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Hey everyone! As always it’s so nice to hear from all of you again. I hope you all are doing wonderfully. What a wonderful week it’s been for my companionship and for me individually.

First off, since I was leaving Woodstock area, Hermana Madsen and I decided to go to this car museum that we were talking about for weeks. We went on Monday for Pday. What a blast! Such a good time we had. I miss her.
So this week I’ve realized how prideful I am. I mean I always knew that I had pride in me but this past week, the Lord has really been trying to humble me… I can see it here and there. Pride is something that I’ve been trying to work on since in high school and I’ve been focusing myself this past week on humility. As I was going through some of my papers last night and organizing and trying to get myself settled here, I found a talk that was given to me (I asked for it, it’s not like someone thought it was a good idea to give it to me haha), “Beware of Pride”. Studied it this morning and I realized how much I have to work on for myself! That talk cut me up. If you haven’t read it, please read it. And if you’ve already read it, read it again. Seriously. Pride can come in all forms.
Hermana Russon is my new companion and we get along so well! We’re alike in a lot of ways and we have such a good time. We live in Groundpoint, Indiana and a good part of our area is in Indiana but the problem is.. there’s nobody here, at least no Hispanics. So we spend a lot of out time in Chicago Heights which is more than suburbs but less than city. Tight area (literally). Kinda like Brooklyn area for any of you that are familiar with NY. A lot of black and Hispanics out there which is what we need. So my new area out here is the most run down place I’ve ever seen. And I’ve seen a lot of run down places back home. But this out here is pretty sad. I love the people though. Hermana Russon told me yesterday that the ward members were asking her where I’m from and that they love my hair hahaha. I get ‘where you from’ a lot and ‘where my parents are from’ too haha. That’s something I’ve always enjoyed growing up is watching people literally try to figure out what I am haha. It’s like watching the brain work through their eyes hahaha.
Anyways, when first coming to the area, Hma. Russon was telling me about the area and the struggles of it. I asked her how many lessons they get a week. She said, ‘one…maybe’. This past week we got 6 lessons in. I honestly owe it all to the Lord. We planted a lot of seeds just meeting people on the streets and knocking some doors. Spirit works! That’s all I can say. This is the first time I have had an investigator with a drinking problem. She can’t put the bottle down and she has two beautiful children. I’ve never wanted SO badly to help someone in their misery… I think because this issue is pretty heavy. First time I met her was on Wednesday and she was going through a hangover. I felt really bad for her because she felt horrible about herself and I felt this great love towards her. She invited us again the next day and we planned on teaching the Plan of Salvation and focusing on the Atonement. I told her you can fall over and over and over again and the Lord will NEVER say “aww man, she did it again” but He would say,”We’re going to pick you back up and we’re going to get through this together.” I felt that that’s what she really needed to hear. And I can honestly say that her faith in Christ was strengthened. And that’s what us missionaries are about.
Stay true to yourself. Remember you’re a child of God. We hear it all the time but actually think about it. You’re capable of doing it, whatever “it” is.
Loving You Always,
Hermana E. Whitney
August 12, 2013

Attached are the pictures I took when we went to the car museum near Woodstock, IL.
Barack and I

Barack and I

IMG_0290 IMG_0292 IMG_0295 IMG_0354 IMG_0362



the hippie van

the hippie van

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