We talked to them and in the beginning the children and the dad had the look like, “I don’t want to be here.”    Then by the end they loved us!   The father thanked us for coming by and everything.   The children warmed up to us too.   I knew that I was directed by the spirit on what to say.   I felt that it was me but at the same time, how smooth it went…it was definitely the spirit that was guiding us.

I surprising myself everyday of how much I could love.   I’m grateful for my Heavenly Father and my Salvador Jesus Christ for showing me and having me feel their love for everyone.   I know that God is love.   It’s amazing how my I care about these people here and just knowing that it’s really crumbs of the amount of love that God has for us.   I love being a missionary. I never want this to end!

Shout outs!
Thank you Tami for the sweet package! I loved it!
Thank you fam bam for the package too!! Loved it!
Love you always and forever,
Hermana Whitney


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FIRST (Eishelle)

We like to say that there’s a first for a lot of things.   As I was
going through my calendar of things that happened through out this past
week, I actually saw that there was written “First” quite a few times.
I did a lot of different things for the first time on my mission this
past week.   It’s been a fun week as well as Hermana Jones’ last on her
mission.   We’ve had a good time!   As I see her leaving me I constantly
think that time just flies.   And it’s so true.   A member of the
bishopric asked me yesterday how much time I have left and I replied
“4 months”.   It killed me because I didn’t realize it until then.
There was an Hermano that bore his testimony yesterday and mentioned
much about the youth and the missionaries.   He said he absolutely LOVES
seeing the missionaries- the beautiful Sisters with their tags as well
as the Elders.   He said they’re living the best time of their lives
right now.   I teared up because I know it’s true.   This is my first
mission and I decided it will be the first of many 🙂

Love Always, Hermana E. Whitney  4/14/14


District Photo

District Photo

District photo

District photo


P.S. To my kiddies at home get ready for some Spanish Speaking
Hermana’s!    Hahaha.   I decided Danielle and I are going to speak Spanish
to ya’ll to get ready for your future missions.   I have a friend out
here that actually learned Spanish because his older siblings served
Spanish speaking missions and brought it into the home 🙂




Patterns … (Danielle)

Heyy familia! Que pasion!?Conference was great!   Wasn’t it?   My companion also went through with what we learned that night after conference on Sunday.   We were like, “danng!”   All the talks were inspired!   Also something that was mentioned many times was, “Patterns.”   Then on Wednesday we had our Zone Conference and President Hiers talked about Patterns and shared a scripture in Doctrine and Covenants 52:14

14 And again, I will give unto you a pattern in all things, that ye may not be deceived; for Satan is abroad in the land, and he goeth forth deceiving the nations—
then we made a list of the patterns we have with being members of the Church. some of them were -Family Home Evenings
-Scripture Study
-Going to church
-temple attendance
and etc.
but we have these patterns so that we don’t be deceived by Satan! That’s why we do those things.

We went to contact the former investigators we have and see what happened.   From their progress records it seemed that everything was going good and then it just stopped.   So we went to do that and from that we found a lot of families to teach! Families!   Ahhh!!!   The area is really picking up.   I don’t necessarily know what happened to them but we found them and we’re teaching them. 🙂   The patience is paying off!! hahaWe went on exchanges with Sister Rickett, our STL and it was really fun to have her with us.   She helped a lot with our investigator and I’m happy that she was with us that day.   We resolved M___ (our investigator’s) concern about baptism.   Hopefully now she will start to progress. The area is really seeing miracles and there is so much work here!   Even in Utah.   It’s so sad when the people ask us if there’s work here.   The first thing that comes to my mind is that, “do you not see the less-actives or the non members? There’s a ton of them!    This mission would not be necessary if there was no work here.”   There’s work everywhere. Keep being member missionaries because members are one of the most important keys to the work.

I love you all always and forever! 
Hermana Whitney 4/8/14
Conference tickets!!!

Conference tickets!!!

Gen Conference was awesome!

Gen Conference was awesome!


With Elder Levi Ostler (from same stake in NY)

With Elder Levi Ostler (from same stake in NY)

with Ismael Martinez former missionary in NY NY South Mission

with Ismael Martinez former missionary in NY NY South Mission

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The ice cream man or the cop? (Eishelle)

I feel like I’ve learned so much and in so little time… part of the reason probably being because of conference haha.   It was truly amazing.   As I was looking over my notes this morning with my companion, I felt the Spirit so strong as we shared what we had heard that we loved and what inspired us.   The feeling reminded me of being in the temple.   That’s how strong the Spirit was.
Friday was an amazing day as I was on an exchange with Hermana Mortenson.   It was probably the most successful day I’ve had in my area since being here.   It was a day dropped straight from heaven.   She’s a blast.   One of the lessons that we had that day was with 3 childen (14,11,9). We taught them Restoration. Since they’re young girls we had to break it down for them and we used the “Ice Cream Man and the Cop” analogy.
[For those of you who don’t know that analogy, this is what it is:   If you’re speeding down the road and the ice cream man pulls you over you’re obviously NOT going to pay the ticket he’d give you, let alone pull over because he doesn’t have that AUTHORITY.   But if the cop pulled you over you would definitely pull over to the side and pay that ticket because of that authority.]
This is how we taught them the Priesthood and baptism and all.   THEY UNDERSTOOD SO WELL!   It was amazing and we took that analogy throughout the rest of the lesson.   We invited them to be baptized at the end of the lesson and they said they were already baptized when they were babies as they pointed at pictures on the walls in their living room.   We then brought the analogy back into play.   V___ then says, “Was I baptized by the ice cream man?” Hermana Mortenson and I thought it was the cutest thing! Hahaha. We promised her and the others that they would find their answer through reading the Book of Mormon and praying. And then V___ said, “I really want to know if I was baptized by the ice cream man or the cop!” The funny thing was, she was serious about the whole thing. I loved it and I love being a missionary.
Love Always,
Hermana E. Whitney  4/7/14
I promised Hermana Izu I'd eat a Pambaso next time I would be at this taqueria. It was quite delish :)

I promised Hermana Izu I’d eat a Pambaso next time I would be at this taqueria. It was quite delish 🙂

 1. Once again in my old area in Griffith and we went to Gary, Indiana to pick up Hermana Arrevolo for a lesson they were going to have after we switched back. I went up there and realized that's where Michael Jackson is from! Also, Hermana Escobar's birthday was that day we were together. I asked her what she was going to do for her birthday. She replied with a sweet smile, "Be a missionary." She's truly one of the greatest missionaries this mission has. She gave me a had too haha. AND side note, she has a first cousin in the mission who's pretty bomb and they're the only first cousins in the mission!

Once again in my old area in Griffith and we went to Gary, Indiana to pick up Hermana Arrevolo for a lesson they were going to have after we switched back. I went up there and realized that’s where Michael Jackson is from! Also, Hermana Escobar’s birthday was that day we were together. I asked her what she was going to do for her birthday. She replied with a sweet smile, “Be a missionary.” She’s truly one of the greatest missionaries this mission has. She gave me a had too haha. AND side note, she has a first cousin in the mission who’s pretty bomb and they’re the only first cousins in the mission!


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Obedience (Danielle)

The week was going bad and then on Sunday was the light at the end of the tunnel!   Yeah buddy!   So Sister Garcia and I are trying really hard to hit the Standard of Excellence.   We were working really hard and it wasn’t showing in our numbers.   The Lord was trying my patience.   Patience is something that Sister Garcia and I are working for this week.   Well, we’ll be working for it until we get it down.   So we had a lot of “fall through” appointments and I started to get frustrated and impatient.   Then I was thinking that the Lord is so patience with me and why can’t I be patient with Him?   There’s so many times that I mess up and sin and when I pray for forgiveness, He forgives without hesitation.   Then also in my personal study, I was reading in the Book of Mormon about the Atonement of Jesus Christ.   It described how He opened not His mouth.   Then I was thinking of how much patience that is.   So I got better this week and I am still striving to be better.   So I’m having more faith is His timing, more hope for a better day, and more patience with the area.

So the amazing story on Sunday was that Sister Garcia and I almost died!   We were at an intersection and we didn’t see any cars and then while we were still in the intersection, we slowed down for some reason to turn on the heat.   A second later we look up and look out my window on the passenger’s side and we see this red truck like about 2, 3 feet away from us.   Sister Garcia then pushed on the gas and we weren’t hit.   The car was super close to us.   The car wasn’t speeding, it didn’t even slow down or honk; it was going the normal speed for the road.   We didn’t speed either to get out of the way.   But how close it was to us and the fact that it didn’t even touch the car at all, not even the back of the car is a miracle!   My first thought of when I saw the car was that, “If the car hits us, I’m going to die.”   Then right after we move out of the way, we look at each other and I was like, “we almost died!” and she said, “I know.”   The amazing thing was that we both had so much peace during the whole thing.   No one screamed, it was silent and we were at peace.   We were in amazement of what just happened.   No one could tell us that God’s hand wasn’t in that.   I know that the Lord is protecting us with His angels on our left side and on our right.   God lives!   From that experience I also realized that I was ready to meet my Maker, my Creator.   When that hit me, I cried.   I was like I always want to feel ready, prepared and at peace.   I just know that my purpose here on earth is not done, that’s why I’m still here. 😀 *ting.   God lives!

Also later that night we were fasting to find more people to teach because we really need it.   Then we found a family!!   They invited us in!   When people do that, it’s not really rare but not really common.   So before Sunday we met the little sister.   She passed our car, riding her bike like 5 times.   So we go talk to her and she told us that her mom passed away 3 years ago so we share a little of the Plan of Salvation with her and we asked if we stop by sometime and she was like, “yeah sure.”   So we stop by and contact them. When we left Sister Garcia was almost about to cry after the visit.   She was like, “I never felt the spirit so strong before about where we needed to be and what we were saying.”   She said that the spirit in there was super strong.   Also when I was talking, the guy was looking at me so intently!   His face was like we were an answer to His prayer that he was waiting so long for this.   I don’t know exactly what I said but it was what they needed to hear. 

Obedience brings blessings and exact obedience bring miracles!   I know that statement to be true!   I know that it’s through our exact obedience that we are seeing these miracles!   The Lord is so merciful and full of grace.   I have come to know the Lord in my mission.   I’m so grateful for my mission and everything that comes with it. I love it!

Loving you all always and forever!
Hermana Whitney

April 1, 2014
My Companion Hermana Garcia and I.