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Be a little better… act a little nicer… love a little more.

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Hermana Whitney and companion Hermama Arnell at the conference center

Hermana Whitney and companion Hermama Arnell at the conference center




General Conference was awesome!

General Conference was awesome!

Hey so when Facebook came for us… we are also allowed to use Skype and Facetime!   I don’t think that I told you guys that.   Also when that came out that didn’t want us to tract anymore.   So we became a non-tracting mission too.   WHAT!?   Times are changing!


We’ve been having soo many miracles lately!   So do you remember when I told you guys that my companion and I were in a hole and we were working hard but nothing was coming out from our hard work.   But then I said that I feel that the Lord is preparing us for something much bigger…. is this all sounding familiar??   Now we actually see the big things that God is planning for us! 🙂 Miracles baby!!

We had a baptism on Sunday!! This guy, he was super ready, super Golden!   He was soo happy on his baptismal day!   He was smiling the whole day!!   How great was my joy… I can’t describe the joy of a baptism… I really can’t.   I think that was the BEST baptism that I ever experienced as a missionary.   Everyone was soo reverent.   The spirit was soo strong.   Loved it!   Miracle!

Also we had a lesson with a family yesterday… and let me tell you about this family…  Sooo the father was like yeah I don’t believe in the Mormon religion and in the Book of Mormon and he said that he would never read the Book.   I didn’t like going to this house because I never felt the spirit and he always fought about what we taught.   I really, REALLY didn’t like going to this house, haha but the miracle that happened… We READ THE BOOK OF MORMON TO THEM!   WHAT!?!?   He said that before we started that he believes all the things we will say because we don’t have a reason to lie to them.   So we read 3 Nephi 11:1-15… he was fascinated that Jesus Christ came to the Americas.   And when we were reading it… it was the very first time that I felt the spirit in that house!   Because they were just listening to us read the words of the Book.   I never felt the spirit so strong reading that chapter.   I loved it because it talks about the marks on Jesus’ hands and feet.   We asked how do they feel about it and the father said,  “That was beautiful.”   This is the same guy that said that he doesn’t believe and would NEVER read the Book.   There’s a special spirit in the room.   They invited us over again and they told us that the next time that they would pray for us because we always do it.   They offered, we didn’t.   All that was definitely a miracle.   We drove not to far off to say a prayer of gratitude.   I know that the spirit soften their hearts.

My dearest family and friends, this week has strengthen my testimony of my Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.   I know that He is so aware of each of our circumstances.   I know that I am just as important to Him as He is to me.   I need Him every moment of everyday.   I need Thee every hour.   For the Lord is my strength.   I testify that weaknesses are strengths, you just have to dig deep to get it.   That’s something that I learned this week.

Be a little better.   Act a little nicer.   Love a little more.

Hermana D. Whitney

hardworking missionary shoes

hardworking missionary shoes

Christmas stuff in the stores!!!

Christmas stuff in the stores!!!

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