Angels on Errand

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Eishelle and Danielle: ANGELS ON ERRAND – MTC 3rd and 4th week (Eishelle)

I love Tuesdays.  This is the day when our girls email us good stuff and some more.  Tuesdays are their Pdays.  When this day comes, I sit and watch my inbox and then I get very excited when I see their emails.  I am just really a simple mom.  Things like this makes me really happy.  I cry as I read.  It’s happy tears.  Here are Eishelle’s 3rd and 4th emails with personal editing of course.

My Dearest Familia,

                   I just want to start out telling you all how much I love each of you. I think about each of you often.. I really do. Then there comes the times and the days when I am very busy, and don’t really have the time to think about anyone or anything else because this work requires my all. It’s a busy life here at the MTC and I am loving every minute of it.
                   Last Tuesday night we have devotional. This time Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis came and spoke to us.. his wife as well. I don’t know if you guys remember him but once I saw a picture of him, I remembered right away who he was. I’ve seen him at conference before. I remember him because he has an accent that I could never forget. He’s from Brazil and a member of the Seventy. I want to tell you guys what I have learned from his talk.
                   First his wife spoke and bore her testimony. She’s such a sweet Sister. She’s a convert to the church and her husband (then boyfriend at the time) baptized her. She said to us missionaries to open our mouths and don’t close it ’til you find them all. Because Elder Aidukaitis opened his mouth, his wife and family are SO blessed. She said Heavenly Father knows our heart and He knows the people I am going to meet on my mission and He’s prepared me for those people.
                   Elder Marcos A. Aidukaitis gave a bomb talk. He spoke about several things. He knows what we’re going through at this time.. somewhat. He didn’t have to leave his country to serve a mission and learn a new language. But every missionary goes through the same thing whether you’re learning a new language or not. He told us to trust the Lord and our fears will leave us. He also said that we have been prepared by God to lay the foundation of the church in these days because of our faithfulness. What a blessing and a privilege! He then spoke to us about Section 76 of the Doctrine and Covenants. Nobody has ever broke it down to me the way he had. He read the scriptures to us as we read along on the big screens. Bruce R. McConkie said that to be in the Telestial world, it’s not a matter of what you have done, it’s more what you HAVEN’T done. Elder Aidukaitis told us to write in our journals in BIG letters the kingdom that we want to inherit after this life. He didn’t tell us which one to choose of course. But I’m pretty sure we all have our eyes on the same prize 😉 He wanted us to write these things in our journals so our children, and our grandkids, and generations after us will see this and they’ll want to inherit that kingdom with you. We must vote as HE would vote, Elder Aidukaitis said. The kingdome of glory that we choose is the biggest decision of our lives. And after we make that big decision, all other decisions are made easier. You already know that you want to come to church.. you don’t have to make that decision every Sunday morning. The fact that you made your decision about that a long time ago, makes it easier for you (that’s my analogy).
                    Towards the conclusion of his talk, Elder Aidukaitis said something that I would never in a million years forget. He specifically said, “If you don’t want the Celestial Kingdom… then you’re really doing too much.” I have been here at the MTC for three weeks now and I have NEVER, even during other devotionals, heard that much silence here at the MTC. Elder Aidukaitis let that seep in for a bit. The Spirit was there. He put things into perspective for us. We can’t allow our hard work here on earth be let go for another kingdom of glory that isn’t the Celestial kingdom.
                    My dear family, if we want to live together after this life, try a little harder. And if you see others running faster than you (spiritually) then that’s okay. The ONLY person you should be better than is the person you were yesterday. Please remember that. I love you guys very much. EACH of you give me a reason to try hard in this life to look forward to what’s to come after this life.
                    Danielle is doing wonderfully! Everyone loves her of course and adore her. My zone is very excited for us and happy to see us together. We have a lot of friends here and making the most of our time together here. I had a few friends leave for the Philippines yesterday! They were so excited. I’m having them write me haha. I’m out of time but I sure do have a lot of love for you all. Keep writing DearElders to me! I love it. Remember to try hard. And keep the faith.
Love Always, Hermana Whitney
Hola, familia!!
 How’s everyone doing?! Things are going very well out here. Spanish is coming along well. Sometimes I can’t even believe that I am speaking Spanish. I surprise myself sometimes whenever I just speak it. Still learning though!
Last Tuesday Elder Paul V. Johnson of the Seventy came and spoke to us for devotional. His talk was about submitting ourselves to the Lord. It was a great talk. As usual, I took a lot of notes. A few things I wrote down was that when we humble ourselves to Him, He will make us stronger. And when we lose ourselves in the work of God, that’s how we can find ourselves and who the Lord wants us to become. His blessings will be mine as long as I do His will.
Last Sunday we had another devotional from the Director of Missionary Services. Brother Robert P. Swenson. He has sat knee to knee with Apostles of the church and seen the process of how missionaries get called to their mission. He says it’s pure revelation of how we get our calls. And they are calls from God. He spoke about several things… great things actually. He told this one story about a family. This couple had nothing but 5 kids and a van. They lived in a shack for 6 years. They went to church not for help but to worship. They paid tithing. And had 1 bedroom for all 7 of them. They had to climb over each others beds to get to their own. They eventually finished a beautiful and gorgeoud home that they had built themselves. And now that couple (the parents) are serving a mission together. When they get back, they’re going to visit their children and grandchildren, then set off to do another mission. Serving missions is what they are going to do for the rest of their lives until they’re too old. Isn’t that something? Look at the blessings they have for enduring to the end and sticking to the gospel. One of the last things Brother Swenson had said was to choose who’s side your on, righteous or unrighteous, but remember that the gospel and the Lord’s side will win (Mosiah 5:15). He is the cornerstone of our lives and the cornerstone of our salvation.
Yesterday my district and I had a good disussion about recognizing the spirit and teaching with it. When you’re in the right place at the right time and doing the right thing, the Spirit is with you. Brother Pitcher told us to love our investigators and don’t get prideful. If we’re teaching them to prove a point, then that’s pride. Heavenly Father loves that person in front of me so much, that he won’t allow me to mess it up. I have to love my investigators.. to the point where I would feel SO bad about the fact that they don’t want to hear the gospel.. so I have to keep trying. When I will love my investigators, they’ll see that.. and they’ll have the desire to hear the things I must say.
We had TRC last night and it was quite the experience as always. We teach gospel principles and doctrine for 20 mins (my companera and I). The first guy we had was Brother Schumway. All these lessons are in Spanish. He first asked us why we were here.. why we were on missions. I told him because I wanted to be here. He asked why. I said because I feel like I owe it to Him. He asked why again. I said I’ve done some things in my life I’m not proud of in life and I feel like this is the least I can do..and on top of that, I want to be here. He asked me how I recieved my testimony. I said it was a whole bunch of experiences. He asked for an example. If you could tell, he was really digging, searching for the type of missionary I am. I said in high school, I found out that family is a lot more important than money. I balled. I explained to him how I came to find this out. He thanked me for sharing. And then the last thing he asked me was what is the most important thing that I’ve learned since being here in the MTC. I told him about the Spirit and how my companion and I have found that we need it more than anything in our lessons for us and also for our investigators. I said I love when I see the Spirit testifying of truth to my investigators. Especially in silence.. those are literally the best. Silence is needed for the investigators to feel the truth of what’s being taught. Last last night, I found out Brother Shumway used to be a Branch President here at the MTC. I could tell! He’s not stoic, but he means BUSINESS. But at the same time has the sweetest spirit.. I could see it in his eyes.
You guys, I am having the best time here. Never relied on the Lord more so til my mission. And never felt the spirit this often til now either. I’m glad I’m going now because I see some 19 yr old girls here who have a hard time recognizing the spirit.. and I was the same way when I was 19. I’m greatful for everything.. EVERYTHING. you guys should look up the song Savior Redeemer of My Soul. SO GOOD. Also, Mom and Dad, the Branch Presidency wanted me to tell you both thank you for sending 2 of your girls here. They’re asking for more sisters from the family and I said not for a few more years haha. They love us just as much as we love them. I love you all! Mom, lookin good with your haircut! I love it! I express my love to you and Daddy. I think about you both often. Big kisses to the kids. Keep the faith. Til next time.
Love Always, Hermana Whitney
"I am going to Chicago."

“I am going to Chicago.”

I am out of words.


Eishelle and Danielle: ANGELS ON ERRAND – mails from the MTC (Danielle)


I has been 2 weeks since I posted the last entry with Eishelle’s emails. This time is Danielle’s. I would really like to thank the Hunsaker family for being such good and faithful friends. They dropped our daughters off the MTC. Not only once but twice. Just couldn’t thank them enough. Thank you Brady, Zoey and Tami. Here are 2 emails that Danielle sent. With personal editing, I am publishing her email to the world. Here it goes:

Mi Amoroso Familia!!!

I am learning soo much here!! The MTC is one of the best places on earth, hands down! If people would offer going to Disney World or Universal Studios to me and I had to choose those places or the MTC, I would definitely choose the MTC without ANY hesitation! The spirit is soo strong ALL the time! I love it for that! It’s filled with people who are striving for PERFECTION everyday of the lives here. This place has an special place in my heart.

The first couple days, Wednesday through Saturday, were the roughest time here so far. When you first go in, you go through a series of people and you go to all these meetings and teaching experiences. It was seriously soo overwhelming and I thought that I was soo inadequate for the job of being a full-time missionary. The thing that makes it soo overwhelming is that being a missionary is not easy! They share that with you and also being exactly obedient. There are soo many HIGH expectations and soo many rules and standards that you MUST obey. Then on top of all that, learning how to preach the gospel in another language! I felt kind of out of place because I felt that this was way over my head! They said that this feeling is completely normal and everybody feels that way. It was nice that I wasn’t the only one feeling this way but still, you know. Those days I had to constantly remind myself of why I decided to go on a mission, also that I was called by a prophet of God, and that I am blessed with the gift of tongues. They also always remind you of that.
Hermana Whitney (Eishelle) has set a great example and did a good job putting my name out. The branch is very thankful for us and to have both of us. I made a lot of friends and making great relationships. Sunday was the best! It made everything a lot better! We’re teaching an investigator in Spanish and it’s going soo well! The spirit is soo strong. It’s amazing of how the spirit works! Even though I don’t know how to speak the language well, the spirit is still strong! Incredible. I also realized why I am learning Spanish…the spirit talks to me in English, but the investigators that are specific to me…the spirit talks to them in spanish…so I’m learning Spanish for them. The Lord needs me, the world needs me at this very time. They share that with you always! I’ll write a hand letter to finish because I’m soo out of time!
I love you all with all my heart. Keep the faith, the church is true!
I’ll love you forever!
Hermana Whitney
Hermana Whitney, as happy as can be …
This is her second email:
My Dearest Familia!!
Hola!! Como estan!? I’m making so many friends and I love them all and people know my name everywhere! They’re like Hermana Whitney, Hermana Whitney!! haha I love it and it’s a bitter-sweet thing to leave. They’re also see the Mormon message that we were in and they’re like “word on the street says that You’re a Child of God”. haha Or that they said “hey Guess what mormon message I saw! Take a wild guess.” haha it’s soo funnny! My district and yo are getting along soo well! we seriousy do love everyone in the district! There’s 7 elders and 4 sisters! We’re really tight and focused on the work. they say that we’re the best district in the ward. So were all happy about that. the Spanish is coming along GREAT! SO GREAT! Yesterday was like really the first day that I almost 100% really understod everything that my teachers were saying and also in the lessons that I was teaching! YES!! Also i’m able to teach without notes anymore! WHOAH!! The gift of tongues is upon me and I’m working it! It’s seriously amazing how the spirit works! I just can’t wait until im fluent and the language won’t be soo much of a barrier and I’ll look forward til the day when nothing can hold me back!
Just saying, I love when you guys write me! It seriously makes the day brighter and it’s something to look forward to, we go get the letters after lunch and the whole district goes t get the mail, so thank you for all the dear elders! Do the dear elders while i’m in the MTC. Don’t do email because it takes time away from writing. I got a package and I didn’t pick it up yet so I don’t know who’s it’s from. If it’s from you…thank you very much!! and if it’s not… then I take that back. hahaha love you! (It was from us.)
Love you all with all mi corazon!
Hermana Whitney

Danielle with her companion and roomies in this picture.

I miss my daughters. These past few days have been the hardest for me. It just started to sink into my heart that my girls are gone for 18 months. I know it will be fast, but now I realized, I cannot talk to them whenever I want to or send text messages everyday like we used to. It is hard. At least college made it less traumatic for me because they’ve been in and out before, but I feel just really feel lonely and missing them so much. I know they are on God’s errand and who am I to complain. I now feel how my Mama felt when my siblings and I did this same thing years ago. Seeing pictures of them very happy just fills my heart with joy. Love my girls!!!

the same district together at the MTC

the same district together at the MTC

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Eishelle and Danielle: ANGELS ON ERRAND – mails from the MTC (Eishelle)

Eishelle, with the help of the her roommate and best friend Sister Whitney Hunsaker’s family, she got to to the MTC safely.  A million thanks to all of them.  Whitley is now on a mission to Seoul, Korea.  These pictures were taken when  the Hunsaker family dropped her off the MTC and Sister Whitley Hunsaker (red top), her best friend was there to meet her.




With some personal editing, I am posting part of Eishelle’s first email to us.  Just want to share it to all of you.

My Dearest family!

How are you all? I’m so excited to have the opportunity to email you guys at the moment. Today is my first P-Day and I went to the temple this morning. I went to the 7:10am session. It was BEAUTIFUL and I can’t wait to go back again next week.
So many things have happened while here. So many experiences. This is literally already the hardest thing that I have done in my life.. physically, mentally, and emotionally. But through it all, I learn to trust in the Lord. The district I am with, we have 8 Elders and 4 Sisters. We spend about 16 hours a day learning Spanish every single day in a tiny classroom! We’ve become like family and are learning together. A few days ago we were on the computers and we had to do some exercise for the Spanish language. At the end of it, we were pretty discouraged because here we were thinking that we knew Spanish and then when we had actually done this exercise with the Spanish language, we kind of realized we didn’t know as much as we had thought. It was the most discouraging thing. Brother Pitcher, our main Spanish teacher came to check on us in the classroom right afterwards. He loves us a lot.. A LOT. He realized how down in the dumps we were after what had happened and encouraged us to keep going. His testimony and his words were all we needed to hear to keep our chins up. He said to us there are going to be some days when you know Spanish and other days when you don’t. That’s just the way it is. He had said so much more and brought the Spirit so strongly to the class. Haven’t felt the Spirit that strong.. I don’t think ever. He wanted us to write down what we had been thinking and this is what I wrote:
“There should never be a time when I think ‘Why isn’t this easier?’ or ‘Why is this so hard?’ Elder Holland had said someone a lot better and a lot greater had already asked this on the cross. If it wasn’t easy for my Savior, it most definitely won’t be easy for me.” It’s almost as if we have no right to even think or say this.
It would blow you guys mind how much Spanish I know. Friday was our first day teaching our first invesigator in Spanish! Keep in mind we got here on Wednesday. It was Friday that I had learned to pray in Spanish too 🙂 It went pretty well. My companion and I have taught her three times already. Tomorrow will be our next lesson. It’s interesting and I’m enjoying it.
My first day here, the first meeting we had was basically a talk with the President of the MTC and his wife. President and Sister Roach. They were basically just letting us know the rules here and what’s expected of us. These are some things I wrote:
“Lift up your hearts and rejoice, for your mission is come.” D&C 31:3
“The world needs you, your testimony, and your best, best efforts.”
“There’s a difference between knowing the path and walking the path. I need to help them walk.”
Then Sister Cook came to talk to us for RS on Sunday and all the Sisters here at the MTC came to listen to her. She said “God is asking for everything you’ve got. Your heart, might, mind, and strength. It’s not a part time service.”
Danielle, I’m excited for you to come. I really can’t wait for you to be here! I’m telling everyone that you’re coming haha. Megs and Whit said they both love and miss you.
I can fail here in the MTC a bunch of times. Here is the time to make mistakes. But I cannot fail in Chicago. Just can’t. Please see the commandments as blessings and not rules. They give you an opportunity to be more like Christ. Eternal life is not only being and living with God forever. We all say that. But Eternal life is God’s life. Romans 8:16-17. I love you guys. Keep the faith.
Hermana Whitney
Again with some personal editing, this was part of her second email to us:
Familia! Como estan?!
So I wrote you guys and guess who came that same night to speak at the MTC devotional?! Elder M. Russell Ballard! It was SO GOOD, needless to say and way inspiring. I write a lot of notes all the time, whether in class or in a devotional, or whatever. One of the many things that I had written that he had said was: “Capture the vision of what you have ready for the world.” We must know as missionaries the message that we have to share with others. He said the greatest missionaries that he has ever seen are the ones that have really come to know that Jesus is the Christ; those who have come to know the power of the Atonement. Let Him guide you. When a missionary draws closer to the Lord, they have more success than the missionary that hasn’t taken the giant step and doesn’t know that you’re His servant. At the end of his talk he said he could think of three reasons why the Lord has so many missionaries out at this time. 1) The world desperately needs this message. 2) The Lord is preparing this generation to lead the church and carry it off in the future. 3) He’s learning to trust you, not just on your mission but for the rest of your life as YOU trust Him. Also another thing, being a missionary as this calling, he stated it’s important that we know that we know. Think about that. You have to know that you know that this church is true.

Obedience is a big thing out here. Exact obedience is even bigger. There’s this famous quote around here at the MTC, “Obedience brings blessings. Exact obedience brings miracles.” I try my best not to waste any time out here. We literally have 18 hour days. I feel guilty if I ever even waste a minute of my day. I need to keep working because this is not my time, it’s not even my teachers time, but it is the Lord’s time.
My birthday was 🙂 I took a lot of pictures with the people from my district I’ll try and have them sent to you today, if not next week. I got 5 packages all together! The one from yesterday, the one you guys sent me with Martinelli (Oh yeah) and others packages from Tami and Zoey! I was expecting packages from the family but not from them. I about cried from the nice things they sent me. I love you Tams and Zo! So much!
DANIELLE you come in tomorrow! Can’t wait. Literally. I’m like shaking just thinking about it. UGHHHHHH. Have a safe flight. My whole district is waiting for you! ahaha. Wayyy out of time now.
I love you guys. Keep the faith.
Love Always,
Hermana Whitney
As I was reading all these, I asked myself, it this was really Eishelle?  She has really changed.  This is like a MIRACLE.  Then I come to my senses and realized that the gospel really changes life.  This is her third week as a missionary, am just wondering what will she be like in 18 months.  Love this girl!!!!!


Eishelle and Danielle: ANGELS ON ERRAND – hugs, kisses and goodbyes

It is getting close. Eishelle and Danielle spoke in Sacrament meeting at the church February 17th to say their farewell to the members of our Plainview Ward. Friends and classmates from their high school came and witnessed. Bishop Whitney (dad) presented their missionary plaques with their favorite scriptures in it. This is surreal: my girls are going on a mission. We had a “linger longer” (meaning to linger a little longer to eat and celebrate) after church for members to personally say their goodbyes and “see-you-later” kind of stuff. Sisters in the Relief Society did an amazing job bringing food and I have to really thank them all. What an amazing group of sisters. You just ask them and they deliver. Some of them weren’t even asked at all and they brought food!!!


A little after the linger longer, Eishelle put her plaque in the “Called to Serve” showcase and then she was set apart as a full time missionary by our Stake President Mark Hardman. Pres Hardman pronounced a blessing to Eishelle that left my heart so warm and we all felt comforted that everything is going to be alright. I love our stake president. He is truly a man of God. Very special moment when friends and family expressed some loving words to my oldest child. Choked throat and Kleenex boxes were so much in demand as a lot of tears (of joy, I hope) were shed. Hugs to church sisters, daddy and Michael are the only hugs allowed at this time until she finishes her mission (#missionrules).

Monday night to Tuesday morning was one sleepless, “not-a-wink” kind of night. I helped Eishelle pack, unpack and pack one more time. I was tired but the excitement of having a daughter going on a mission filled my mind like caffeine does to my graveyard shift co-workers. I was awake. I guess I just couldn’t entertain tiredness because there was so much to do in such little time. I’ve been asking Eishelle days back if she was packed and she would tell me “almost”. Well, well, well … she was not, and this very excited missionary mom was so ready to help. 5 o’clock NY time, we were ready to go. Everyone hopped into the van and at JFK Airport 20 min after, we arrived. Emotions escaped without permission. Teary eyes, sniffles, throats choked up, hugs, kisses, more hugs and more kisses. “Make us proud Eishelle!!! See you in 18 months!!!”, as Bill hugged Eishelle. Danielle and I followed her until we could not anymore. I am sure Eishelle will be sleeping up in the clouds dreaming of what will happen at the MTC (Missionary Training Center) when she will step into those doors. That was about 2 weeks ago.


First Sunday of March came and as usual a fast and testimony Sunday. This is a Sunday when members of the church fast for 2 meals (24 hrs), donate the amount of money for the meals fasted and then bear testimonies about Jesus Christ and the truthfulness of His church. The money is then donated to the church as a fast offering to help members that needs temporal help. Danielle got up and bore her testimony. I felt that this girl is ready, very ready to go on a mission. I felt her missionary spirit. After church was over, she also placed her plaque in the “Called to Serve” showcase. Two days after, we were again in the same high council room with Stake President Mark Hardman and Sister Carol Hardman and other members of the ward and other wards. “Deja vu”, Bill called out. Yes, we were here 2 weeks ago for Eishelle and now it is Danielle’s turn to be set apart as a full time missionary. Another beautiful blessing was pronounced over Danielle’s head by our stake president and by several other men BIll included, making me feel so comforted hearing that the angels will go with her wherever she goes and the same blessing that he gave Eishelle that we as their family will be taken care by these angels as they are serving. Friends and family also spoke and expressed their love to Danielle. Very special night.


We went home after dining out and looks like Danielle learned from her sister how packing can be such an ardous job. Danielle was packed. Just needed a little help from me zipping it down, and she’s done, though we got only 2 hrs of undisturbed shut eye. Eishelle wrote us a list of what she forgot to bring and ended up Danielle bringing another extra bag. Oh well, I hope Danielle did not forget anything because Noelle (our 3rd child) is not going to the MTC until after 4 years… haha or post office is always there if ever.

JFK airport here we are again. This time though as we said our goodbyes, no tears, no open sadness … we are actually better this time. We have mastered our emotions. Hugs, kisses, “love you”, “bye”, “tell Eishelle HI from all of us”. We, as a family have fully understand that Eishelle and Danielle are ANGELS ON ERRAND and we do not want to compete with God. This is His time.


Bye Daddy, I love you.

See you in 18 months Danielle.
See you in 18 months Danielle.