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I couldn’t stop laughing even after we walked away. (Eishelle)

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June 10, 2013
Granted it’s been three days, but I wanna write everyone anyway… First of all, Cubs game was SO MUCH FUN. I would send pics but I can’t find the thing I need to send pictures. I’ll send some next week. We stuck out like sore thumbs because we were overdressed for the game hahaha but we loved it. Got a lot of attention from everyone regarding it. It was pretty sad because this was the last get together for the whole mission before we all got split. July 1st is the day the mission gets split officially. And we didn’t know who we were officially saying goodbye to or not because there’s one more transfer before the split. It weird, sad, and depressing. But hey, esta bien.

These last two days have been… TOUGH. I’m going to leave it at that. The Lord is trying to humble me, I know He is. And it’s working 🙂 hahaha

I finished the whole book of Matthew! I’m making it a goal to read the entire New Testmanent. Also reading the BOM everyday bc I feel like I need to have a better knowledge of it. Anyways, life’s good out here.. working hard and trying to focus our efforts on members and their referrals and our investigators. We want to baptize this month because we have a handful of investigators that have great potential and could get baptized. Prayers are welcome!

Love you ALL. Keep the faith.. and don’t waver! 😉

<3/ Hermana E. Whitney

*******Since this email she sent was very short I am posting her email the week after ******** JJ the mom
June 17, 2013
So, I wanna start this email off with a funny story. Hermana Madsen and I were looking for PNI’s (Potential New Investigators) from year 2011. We were looking for a man named I___ and he just happened to be sitting outside. Can you imagine?  We taught him the Restoration outside in the shade and he said he would read the pamphlet and the Book of Mormon that we gave him. Hermana Madsen had gotten up out of her chair as if we were about to leave and I just sat there thinking that we can’t leave without a word of prayer, otherwise it’s not considered a lesson. I asked him if we could pray before we left. I’m going to write my questions in English so you can understand.

Me: Before we leave can we say a prayer?

Him: Si!

Me: Would you like to say it?

Him: Si!

(We bow our heads and close our eyes. Nothing is said. I look up..)

Me: With us?

Him: Si!

(We bow our heads and close our eyes again. Nothing, so I look up again)

Me: Right now???

Hermana Madsen clarified for me and he ended up saying that it was better that one of us do it. I couldn’t stop laughing even after we walked away. Hermana and I didn’t know what he was thinking because I was very clear hahaha. It’s funny just thinking about it.

Saturday we went out tracting. This past weekend was a bit difficult because a lot of people were busy with their parties for Father’s Day. We tracted a whole street since one of our appointments fell through. My district leader actually told us something this past week, “If you have a set appointment to go to and nobody’s there, then there is someone else that needs to hear from you on that street.” I told Hermana that we needed to knock this one street since this lady and her husband weren’t home. Knocking a whole block takes about 40 mins to an hr. We knocked and knocked and knocked and nobody was sticking.. until we knocked the VERY LAST HOUSE on the block. V___ was who we met. She’s a young girl probs about my age and said she doesn’t know anything about religion but would be willing to hear from us and try it out. We’re going to see her manana. The church is true! 😉

Last Monday we had some good dinner with the C___ family. They’re in Wisconsin, where we called home for Mommy’s Day. They have some extended family over at their house. I could tell that the children weren’t very happy. The kids were out of their comfort zone and I wondered why.  We ended up teaching the family about the Book of Mormon and told them stories in it. We said we had a children’s Book of Mormon with pictures in it. I said it’s our gift to you and the child’s face lit up and he broke a smile 🙂 I love  little kids. Hopefully we can keep teaching this family.

But that’s all for now folks! I’m about to go bowling now and I’m in my skinny jeans and kicks just to go bowling. We got special permission to wear regular clothes so I’m taking advantage and dresssin up in my skinnies 😉 haha. Well I love you all. Keep the faith and the Lord in your hearts. I’m learning A TON and my companion teaches me so much. We’re best friends and I’m so grateful. We have deep doctrine convos everyday haha and I love it.

Always, Hermana E. Whitney

Bishop W: Eishelle, why are you so pretty? Eishelle:  It's normal life Daddy. Me:  I have a vain missionary

Bishop W: Eishelle, why are you so pretty?
Eishelle: It’s normal life Daddy.  JK!!
Me: I have a vain missionary!!!

Author: jubwhitney

I stopped writing for a little bit and now I am back. Personally, I am happily married to a man named William and has 5 children, namely: Eishelle, Danielle, Noelle, Chantelle and Michael. We are a family that love superhero movies and has never missed any of them. I work as a Registered Nurse in one of the hospitals here in Long Island, New York for about 27 years. I am from Davao City, Philippines. 12/31/17 It has been 3 years since Eishelle and Danielle came home from their missions and I stopped blogging. I was caught between busy and lazy. Now that Noelle, my third child is on a mission, I feel obliged to continue blogging. See here I am, back again.

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