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2nd, 3rd and 4th weeks (Eishelle)


Note:  As with my other published blogs, names of people mentioned in here except her companion and our names are changed for privacy reasons.  6 photos attached on the bottom.
Two weeks in Woodstock
Hey everyone! Time has come to email again.. yeah buddy!

Well, Last week we had a family of four come to Conferencia General.. investigators! We visited with them last week and they’re quite interesting. I want SO bad to tell you their situation but because I’m a missionary and the fact that I can’t send anything weird, I don’t think I can haha. It’s funny but sad. Hopefully we get to see them this week. They’re pretty legit. Lemme just say, that Illinois was cursed at one point because this was the state that they killed the prophet, Joseph Smith.

I think the highlight of my week was Saturday. The English missionaries go tracting a lot and they sometimes run into Hispanics that can’t speak any English. So those people that seem interested and are Spanish speaking become our (Hermana Milliron’s and my) referrals. We received a ton this past week. The most that I’ve ever seen. We went to contact several of these addresses.. some being young teenage girls- whose parents answer the door saying nicely that they’re Catholic so… haha. Then I begin to think that those girls were probably crushing on the Elders. Quien sabe (Who knows) haha. Anyways, we went to this one address which was in an apt building. We knocked. We heard noises behind the door and I saw someone looking through the peep hole twice after each knock.. because we knocked twice. Hermana Milliron, with the door still closed, asked if Nancy lived here. An older man opened the door and said she does live here. Then Nancy appeared right behind him. She had a jacket on as if she was about to go somewhere. We told them that we have a message to share with them and brought up the Book of Mormon and told them of when Jesus Christ had come to the America’s. Gustavo (the older man who had opened the door), says “He came to the America’s? I heard that he lived in the Middle East but not that he came to the America’s…?” I LOVED that this was news to him and it intrigued him too. We got his attention. We asked them if we could share with them about the Restoration if they had 5 mins. They were unsure but we got them to say okay. This entire visit was at their doorstep! So Nancy took off her jacket, Hermana and I get our folletos (pamphlets) out and she asks me in a whisper if I would lead the lesson. Slightly freaked out but I’ve realized on my mission fear can’t take over me. They each grab a folleto and I start. It was a bit nerve racking because we told them this would be quick. We go though the whole lesson and they got into it and wanted to hear what we had to say. They’re Catholic but their believers.. in other words they just believe, they don’t practice it (like go to church). Carlito said he had a question (I personally love it when the investigators have questions.. they’re learning 🙂 ). He asked who governs the world right now? Satan or God? He looked at me as if he wanted to hear my answer. I said God ALWAYS wins. Hermana said the same thing. He looked skeptical, as if he wasn’t sure. I’ll have an answer for him when we see him again… THIS SATURDAY! His wife told me that it’s nice that you both are learning Spanish to preach to others about your church. That’s one of the nicest things I’ve heard from someone. I appreciated her comment, I guess because this language isn’t easy! Haha. But yes, Saturday we’re seeing Carlito y Nancy. So excited. They’re both very nice too.

Yesterday we went to visit this lady named Martha and her daughter Maria, and her son’s girlfriend Juana who lives there as well. Her son actually gets out of jail tomorrow. But we went there yesterday, nobody was home.. or atleast nobody answered. We asked the neighbors at their door and He said he saw them earlier that morning. We got a big wiff of weed from inside his house when we asked him that too hahahahaha. Ahem, anyways, it was kind of a relief that the neighbor had seen them because we honestly didn’t know if they were even alive. We’ve been calling and texting several times and no answer. We went back to visit last night and Maria opens the door. Martha who I never met was sitting on the couch talking with their landlord doing some leasing stuff. Maria looked sad.. tired. She smiled at me a couple times but both times.. her smile never reached her eyes. Killed me because she reminds me of Chantelle. Same age, same body type, same eyes. I want you all to know I’m not weird over here! The fact that some people out here remind me of family just comes to me.. it’s not like I’m searching for people that look like family hahaha. I know there’s a reason for it all. Anyway, the look in her eyes was a killer. I just wanted to take her home! Her mom’s a meany when she’s grumpy and tired I heard. Pretty sad. We’re going to get them back to church though.. it’ll happen.

I met our Branch President yesterday! He’s a white man that knows how to speak Spanish. Super sweet older man! Has a big heart and loves the people of his branch. I’m going to have fun working with him. I love you all and I hope you’re doing well. Hugs and kisses. XOXO

Keep the faith.

Always, Hermana Whitney

P.S. Prayers are appreciated! I won’t be mad if you pray for me.


I’ve been on my mission for over two months now! So weird. Time is flying out here and it’s just evidence that this is what’s going to be happening for the next 16 months I have. Lots of good stuff this week happened. Where to start..

The same family that came to General Conference… we taught them the Restoration this past week. Arando and Somia are the parents to two kids, Darwin and Reyna. Darwin is 14 and Reyna is 7.. or 8. Cute little girl. So we taught them the Restoration and in the middle of our lesson, Darwin (keep in mind is 14) said he had a question. He says.. “I’m learning with the Jehovah’s Witnesses too so is this okay? Which one is better or right?” So this 14 year old, Irwin is trying to figure out which church is right. Sound familiar? 🙂 We went on about the Restoration and compared his questioning to Joseph Smith’s questions when he was his age. The lesson went SO well and they’re going to pray about it all.

On Saturday, Hermana Milliron and I wanted to go visit Martha and Maria. They haven’t been to church for months and I never had met Martha until this visit. She got some visits from other members of the ward (she goes to the English ward) and she was really thankful for that, even though she never answered her phone or her door FOR EVER. We knocked and she opened the door. She was so happy and very warm to me. She said she was making some bad choices and didn’t want to come to church and was just having a hard time with her life. Now that her son’s out of jail and all the court stuff is over, and the fact that she’s finally moved into a new home, she’s happy. And she’s ready to come back. I can’t explain into words the feeling I felt when I was listening to her talk. I felt the love God had for her because she wanted to make a complete change in her life and go toward the direction that she knew she should be on. She said she couldn’t wait to come to church.. and I knew she meant every word. Yesterday she came! With her daughter, Maria.

Earler this past week, Hermana and I visited a Sister who is currently Excommunicated. And this is her second time being excommunicated. We had to get permission from her bishop to visit her, but he gave us the ‘okay’. She brought a friend over, Sonya, and we spoke a little about the church. Sister Williams (who’s house we went over) was very nice. Very open. She talks alot! haha. I forget how we came about this but she said she wanted to sing a song. She sung and it I couldn’t help but laugh cuz she wasn’t very good. It was Sonya, me, and Hermana Milliron dying laughing in our seats. I couldn’t hold it in. I got the biggest kick. Last night we visited with Sonya in her home and she had her boyfriend over (Jaime) and her niece, Daria. We taught the Restoration and the Spirit was SOOOOO strong…

Friday and Saturday.. most physically hurtful days of my life. LITERALLY. This past week it’s been raining like crazy. It’s flooding a lot out here. It hasn’t flood this bad out here since ’07 they say. They use bags full of sand to block more water from coming in and then pump the water out.. either out of the house or of their yard. It’s really sad. Friday for 7 full hours, some peeps from my zone made some sand bags and they’re HEAVY. They weigh probs 60- 80 lbs. The physical labor for this was rough. I couldn’t move the next day but we went right back to it on Saturday. It was fun though. It’s for the people of the community. I loved it.

I have to go but I love you all! Keep the faith. xoxox

Love Always, Hermana Eishelle Whitney ❤


Eishelle with her first companion Sister Milliron from Oregon and Mission President and Sister Fenn

The Loop in Chicago

The Loop in Chicago

Sister Milliron made her greenie companion (Sister Whitney) green pancakes for breakfast

Sister Milliron made her greenie companion (Sister Whitney) green pancakes for breakfast


the sandbaggers for the flood in the area

2 pretty sandbaggers

2 pretty sandbaggers


Hermana Eishelle Whitney at the Chicago Illinois Temple

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I stopped writing for a little bit and now I am back. Personally, I am happily married to a man named William and has 5 children, namely: Eishelle, Danielle, Noelle, Chantelle and Michael. We are a family that love superhero movies and has never missed any of them. I work as a Registered Nurse in one of the hospitals here in Long Island, New York for about 27 years. I am from Davao City, Philippines. 12/31/17 It has been 3 years since Eishelle and Danielle came home from their missions and I stopped blogging. I was caught between busy and lazy. Now that Noelle, my third child is on a mission, I feel obliged to continue blogging. See here I am, back again.

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  1. this is wonderful…I just read Daniele blog , now Eiselle’s…so inspiring how these girls are helping people within their ward to return to Jesus Christ and his teachings. How proud you must be of them. It goes to show you what sound parenting does for a child. I love you and your family.

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