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Lost 2 investigators but gained 2 families … ahhh tender mercies (Danielle)


June 4, 2013
This week has been an emotional roller coaster for me! Like seriously… but saying only the good
So last Tuesday…it was a hard day but it turned out to be good. We lost two investigators! one moved outside the stake and the other one we had to pass off to the Elders because he decided to go to the YSA Ward and we’re over the Spanish ward. So me and my companion were soo sad because they were our only investigators that were actually progressing. We started to get a little discouraged. So after we pass our investigator, D___, to the Elders we were going to see our investigator, C___, and say bye to her again. But my companion and I felt that we were needed somewhere else and then when we turn around and right we we turn we see the first counselor of one of the bishoprics in his car and says that he has referrals. He gives us 2 referrals and they just happen to be next door neighbors. So we had 10 minutes before we had to start walking back home. So last 10 minutes= last 2 doors to knock.
So the outcome of the story…we lost 2 investigators but gained 2 families to teach!
Ahhhh the precious tender mercies of the Lord! I know that He’s there without a doubt in my heart! We were crying tears of joy and gratefulness on our way home and said a prayer of gratitude. It’s amazing how the Lord works. I felt that he filled me with a blessing that I did not have room enough to receive…literally.
Another cool story…
We have been trying to find this investigator that ditched us the last time that we went (really story of our lives)…so we realized that when you just show up at their house, their home. So that’s what we did yesterday. So we were talking to her and we realized that she is a member!! and I was like why didn’t you tell us before!? but everything happens for a reason right? Soo we were like why aren’t you going to church anymore and all these things…and she was like I don’t know…the common answer. She is really shy and mumbles when she talks and it was kind of hard to understand but I promise that the spirit told me exactly what to say. Like during the lesson at times I felt that it wasn’t me speaking. The Spirit gave me the Spanish words of what to say. Amazing!
So she was iffy during almost the whole lesson and I could tell that she didn’t really want to talk about God and church but I really didn’t care but it’s kind of her SALVATION on the line. nbd right? Soo we continued.
The outcome of the story…the spirit was there, strong. We all felt it. We invited her to church. And gave her a Book of Mormon. She said that she would read it. And we asked her to say the closing prayer. She was like no, you guys say it. So I was like I’ll say the first one and you say the 2nd. She was still resistant. So I said the first one and we just waited in silence for her to pray. I said that God wants to hear from you. He’s waiting for you. and then I got in the praying position and waited. She said the prayer and cried! I asked how does she feel and she said good.
She needed that prayer and it’s been 6 long years of her not going to church or doing the things that bring you closer and more in harmony with God. She felt something when she prayed. We all did. It was the spirit. Hopefully that motivates her to go back to church and everything.
The work is good. It’s soo hard. I stress soo much for these people here when they’re not doing what you ask. I go to bed thinking about them. I wake up thinking about them. Everything is about them. I literally feel the weight of people’s salvation on my shoulders. Even though it’s hard…I’m super happy! I love the work! It brings a happiness that nothing on earth can bring.
We have an investigator that says I don’t think that I’ll get baptized into your church because I was baptized already in my church when I was a child. Even though we go over and over again about authority and how we are the complete church and all of that. She feels the spirit strongly because it’s always there for the lesson. When she said that, I bore testimony of what I knew to be true. The spirit was there. it broke my heart again when she said that even after my comp and I said that. It was a hard couple of days just thinking about her.
I know this church to be true. It’s only through baptism that we can fully access the Atonement to our lives. Never fall astray…it’s not worth it…it just leads to unhappiness. Stay strong even when times get rough. I love you all!! I miss you all!!
Do what is right, Always!
Hermana Whitney
Hermanas in Brigham City (spanish)

Hermanas in Brigham City (spanish)

feeling happy

feeling happy

June 17, 2013
Okay soo this week tops all my weeks soo far in the mission that I got bashed! hahaha. Like seriously…it was bad! hahaha I can seriously laugh about them though. They are all funny and confused and they ALWAYS contradict themselves. You just feel sorry for them. The Lord is trying my patience…and it’s working. It was funny because we were talking to the other sisters about it and we realized that we got bashed by the same women! We were laughing so hard. There’s always joy in your hard times. You just have to find them and once you do…just chill.
Okay so we’re teaching another family…the C___ family!
They had missionary lessons before but they stopped taking them for some reason. So it’s been like a year. I think they went to church before, like a couple times. So we had dinner and a lesson at the Bishop’s house. The bishop and the family are good friends which helped out a lot. It was a nice dinner and lesson.
So we committed them to baptism and they accepted!! Woot woot!
It was like the dad was waiting to be asked. It was pretty legit. Everybody was shocked because he answered soo quickly and usually he’s been resistant to it. He’s soo ready!
After that experience I realized that people are waiting for people to extend commitments to them, waiting for the invitation to be baptized. I knew that it was true but like I really understand now.
We sang in our Branch for Father’s Day. The members were really excited because they haven’t had a musical number in… well a SUPER long time. It went well and they were really grateful for it.
So for the Worldwide Leadership Training…I heard that it is going to be something BIG! They’re making a big deal about it over here. Idk what to expect. I’m excited for it.
We have mission conference on Thursday and I’m super excited!
I miss the ward and the primary children! Tell the ward that I really miss them and love them! I miss how close the ward our ward is and all the activities they do. I haven’t seen a ward like that yet here. One of a kind. Good work daddy! 🙂
Loving and missing you all!
Choose the Right!
Hermana Whitney
Brigham City Hermanas

Brigham City Hermanas



Smiles for the camera

Smiles for the camera

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