Angels on Errand

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Is English your primary language?

To tell you the story about that…yesterday for dinner, we had a dinner with an English family. So I said the first prayer and then I messed and started speaking in Spanish but I corrected myself. And then in the dinner table I forgot a couple of the words in English! And then the husband said to me, “I can see that you’re losing your English. Is English your primary language?” Then I looked at my companion and we like DIED and we were almost to the point where we couldn’t contain ourselves. Hahaha! Because if you remember from my last area this hillbillie woman thought that I was Mexican. Hahaha! And she commented on my English and that my English was really good for being my 2nd language. haha. Now I was being asked about my English. It was really funny. We DIED!
When we were tracking on Saturday I think, this guy walks up to us and then he asks if we’re missionaries. He couldn’t believe it! He was totally drunk though! It was soo funny!! He wanted to escort us to our next appointment because he said that Ogden is not safe. haha. We don’t see any danger here btw even though people say that it’s really bad. I don’t see it. haha. He used words like negatron and negatory for no. We DIED! He talked about his imaginery friends. He was cussing up a storm but he was drunk. He wasn’t all there. I smelled the alcohol on him and he wasn’t walking straight obviously. His name was James. Haha
Okay so like the real business…
Yesterday was a BOMB day… we just find a lot of people to teach! It was so good! We had a lesson with a couple last night and we realized that the girlfriend is a less active and so we got the boyfriend with a baptismal date! It was awesome! I never came out of a lesson soo happy before but the thing is, we have to pass him off to the English Elders but we already knew that was going to happen. I’m just happy that he’s going good! The english elders in the area are really good so I’m really happy for them.
So like we realized that obedience is the way to happiness. I know that I talked about obedience before and that obedience brings miracles. So whenever we become more obedient then we see the miracles. All the time! Without fail! It’s awesome! I know that the Lord looks out. He knows everyone individually by name.
We met someone yesterday and she claims that she never seen missionaries and that she doesn’t know what Mormons are. haha. The thing about that one is that she lived in Salt Lake and Ogden. I was like what rock do you live under!? Hahaha but I LOVED that she doesn’t know anything about us! We call people untainted! perfect bc in utah everyone knows what mormons are and already have their view on them so meeting someone who doesn’t know anything is a BLESSING!!
Okay I LOVE you all! It’s good to hear that everybody is doing well! I love the Lord and everything that He does for me and my companion. He’s there.
Loving you all with all my heart!
Hermana D. Whitney
Sept 17,2013


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Have a heart like HIS (our Heavenly Father).

You guys I have the best news ever!!!!!!!!!! I’m finally training!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! My baby comes in today and I’m meeting her tomorrow! Not even President knows who he’s pairing us trainers up with yet but I’ve waited for this moment for a majority of my mission. And now that it’s finally here, I’m just SO happy and excited. I’m gonna LOVE this Hermana! I hard a hard time falling asleep Saturday night when I found out– that’s how excited I am. I thanked Heavenly Father for this wonderful opportunity…. several times. Gosh 🙂 Hermana Russon is leaving me to Woodstock! Sounds familiar?! That’s my old area haha. We’re just switchin’ it up a tad bit.

President Woodbury said in Zone Conference this past week that this work is to have a heart like His (our Father in Heaven). Whether it is to feel the disappointment He has when someone doesn’t answer their door or when a family doesn’t accept the gospel. So it was Thursday afternoon all within about an HOUR that THREE of our investigators dropped us. One lady told us that she didn’t want any problems with her husband because he didn’t want her meeting with us, another told us she didn’t want to change her religion, and another said she just “can’t”. It was a huge bummer. But within the few days to come, we found out little by little that some of our other investigators were reading The Book of Mormon. 5 of our investigators are reading!! I can’t explain to you guys how happy I was to see these people actually reading and keeping this commitment. This boy doesn’t know how to read, but he’s listening to the discs.  A lady reads a little bit every week and told us her husband (who we have only met once at a family party) is reading a lot more than she is and is currently in 2 Ne. 20 and they’ve only had The Book of Mormon in their home for 3 weeks. Tender mercies. I can’t explain the joy that I’ve felt as I’ve seen these people progress in the gospel. I could honestly felt the happiness and joy that Heavenly Father feels as He sees this happen too. And then I thought, this is all to have a heart like His.
Hermana E. Whitney
Sept 16, 2013
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Sharing the gospel = the greatest happiness in the world!

I just want to thank all of you for all the support and the love that I receive from you all. Thank you and I love you all very much!

Okay so the things happening as a missionary in the Utah Ogden Mission…
My companion and I are kind of in a hole right now. None of our investigators are progressing! We have a lot of investigators too. But we had a comp. study with the Zone Leaders and our District Leader and his companion yesterday and they gave us some really good advice and suggestions. So hopefully we can put that into play and I’ll report back next week. 🙂
 We did a Zone Blitz on Saturday. A zone blitz is when all the missionaries in the zone go and tract a center area. We blitzed the other Sister’s area and it was a lot of fun! We also switched companions too. So my new companion was Sister Garrett and during this we taught two lessons. We taught the plan of salvation to a 16 year old boy and the lesson went really well. I LOVE teaching. I get soo happy from teaching.
Also we had a church dedication. The church that the Buena Ventura Ward were in before was under construction because the church was being refurbished. So now it’s all ready to go and we move into the new church on the 22nd! I’m soo excited!! That building is maybe the most beautiful church building that I ever been in. There’s a tower in there and a painting of Jesus Christ and it’s very very pretty! I’m excited to start going there and the best thing is…it’s soo much closer to our apartment than the church that we are going to now. Also as you walk out of the church you can see Captain Moroni on the Ogden Temple. So beautiful! So there was an open house for the church on Sunday and so my companion and I were there with 4 other Elders talking to people. Sister Elaine S. Dalton was also there again for the dedication. I love her! The dedication was a very special event and the prayer that was said was very nice.
On Sunday for our companion study, my companion and I watch videos of the church…of course…we can’t watch anything else. haha. So we watched “Together Forever.” I thought that it would be pretty corny to tell you the truth but it wasn’t! Well some parts (acting wise but we just look past those parts 😉 ) but it was really relevant to the things happening in today’s world. But I love all the stories but the one that really hits me the most is the last story of when the family loses their oldest daughter. The family was devastated like any family would be. Then they found the church and they learned that they can see the daughter and be a complete family again. I feel the spirit most strongly when she bears her testimony of that. That it’s not over. And I always get soo happy and I feel the spirit soo strong when I know that I’m going to live with my family OTRA VEZ con DIOS PARA SIEMPRE (again with God forever) in a state of NEVER ENDING HAPPINESS!!! That’s our end goal! The celestial kingdom! Leggo! haha
Last thing…FACEBOOK!!
I don’t really like using Facebook but I’m learning how to make it work. But Monday is when I changed my thoughts about it because…I had a lesson with a friend from high school! It was BOMB! I loved it. I told him about what I do and everything. It was soo good talking to him. This gospel means soo much that all I want to do is share it. Sharing the gospel = the greatest happiness in the world!
But through the ups and downs, it’s always a fabulous day to be a missionary in the Utah Ogden Mission 🙂
I love you all, always remember that.
Hermana Whitney

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Just pictures.

Me, Hermana Madsen, Hermana Izu, and Hermana Russon. So this picture is a family picture. It all started with Hermana Madsen and I when we were companions. After I got transferred I was put with Hna Russon and Hermana Madsen was put with Hermana Izu. NOW Hermana Izu and Hermana Russon are comps in the same area Hermana Madsen and I were comps. Just keepin it in the family :)

Me, Hermana Madsen, Hermana Izu, and Hermana Russon. So this picture is a family picture. It all started with Hermana Madsen and I when we were companions. After I got transferred I was put with Hna Russon and Hermana Madsen was put with Hermana Izu. NOW Hermana Izu and Hermana Russon are comps in the same area Hermana Madsen and I were comps. Just keepin it in the family 🙂

Hermana Izu and I... we had to take pictures because it's not everyday that you see someone that dresses the same as you hahaha. She's had my last two comps now!

Hermana Izu and I… we had to take pictures because it’s not everyday that you see someone that dresses the same as you hahaha. She’s had my last two comps now!

1. Me, Hermana Madsen, Elder Allen (He's leaving and he's my bro is the mish!), and Elder Tate Ross Foster! LOVE THESE THREE!

1. Me, Hermana Madsen, Elder Allen (He’s leaving and he’s my bro is the mish!), and Elder Tate Ross Foster! LOVE THESE THREE!

With the Rodriguez family (Branch President's wife) Pres. took the picture. Last time they'll see Hna Russon

With the Rodriguez family (Branch President’s wife) Pres. took the picture. Last time they’ll see Hna Russon

 Elder's Gonzales and LaPlata (He was in my MTC district) and Hna Russon and I. Elder LaPlata and Hna Russon are both being transferred out :(

Elder’s Gonzales and LaPlata (He was in my MTC district) and Hna Russon and I. Elder LaPlata and Hna Russon are both being transferred out 😦

 Last time we're altogether.

Last time we’re altogether.

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God’s timing is perfect. Always!!!

Heyy everyone! I appreciate all the letters and the pictures that I receive from you all. You all look soo B-E-A-U-TIFUL! So this week was a week full of many blessings as like every week. 🙂
So yesterday we were fed breakfast, lunch, and dinner! I felt like I was going to explode! Like legit! Usually we only get fed dinner. I was praying that I could keep all the food down. I testify that God answers prayers. Bc all the food stayed down. 😉
We made a Salvadoran quesadilla yesterday with an investigator. It was soo much fun! I love her. I love that family. Her son is going on a mission to Dominican Republican. We had breakfast with that family. The whole family took the missionary lessons like 2 years ago but only one of the sons got baptized and he’s the one going on a mission. So we do a family home evenings with them on Mondays. They’re BOMB! So we’re trying to work with them.
Today is my companion’s 21st BIRTHDAY!!!! We are living it up! We’re going to buy a Martinelli’s for her. haha jk. But we hiked to the waterfall here and then went to Ihop and then the people at Ihop sang to her. 🙂 It was fun.
So we were going to drop one of our investigators yesterday…well we were planning on it bc he wasn’t progressing at all. He wasn’t keeping commitments or appointments at all. So we were talking to him yesterday and he was just expressing his gratitude to us and saying that he feels something different when he talks to us. And la di da, la di da…It was very sweet about what he said and then when we were walking home we were like, “There is no way after what he said that we can drop him now.” So we are going to keep working with him and hopefully he keeps his commitments.
So I hit my 6 month mark on Friday! But on sept. 1st it was when I literally had a year left. I am a 1/3 of a way of my mission. NOOO!! I don’t want this to stop!! I love this wayy too much!
Ooh okay soo cool story…
So we had an appointment with one of our investigators and then that lesson fell through. SO we decided to go to our other investigators house and he wasn’t there either but good thing was that his sister answered the door! 🙂 We talked her and her became our new investigator! She agreed to baptism on the doorstep! WHAT!?…
so moral of the story…
God knows what he’s doing. His timing is perfect. Our lesson with our investigator had to fall through for us to meet this woman.  I know that the Lord looks out for all of His children to receive His Word. He doesn’t over look nor ignore anyone because “Remember the worth of souls is great in the sight of God.” -Doctrine & Covenants 18:10. That even though we are nothing compared to God, we are everything to Him.
I love you all! I hope that you all are staying strong!
Your favorite missionary!!  in Utah!! haha
Hermana Whitney
Sept 3, 2013
Danielle's 6 months mark (one year to go)

Danielle’s 6 months mark (one year to go)



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If you never offended anyone, you never stood for anything.

Last Monday we had such a beautiful lesson with our investigator about faith. She has a drinking problem and has two beautiful children. I’m pretty sure I’ve written about her before. Anyways, she expressed to us how much she really loved us and how grateful she was to us for not giving up on her. And I knew that is was something she felt but it meant so much more when she expressed her feelings. Before I came into the area, the Hermana’s were going to drop her because she couldn’t put the bottle down. And there are many others that put her down because of her addiction, even family. She had been clean 2 weeks at the time now 3! And I told her a year wouldn’t be a full year without two weeks 🙂 She lives in a pretty unsafe area and she told us that she always prays for us and thinks about us when we leave her home because it’s pretty sketchy out here. But I just love her big time.

There is this 15-year-old girl who we’ve taught twice now and she reminds me of Noelle! They’d be like best friends, I know it. We found her last week by knocking and she was open to hearing what we had to say. We taught her about the BOM and said she would read it. Then we met with her this past Wednesday and she said she hadn’t read. So we decided to read with her to get her started. We read the beginning of 1 Nephi and again we committed her to read. She said, “It sounds interesting.” I asked her what seemed interesting to her. And she said, “Well what’s going to happen to those four kids?!” She was talking about Lehi’s four sons. It was the most adorable thing I had heard.
Friday we met with the RS Pres. She’s from the Dominican Republic and I love her a ton! She’s so funny and we just laugh all the time. Hermana Russon and I decided to start teaching members our purpose as missionaries and how it’s something nearly impossible to do without the help of the members. She went off and said how it is such a privilege to her to be a member of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints. It opened my eyes and I thought, “What a privilege it is to be a member of THE ONLY TRUE CHURCH.” That’s something. This past week in district meeting our district leader said, “If you never offended anyone, you never stood for anything.” And that we offend people everyday just by knocking on their door haha and it’s so true. But I love every minute of it. Time is flying so fast. I am enjoying my time out here. Missionaries are such amazing people and I’m not just saying that because I am one. But if you ever see one, shake their hand and say ‘thanks for doing what you’re doing.’
Remember, it’s a privilege.
Love, Hermana E. Whitney
some of Eishelle's friends in Indiana

some of Eishelle’s member friends in Indiana