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Muchas Bendiciones!!! (Danielle)

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Heyy Familia all around the world!! So this week was completely BOMB bc we received soo many blessings this week! God is GOOD! Amen to that!
So remember how we called ourselves the “Trifecta Tremendas”? (Which doesn’t make sense in Spanish or English hahaha. Tremenda is like a tornado in Spanish though.   So the name that we came up with recently is “Las Chinitas” bc we both have curly hair 🙂 translation…little curly haired girls 🙂 *ting! cute right? Well we think so…
Okay so cute story…
We are teaching a family. 🙂 the parents are getting married and have 5 children!   The children are 8 years and younger.   We came by for a lesson but the boyfriend was a work and so it was with the mom and the kids and the mom’s cousin.   So we were reading in 3 Nephi 11.   The little girl was reading and then she had a question.   She was like what does “Father bear” mean?   And the continuation of the verse was “the Father bear record of me…” (verse 35) and so I was explaining but it was soo cute because when she read “Father bear…” she literally took it as a bear that was a father.   Hahahaha!   She is soo adorable!!   Very intelligent for her age and she reads the scriptures very well.   Love that family!
Friday after we were walking out of the family history center (we use the computers in there for facebook) there was a picnic going down at the park.   The motorcycle people were there.   We know a couple of people in there and when were were walking past they called us over.   They were like “Get Over Here!”   Let me remind of that these people are like the big, cool/bad boys on the block.   So we go over there and one of them was like, “sorry I yelled at you like that.   I’m not really like that.   I just had to yell for you to hear me.”   haha and we were like no it’s all good!   They offered us food and i couldn’t resist because I was SOO HUNGRY!! Also these are the people who are also trying to stop drugs and alcohol.   They were having a fundraiser bc one of their friends died of an OD, I think, but they gave us the food for free!   The motorcycle dudes love us!   haha.
Also later on that day, a woman that we met a couple of weeks ago gave us all her music of when she was on her mission and a member.   She no longer is associated with the church anymore, sad, but she still remembers what the mission was like so she hooked us up with groceries and music!   Home girl knows what’s up with missionaries like us.   Then later on that night she drop off more groceries!   It’s good that she did bc I was on empty for everything.   hahaha !!!   She loves us!
Then later on the night we had dinner with one on the counselors of the mission presidency! Always a pleasure with them!
Soo many blessings!! I know that the Lord is watching over us. He looks out!
Okay so I realized that the celestial kingdom does not seem that far away… let me explain..  When I was younger and just recently I always thought that the celestial kingdom is a kingdom that is very hard to get to after this life because it says that we have to be spotless.   So it’s always something that we aim for but something that is really hard to get.   But as I learn more of Jesus Christ and His character, the celestial kingdom does not seem unreachable anymore.   Because there are so many opportunities to repent of our sins, to be perfected unto Christ, and the mistakes that we make for example through bearing our testimony and praying for forgiveness.   You always will have time to change and repent if that’s what you want to do.   The celestial kingdom is soo obtainable.   It’s within our reach.
This church is true. I know that Joseph Smith saw God the Father and Jesus Christ. I know it just as much as Joseph Smith knows it. I am a witness of Jesus Christ that He lives. He gave His all and for that I will praise His name forever.
Stay strong! Stay True!
Hermana Whitney
August 27, 20 13
That HAIR !!!

That HAIR !!!

Author: jubwhitney

I stopped writing for a little bit and now I am back. Personally, I am happily married to a man named William and has 5 children, namely: Eishelle, Danielle, Noelle, Chantelle and Michael. We are a family that love superhero movies and has never missed any of them. I work as a Registered Nurse in one of the hospitals here in Long Island, New York for about 27 years. I am from Davao City, Philippines. 12/31/17 It has been 3 years since Eishelle and Danielle came home from their missions and I stopped blogging. I was caught between busy and lazy. Now that Noelle, my third child is on a mission, I feel obliged to continue blogging. See here I am, back again.

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