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You Prepare the Speaker Not the Talk.

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Heyy soo sad news, we didn’t have the baptism on Saturday! 😦 Just one thing was holding that brother back from being baptized.   So we rescheduled his baptism for this Saturday.   We are hoping for a miracle that he can find another place to live.

So something that I found out this week…

To be baptized—> live the word of wisdom for a week,
Live the law of chastity for 24 HOURS!
I thought, “what the?!”….”wow. okay”….
Anyways, Hermana Vergara and I are doing S-O G-(double O) -D good!!!   We just moved into a new apartment today. Well, a basement.   We had our own apartment and now we live in the basement of members.   They are the G___ and they are the sweetest, nicest people!   They do a great job with spoiling us!   Hahaha.   We are super excited to live in their home.   They want to serve a mission after he retires which will be a 2 or 3 years.   They’re super cute!
I know that the Lord hears and answers our prayers.   My testimony of that is strengthening everyday of that.   I was praying for specific revelation for my investigator.   Then in district meeting we did something different.   Instead of being lectured, we each went up as a companionship and talked about an investigator that we’re having trouble with.   Then the district would ask questions and give suggestions of how we can better help our investigator.   Then from what we receive, we role-play that in front of everyone.   So when we they were giving us suggestions I started to get revelation of what my investigator needed.   Then for the Role-play I was thinking, “why didn’t I do this before!?”   It totally worked in the Role-play.   I’m excited to use it for my investigator.   I know what I need to do.   I’m so grateful for my district and their input!
We gave talks this Sunday, my first talk in English in the mission!   It was super good.   My companion was complaining that it would be in English and I was like, “now you know how we feel trying to give a talk in Spanish!” and she was like, “-__- whatever.”   hahahaha it was super funny!   But she did really well.
My mission president told us, “You prepare the speaker, not the talk.”   So that’s what we did.   We didn’t write anything down, we didn’t have any notes.   All we had, was our iPad to share a scripture/quotes.   All I did was prepare myself by feasting upon the scriptures, my purpose as a missionary, etc.   As you do that, the spirit will guide your words and your thoughts.   And you will say things that will touch the hearts of the people your speaking to.
The whole time, I was asking Sis. Vergara, hey what are we going to say!?  Because we both tried not preparing our talks. And she’s like, “i don’t know!”   hahaha.   It was a joke.   Also she was like, “I feel that you are going to be talking for 40 minutes.”   We were the only speakers and she didn’t want to speak in English.   Hahaha.   I was like, “if I’m the first speaker, then I’m ending early and saving all the time for you!” hahahaha. She’s like, “whatever!” but she was the first speaker and we both spoke for 15 minutes. 🙂
I’m loving it here with my companion soo much!! I love the work, through its ups and downs! I know that this is the Lord’s work. I’m the happiest that I’ve been! and I know it’s because I’m doing the greatest work on earth!
Loving you always and forever,
Hermana Whitney  Feb 18, 2014
So this is a llama in front of a house! it was a church building but now it's a house. Things like this happen when you're in Hyrum, Utah. #noplacelikehyrumutah

So this is a llama in front of a house! it was a church building but now it’s a house. Things like this happen when you’re in Hyrum, Utah. #noplacelikehyrumutah

Happy Valentines' Day!!!

Happy Valentines’ Day!!!

Feliz Dia de San Valentin!

Feliz Dia de San Valentin!

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