Angels on Errand

#you’llneverbelievewhatididtoday (Danielle)

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 We went to the temple today.   Ahh it’s so refreshing to attend the temple.   You feel the presence of God there so strongly. After the temple session,  we saw a sign that said, $3.99 haircut!   Hermana Vergara wanted a trim, so we checked it out and it was a legit thing.   I was not planning on getting a haircut … that was not in my plans today.   But for a wash, massage, and haircut it was $8.99 altogether!  (only in Utah).  That was probably the best price for that!   So I was like, “why not!?”   I was like all or nothing soooo ….. I CUT OFF ALL MY HAIR! and so did my companion! 😀   K bye….(pictures to come but not today! I love it though.) #hatersgonnahate
Last Thursday was the funniest thing.   Everybody cancelled on us, and when I said everybody I mean EVERYBODY!!!   Like even our Ward Mission Leader cancelled.   We felt hated that day because nobody wanted us.   Hahahahaha.   Looking back Hermana Vergara and I always say, “hey remember that day when nobody wanted us?   When everybody cancelled…”   And we just start dying laughing!   #laughteristhebestmedicine
I really do LOVE my district!   They’re super legit.   This is the second time on my mission that the district didn’t change for the second transfer together.   I love when that happens!   We are all here for each other.   #districtunity
So funny thing … Utah over here is praying for snow and it snowed/rained for a week straight!   But now almost all the snow is gone but they still need more.   We are having warm weather, like we don’t need coats or nothing!   It’s like hot spring over here ….  I realized the reason why we don’t have the snow because …. ALL THE SNOW IS IN NEW YORK!!!!!! hahaha.   You guys need to stop hogging all of the snow!   Share a little please! hahaha 😉   #alljokes
I’m not sure if I told you this but whenever I teach the Atonement and the Restoration there’s a sacred gratitude that comes to my heart.   Whenever I watch the Restoration video, the part of the First Vision, my eyes are filled with tears!   Almost all the time!   We taught the Restoration lesson a less active family slowly coming back to church.   With that, we focused more on the Atonement and the First Vision.   The spirit was super strong.   Those two events are the GREATEST events that ever happened in history.   So if anyone asked you that question, you all know the answer. 😉
Hey shout out to mi Hermana  Eishelle Whitney HAPPY YEAR MARK AND HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!
Thank you fam bam for the package and everything in it!! I love you all!! Thank you for the cards!! They made me cry! 🙂
Stay strong! Stay beautiful!!
Hermana D. Whitney  2/25/14
it's legit like summer outside

it’s legit like summer outside

Before out temple attendance.

Before out temple attendance.

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I stopped writing for a little bit and now I am back. Personally, I am happily married to a man named William and has 5 children, namely: Eishelle, Danielle, Noelle, Chantelle and Michael. We are a family that love superhero movies and has never missed any of them. I work as a Registered Nurse in one of the hospitals here in Long Island, New York for about 27 years. I am from Davao City, Philippines. 12/31/17 It has been 3 years since Eishelle and Danielle came home from their missions and I stopped blogging. I was caught between busy and lazy. Now that Noelle, my third child is on a mission, I feel obliged to continue blogging. See here I am, back again.

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